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What Gives You Even a Little Happiness?

I say: "Peace unto you," yet you have not peace.

You may have turmoil instead. Something has to give. Perhaps your holding onto your being right has to give.

What is so marvelous about being right? Do you really have to be acknowledged as the winner? How does being right serve? Much of the time, being right serves your ego. Hmm, egos have been well-served enough to last a lifetime.

How About Today?

God said:

What if you would see the world from love?
What would you see?
What if you could see into hearts from your own heart?
What if you could really see as I do see?
You would favor all.
You would bless all.
You would make a difference in everyone’s life.
You would shine light like a thousand stars.
You would pick everyone up and brush them off.
     Heavenletter #5258 Like a Thousand Stars

Herein Lies the Major Key to Happiness

If there were only One Key to Life, what might it be?

Aha, fortunately, there is more than One Key to Life. Whatever is important to you as an individual belongs on your list. Little by little, you may choose to cross off some suggestions from your list and add a few others.

It is understandable how money would feature on your list. Everyone knows that Life on the surface is easier when you have money in your pocket. At the same time, everyone knows – at least in theory – that money doesn't buy happiness or True Love.

The Need to Be Heard and the Art of Listening

In terms of the world, there are at least two parties who communicate. One is called the speaker, and the other is called the listener. True conversation is a beautiful tango. One leads, one follows. They both lead. They both follow. The listener really listens, doesn't interrupt, listens deeply until it’s his turn. Then there is role-reversal. Good speaker becomes good listener. There is no infringing. Each role is priceless.


Optimism is not superficial. It is not pie in the sky. It is one of the most supportive tools in life you have.

Optimism is success-oriented. It is the opposite of pessimism. Pessimism is denial of what life could offer you if you were open to it.

Pessimism, upheld as realism, is definitely playing the odds that you see for yourself as not so hotsy-totsy. Odds are often not good, yet where is it written that life must be made up of playing only fabulous odds? In this way, you may well keep great opportunity away from you. Don't count yourself out so easily.

You Don’t Know What Lies Before You or When

Just what is it that you fear you are missing from life? What perceived lack of Love of Life plagues you? What seems to keep happiness at a standstill from you?

How you wish you were one of those happy people who get along with life and their wives. Some people really seem to love. They know how to continue to love the same person with all their heart year after year. They love for the long haul whereas your heart seems to sink and let you down. Your heart just can't seem to sustain itself.

Awaken to Your Own Glory

Know your own significance. You are valuable. You are entitled.

You don't have to tiptoe around yourself. Have no worries about disturbing world beliefs for others. Who has the right to take away even 1/8th inch of what is meaningful to you? You are the decider of what is worthwhile to you. No one is to repress what is vital to you.

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