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The Playing Field of Infinity

What do I most want of you? I do not think so much in terms of superlatives as you may. I don't think of excluding anything from you. I do want you to undo any shackles you may have enchained yourself with. Superlatives, of their very nature, can only confine you.

Do You See Life as a Great Trial?

You desire this, and you desire that, and what you desire may be at two ends of two different spectrums. You have conflicting desires. You want everything. You may ask yourself: “What do I want more than what I already have?”, and yet you aren’t sure how to choose between two wants that seem to cancel each other.

An example might be that you want a love relationship, and you also may prefer to live alone. If you could have a peaceful loving relationship, you would be glad, yet you fear to tread where you have trodden before where peace is not.

The Cards of Life

Along with your long list of wonderful gifts you long for, add this one: Add that you grow to be humble and that you stay firmly so. You are not asking to be more humble than anyone else. You are not even admiring being humble.

Let the Sunshine In

Yes, there are people who are like snapping turtles. And people in such turmoil sometimes pop up in your Life, and, sometimes, as the expression goes -- when you least expect it.

In theory, you understand, that this is about the state snapping turtles are in. You are not the cause of their snapping. No matter what they and others may think, you are not responsible, yet someone may hold you responsible, and you may hold yourself responsible.

The Main Requirement I Ask of You in Service to Me

Listen carefully, devoted ones. Let Me tell you what your service to Me looks like to Me -- how I see your service to the world, to Me, and to yourself.
There is nothing greater than service to Me, yet service to Me doesn't mean you are to cut yourself too thin. There is no need to over-perform. Nice easy service to God serves the day.
In joy, you serve Me best. In strain, whom do you serve? Not yourself. Not the world. Not Me. You serve an illusionary Ideal. Whatever you do in service to Me, I say in big print: ENJOY!

The Three Musketeers

There are not only three Musketeers who are all for One, and One for All. There is an Infinite number of Musketeers. No one is separate. The concept of separation is a world thing. It is not true. You, as you appear on Earth, are an individual. In Truth, you are Oneness Itself. Therefore, you are Everyone. You are One with All the Pictures of People, personally known or personally not yet known.

Divine Power Is Already Yours

What circumstances exactly are you waiting for before your Debut into Full Service to your Higher Self? The Spectacular Pre-Event you wait for, what is it? Thunder and Lightning? Night turning into Day? The Sky's Opening to reveal the Kingdom of Heaven? A promissory note? The Clanging of Bells? A Change in the Ocean Tides? The Stars' Waving to you? A Loud Voice of God Speaking in a Loud Deep Voice as if from a radio broadcast?

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