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One in a Million

Beloved Children, must you always be where you want to be? Sure, you want to be where you want when you want.

Other times you simply may not know where you want to be. You may well know where you don't want to be. Your present life may not be at all what you want it to be.

Now, it's good that you have work to go to even when you would rather be somewhere else. Not every job is a plum or your cup of tea. At the same time, it is better to have a workplace to go to rather than to have no work at all.

When Wishes Come True

At the same time as you yearn for more dreams to come to fruition and fill up your heart, don't waste your life by representing yourself as unfulfilled or denied. Rather, I say:

Hurray for unfilled dreams! Hurray for dreams that have not yet come true. Unfilled dreams are dreams on their way to you. Part of the joy of your journey is that you are getting somewhere. Fulfillment gives you joy. Allow that there may be as much joy or even greater joy in the climbing that propels you to the fulfillment of your dreams.


Life on Earth is not meant to be the struggle you often find it to be. What does the word struggle mean but fighting against something? Fighting does not hold you in good stead, not at all. It may, indeed, weaken you. You heard the expression – weak with anger. You are clearer without anger. Peace does not muddy up the waters.

Martial arts speak of non-resistance, for, without resistance, you are calm. Calmness diffuses a supposed opponents' energy and saves your own.

How and Where Are Illusions

Dates are a form of time, and dates whiz by. How quickly dates accumulate. Dates are almost a mumbo-jumbo, no matter how orderly they may be seen.

As dates accumulate, they come to seem unreal. Once you were born on a certain date, and you became one year old. Now you may be fifty or sixty years old – or a hundred years old. The years that may have gone slowly, now fly by and seem like a flash in the pan. How unreal dates may seem now. Time ravaged the passage of your life. Where are the snows of yesteryear.

Nothing Else and Nothing Less

Strictly speaking, even as there are no dimensions in Eternity and Infinity, and there is no time and space, none at all, and spoken and written language can only go so far, there is, nevertheless, always more to come.

There are greater heights to reach, and you do rise higher even as your feet are stuck to the ground or you are on your knees or the sun is too bright in your eyes. Heights are for you to reach, and depths as well.

In the Absence of True Love

Every Soul on Earth craves to be nourished with Love. Without a sense of Love on the Rise, the hearts of My children engage in a frenzy of trying to get love poured on them, or they withdraw their love, and their hearts become freeze-dried. A sense of absence of Love paralyzes the lovelorn.

You may panic about love not given, or you panic about love taken back, or you hasten to desensitize your heart of love with the idea that, somehow, love is not meant for you. For others, perhaps, yet not for you.

Be a Miracle

There are times when you, the Children of God, feel helpless, incapable, disallowed, frustrated, weak. I will tell you that you have within you Great Power. I will tell you what your Great Power is. Freedom. Freedom is your power. Freedom of choice is your power. There are always choices. Choose freedom.

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