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Joseph’s Good Fortune

For those of My children who struggle, can you not do as you do without the struggling part? What is struggle? It is trying too hard. Do as you do and release trying so hard, and you will not be struggling.

Of course, there is struggling and struggling just the way there is trouble and trouble. A broken fingernail can be trouble. Not getting a good mark on a test can be trouble. Having a car accident is another breed of trouble.

If God Gives a Mandatory Commandment…

In the world, there are the directions of north, south, east, west and all the subdivisions in between. Depending upon where you stand, you see a different view. The sun is in a different place, and you see from one angle. And this is how life appears to you dependent upon where you stand. Where you stand, your eyes see from and your ears hear from. Seen from the east, you have one view. Stand on your head, you have another view. Stand from any of the directions, you have a different view. We could say you are biased, based on the view you see from.

Imagine a Great Being Unaware of His Greatness

In Oneness, We are. We are never separated, and you are never alone. In ignorance, however, so fraught with fear and other sundries, you may feel and think you are alone on Planet Earth, as if stranded here on a deserted island. Here you are, a Great Being unaware of your Greatness.

Whirling Atoms

Everything in the world is how you see it. The world you live in depends upon how you see it. In one sense, there is no world out there. There is only the world within, the world that is comprised of ideas based on perception and misperception.

This Is How It Is

Look into My eyes, and you look into a reflection of Myself. It is a moot question as to: Who is looking into Whose eyes? Whose eyes are reflected?
I am saying that We are One. Who is who and which is which is a circle that goes round and round? We can call it a dilemma. We can call it an insoluble puzzle, yet what difference does an explanation make? Let’s just accept that We are One, one soluble solid Oneness. We cannot be separated. Even as I speak of We, no matter how fragile a Human Being as you may see yourself, I am you, and you are I.

True Gold

The only person you owe is yourself. You are obligated to yourself. This is not selfishness I advocate. Not at all, yet, nor are you to be at the beck and call of anyone who wants to claim you as their right.

The Theme of Life

There is Nothingness, yet there is no void. There is potential. From a tiny seed, from the empty center of a tiny seed, comes a beautiful flower.
What is the sweet mystery of life? Life itself is a sweet mystery, and the mystery is unending. There is always more. One thing leads to another. First the tree and its branches. Then leaves, then flowers, then fruit, and then the fruit goes to seed, and the Earth is replenished. There are cycles spinning like bicycle wheels.
The theme of life has to be natural growth.

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