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The New Series from God starting January 21st 2018.

The Real Goods and No Less

Beloved, there is an aspect of you that doesn’t require being handed answers. You don’t have to look something up or be advised. Everything is known within your very Being.

True instructions are built into you. All that which is true lies within you. Of course, go ahead, take all the courses you want, yet True Knowledge lies deep within you and from within Me and not necessarily from anyone else.

Enrich Your Life

Beloved, toss out your worries. What do you need them for? What good do they do you? Find other things to think about again and again.

Think how fortunate you are time and time again and again. Look at the blessings you have stumbled on. It’s time to recognize how blessed you are to be alive on Earth. Imagine, you go this way and that, and blessed be to have the privilege to sing and dance on Earth.

If your thoughts are to be worthwhile to you, choose inspiring thoughts while you are at it!

From Whence Cometh Peace on Earth?

Beloved, is peace a yearning or a fact of life? There do seem to be eruptions of less than peace at home and afield.

Is peace a requirement on Earth? Certainly, upset tends to be seen as a violation. Maybe there are some who yearn for confrontation and upset, as if confrontation and upset could hold salvation therein. Perhaps there are some who admire friction, because friction may bolster them with a sense of control, and anger seen as power prevailing.

Certainly, Oneness desires peace in abundance. Oneness doesn’t sit around thinking of offenses to fend off.

Death is Like a Debut

Beloved, you may have always welcomed good ideas about death. You have heard that you have had the experience of death a time or two before, yet you don’t recall, and you may want to avoid the subject of death altogether. You are inclined to put it off. You hesitate about what may proceed death more than the actual moment of saying goodbye this time around.

Truly, you have had the tendency to hoard life. You are reluctant to turn life in. Given a choice, you might hold onto life forever. You would teeter on the precipice of death as long as you could.

Wake Up to Life as If It Is to Your Own Making

Beloved, you’re going along fine, when suddenly nothing seemingly goes the way you would like it to. Life is no longer your cup of tea. How can this be? You even ask yourself what could have changed but you?

Where joy was joy, now joy has flown. You want to get your joy back, yet you don’t seem to know how to get peace and joy back. This seems to be more than you can figure out how to deal with.

How Can Oneness and Patriotism Work Together for the Good of All?

Beloved, patriotic in the world doesn’t seem to mean Oneness. Patriotic contains a certain amount of camaraderie, yet not seemingly Oneness. A limited Oneness isn’t the Oneness We speak of. A separated Oneness isn't the Oneness of love. It is a limited Oneness. It is a Oneness that goes only so far. True Oneness includes total Oneness: Every family, every country, every planet, every gathering, every soul. I am thinking that every trouble in the world comes from lack of Oneness and the profusion of being under the power of differences.

Rise with the Dawn

Beloved, a recently published Heavenletter brought up the randomness of life. You don't know all that life holds in store for you, yet life is, and life brings surprises.

It is well accepted that the weather can’t be counted on. Once again, We come back to the idea of expectancy. Yes, come from a good frame of mind. Incline toward the beauty of life, for it exists, and may you love the weather!

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