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Where Your Consciousness Dwells

Sometimes it may seem that life is rigged, that it’s a set up, that you are given the idea that you have free will, yet everything is already in place. Sometimes you feel that life is all destiny and not your free will at all, only you are the last one to know. That’s just it. Free will means free. It doesn’t mean Free Control. This is another way to say that free will doesn’t have to mean getting your way.

Life Is a Parable

Now you see it, and now you don’t. This is life. Life in the world is peek-a-boo. And yet you are surprised. Every time, you are surprised. Life in the world is a magic trick, dear ones. Often life has you fooled.
Life itself is eternal. You are eternal. And you are more. You are also Infinite. There are no two ways about it. Only on Earth are there in’s and out’s and wherefores and why-fores.
Life is like a novel you read. In life, you turn the pages. There is always a new page, and you wonder what the next page will reveal. Life on Earth is indeed a page-turner.

Be Yourself and Not Somebody Else

If you have skill in details, that is wonderful. If you don’t have skill in details, you have skill in something else. Skilled or unskilled, this is wonderful. You do not have to be everything to everyone, certainly not to yourself do you have to have every talent in the world. It’s okay when you have your mind on other things than what the majority might want you to uphold.
So what if you are a square peg in a round hole? So what if you see differently from everyone else in the world? Do you really want to be like everyone else? What is everyone else like anyway?

Goodbye, Judgment. Hello, Responsibility.

Of course, certainly, you can hold Me responsible for everything in your life. You can hold Me responsible for your stubbing your toe, yet where does that get you?
I am the Doer. There is no doubt of that. I set everything in the world in motion. I desired a world, and My desire was enough. My desires were not yet words, you understand. My heart desired the beautiful world, and My desire was fulfilled so easily and dreamily, so much so that We can say My dreams come true.

What Title Did God Give You?

Beloveds, it is not necessary to understand everything that goes on in life. It is not a requirement of life that you have an answer or explanation. Oh, yes, it would be nice to understand all and have no questions left to ask. “So this is how this happened. So this is what this means. Now I see the whole thing from beginning to end.” However, this is not how it mostly is in life in the world.

The Sun in Your Heart

Take time to go out into the sunshine every day. And if you cannot go out, then be the sunshine yourself. Brighten your surroundings with your own light. Turn the light switch on. Where is your light switch? What turns you on?
It could be the moon and the stars and love in your heart.
It could be someone’s voice. It could be your child. It could be your mother and father. It could be a stranger’s face or the way someone walks in the street. It could be anyone or anything.

The Drum of Time Beats

A sense of time gets you mixed up. You receive contrary messages. Haste makes waste. True enough. And slow but steady wins the race. True enough. But there are also other messages conveyed:
He who hesitates is lost. Strike while the iron is hot. Get going. Let’s get the show on the road.
So much of the frazzle in the world comes from the urgency of time.
What would it be like if you did not have to battle with time? Time is hard to please. Hurry hurry. Slow down, slow down. Stay within the speed limit. You’re running out of time.

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