Naked Truth

God said:

When you talk to Me, really talk to Me, your ego walks away. That is one of the beauties of talking to Me. You are not able to load yourself up with pretense when you appear before Me.

Your subterfuges leave, and there is you, and there is I, and We restate your life. We restate your take on life.

Naked were you born, and naked will you leave. Naked here does not mean unclothed. It means true, honest, real, unpretentious. You, without all the ruffles you have put around yourself, you, in your being.

You, unprettied up, are most lovely. It is an amazing thing how you try to dress yourself up, when all the while, the realness of you is so much more lovely.

When you allow yourself to be as you are, you are not less. You are more. The more you cover yourself up, the more you cover yourself up. What is this need to make yourself something you are not in order to hide the truth of you?

But with Me, you cannot pretend. With Me, you have to be honest.

The crux of it is that you do not know your worth, so in the world, you try to latch on to a worth. When you consider yourself insignificant, you try to add on significance. The more you do that, the further from truth you go. That is not a benefit.

There are no holes in you. You are entire. You are wholeness. There is nothing to fill in.

All the years would wash away. The heaps you piled on yourself would disappear. And there would be beautiful you and beautiful Me, and We, One in the stillness of you.

There is no need to flutter. There is no need for anything, because all is contained within you. The truth of you is righteous, only you damn yourself. You damn yourself to forgetfulness and foraging. You forage for your worth that is already yours. You scramble for it.

Take a break from yourself, and you will find your truth. You carry a myth on your shoulders, and this assumed picture of you is what you must let go of. There is no reason for assumption. You need play no other role but your own, and you don't play it. You are it.

You look for your identity everywhere but within you.

You are all right right now.

Beneath all your veneer lies the beautiful core of you. If you are mahogany, that is good. If you are pine, that is good. Whatever you are, that is good.

A rose is happy to be a rose. If it is red, that is good. If it is pink or yellow or white, that is good. And so the rose ennobles itself and stands at its true height.

The same goes for a daisy or a dandelion. Each stands proud as it was created. It knows its worth and does not try to assume another's. Flowers make no comparisons. They are busy being what they are. They do not preen themselves because they already know their magnificence.

There is no lowliness in My creation.

Somewhere along the way, you got the idea that you were supposed to be other than you are, and that's where so much of your energy goes, and that is where ego began. Somewhere along the way, you appropriated the idea that you were not good enough as is, and so you tried to become something else. In trying to appear more, you lessen yourself.

How relaxed would the world be when there were not comparisons, when one thing wasn't better than another! How tired you get comparing and downsizing or upsizing or drawing circles around yourself!

Today, just for today, be content with yourself as I made you. You need no other picture. You cannot improve on yourself. Improvisation is not truth. Disguise is not truth. A false front is not better than truth. It is a false front. Keeping up an image costs too much energy, and it is for naught anyway.

I created you as you for a reason. There is a need for you on Earth, not an assumption of you, but you. Allow truth. Let go of all your effort. It is strain to be other than you are. It is relief to be the truth of who you are.

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Yes. But now, what?

Yes. But now, what?

The Importance of Day-to-Day and/or Face-to-Face Life

There is nothing to say. There is everything to be.

Heavenletter # 2949
Multiply God's Joy

Words do not express. They convey something, they give a hint, but they do not begin to express. What can the little word Love be next to what it represents? What quatrain can the four letters reveal?
The same with the word God for Me or any word for Me – words can only convey a smidgeon, a blurred image. How brave are the words that try to represent Me.
And how brave are you to use them! On paper, the best you can do is to use words...Do not misunderstand Me. I am glad for your words that begin to reveal the consciousness of the One Above Compare.

In life, above words, however, you yourself reveal Me. You use smiles. You use actions.

Heavenletter # 2577
A Vision of God's Love

Then There's This, Also...

Take a new path. Embark on a different journey...Unlimited are your choices. Unlimited are possibilities. Now choose a heretofore impossibility and make it manifest. Create, create.
Write a poem. Make up a song. Link hearts. No one is better at it than you if you only would. Embrace the world. Pop it in your heart, and bless the entire world, the seen and the unseen.
Bless those who dispute you. Bless those who do not notice you.
Bless every step your foot takes. Bless every breath. Bless everything within reach and everything out of reach. Bless with your heart, and bless with your thoughts. Bless, bless, bless.
Heavenletter # 1065 Published on: September 21, 2003