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What Can the Sun Do but Shine?

Constant awareness isn't a technique. Constant awareness isn't something you do. Consider it more like a candle you light that keeps burning brightly. The candle simply stays lit longer. It is a long-lasting candle without your having to keep reminding yourself. You can keep benefiting from constant awareness without having to re-strike a match.

Divine Children of God

You don't owe Me anything. You are My Divine Child. I ask that you not make recriminations to yourself. Be fine with yourself. Live your life. Whether you are attentive to Me or not, I love you as you are. My love for you does not hinge on what you say to Me, ask Me, or do for Me. I love. I cannot do anything less than love.

This is hard for you to believe that I love you just as you are. Dear Ones, you do not have to lay down your life for Me. You do not have to bow down to Me. You do not owe Me. By your very Being, you fulfill Me.

For the Sake of Learning

Learning is the point of learning. Education is not. Learning comes from inside. Education may be imposed. Learning arises from a sense of joy. It is joy to gain insights. Everyone loves it when a light goes on.

The intent of education may not go well with learning. No matter how well someone may score on a test, a high score does not mean that learning took place. Learning is what matters.

Learning is naturally joy. Teaching that leaves out the heart of the child is misplaced. Learning without joy is a hardship.

Whom Are You Serving?

Come closer to Me. Let Our closeness occur to you and now you live it. Desire to come closer to Me. Invite Our closeness. Anticipate My Presence close to you. Meet Me more than half-way, dear friend. Don't think that I have to make Our closeness happen. The fact is that We are indelibly close. I do not elude you. You could have a blind spot. We cannot miss where I am.

For instance, you have had the experience where you cannot find a pen to write with. Then you look again, and there the pen is, right under your nose.

To Every Dream, There Is a Purpose

Believe in your dreams. Believing in your dreams helps to bring your dreams into existence.

Generally speaking, you don't just sit there and wait for your dreams to come true. At the same time, first, you build your dreams through your dreaming of them. First there is the dream. Then there is desire for the dream that grows within you. Let your desire continue to blossom within you. Follow your dreams. You dream your dreams for a reason.

Befriend the Universe and Your Self

Sometimes, once in a while, you step on your own heart. You assail yourself. You may call yourself names. At these times, you are not doing right by yourself. Oh, yes, the world may rail at you, yet you are to respect yourself. It's not right for you or the world to put yourself down at the same time as what the world says about you is not your concern.

A New Light on Life

Have you perhaps been bemoaning your life? Have you chosen to complain about Life rather than to move on with it?

Beloveds, if you give thanks for Life every day when you awaken in the morning and every night when you go to bed, how might your Life take on a new light?

Agreed, Life on Earth is not always a walk in the park. Agreed, Life on Earth is not always what you would like or expect, yet Life is Life, and there is more to Life and your Life than meets the eye.

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