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Love Wins the Day

Inestimable is the value of love from your heart to Mine and from My heart to yours. In this equation, love goes to and from everyone on Earth and everyone no longer on Earth, and to everything ever thought of. Love is all-inclusive. Love is no matter what. This is true whether you accept love or not and whether you scoff at the idea of love or not. Oneness means Oneness. No one is left out of Oneness, or Oneness would not be.

Running a Race with Time

What can be so urgent when there is Infinity, the Infinity of Timelessness? Inasmuch as time does not exist, why must My children be Time’s prisoner? Must you run yourself ragged trying to appease time, at your expense, of course?

Here’s the thing, beloveds. You will never catch up with time. If you do reach its shadow this second, time has already moved on and now it eludes you once again.

Give up. Concede. Admit it. You Are love.

Love was not born. Love always was before and after Creation as you know it. There did not have to be an Other in order for love to be.

Love runs on its own steam. Love is unconquerable. It is beyond compare. It is not really that love is like this or like that. Love is endless. Most importantly, love IS. And I AM, and you ARE. Existence is. There is no existence without love. Love wins the day. Love IS the day. Love is love is love is love, and this is the whole story.

The Hand of God Is Love

As ye sow, so shall ye reap has many layers of understanding. At first glance, it seems to mean that you get what you give.

At the same time, I affirm again and again that there is no time; therefore, there is no cause and effect. How can there be in Eternity?

Of course, in Earth reality, if you cut yourself, you bleed. If you trip, you fall. If you smile, odds are that someone will smile back at you. What a nice custom this is.

The Squeaky Wheel

Rise above the daily inconveniences. Inconveniences are only inconveniences. Annoyances are only annoyances. Frustration is only frustration. Who says that everything has to be smooth for you at every moment? You are not to give a high rating to the little matters that you let become big. Save yourself from daily frustration. Annoyances happen. You are the one who rates them as frustration. You are the one who says how momentous they are.

From a Common-Sense God

Remind yourself that the Sun is always shining. The Sun may not be right before you this minute, yet it is surely coming around. You are always to be Sunlight. This is Truth. You are always to be sunlight regardless of anything else.

You are on Earth for such a short time. Make hay while the Sun shines. You are the Sunshine. You are to brighten lives. You are to brighten your life.

The Time Is Now

There are matters in life that require your waiting for them. You have to wait for Christmas. It is an appointed day. You have to wait for your anniversary. You have to wait for the stars to come out, you have to wait until the sun dawns. When you were a child, you had to wait to grow up. You have to wait for a train to leave, a boat to dock, a ship to come in, a flight to take off.

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