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A Thousand and One Tales

I Myself have used the expression from the beginning of time. The expression could just as well have been from the beginning of time and space, even as I have stated more than once that time and space do not exist, no matter how much they may seem to.

You’re Not Done Yet

Unless you are moving forward, you are simply holding on or perhaps going backwards. Past practice may consume your seeing and thinking and responding. You relive the past in the present. Pretty much you tend to play out the present as, once upon a time, you did the past.

You tend to hit the same obstacles. You flounder as you floundered before. Life presents itself to you the way it used to. It brings out the same things within you that it used to do. Beloveds, it is not meant to be this way.

Hit the road, Jack. Hit the road.

Frustration Gets Your Goat

When you are frustrated beyond measure, you are sure that frustration has to go away from you. No, dears, it is you who must unattach from frustration. You know I am not suggesting that you let frustration keep beating on you. I am saying the contrary.

You are speaking of frustration that gets the better of you, as if you have no say in the matter. What you can do, no matter how reluctantly, is to keep some distance between you and frustration. Frustration isn’t going to kill you. It is not out to ruin you.

You Merit Kindness Too

Give yourself a break. You may tend to be hard on yourself, too hard. You may tend to be a tyrant to yourself. To your expendable self, I hear you crack your whip and say:

“More more. Deliver more. Even if you have exceeded all my expectations, I will you to do better. And, then, when you do better, I will whip you to go even faster in order to prove something unprovable. What a hard taskmaster am I. I am insatiable. I will work you to the bone. I assign myself to illegal servitude.

Why Create Polarity When You Can Create Peace?

Did you ever think you would hear Me say that you have to face facts? I love to tell you to look at all the amazing possibilities in life. I certainly do.

What I am suggesting now is to face the fact that you may have growing to do. If you are going to grow, you have to start from a place where you are aware that you don’t already know everything or even what you are most sure of right now.

Just as you do not give yourself the true recognition of your great worth, you may close your eyes to areas of your life where you may need to wake up to, and to see from new eyes.


This Heavenletter does not apply to everyone. Nor does it apply only to others and not to you. It is for some. Perhaps many.

Now that you are grown up, no longer make a fuss when you don’t get your own way. Your own way is not due you across the board.

It is right and natural for a baby to kick and scream, but not you. Nor do you walk away in a huff. You may think you have to defend your rights, and so you may offer ultimatums. This does not make you big, for you are not thinking big. You are thinking small. If you have to be catered to, you are thinking small.

Budge, Beloveds, Budge

Your heart is meant to take leaps for joy every day, every minute.

How much is life – your life – worth to you without enthusiasm?

What makes you happy?

Often the little things.

What are the little things that make you happy? Little things are big things in the life of a human being. And you are a human being.

Command your intention every day to enjoy!

Of course, finding joy can’t be orchestrated. In this case then, have the intention to keep your eyes out for joy. Keep your heart open for joy. Anticipate joy today. Hooray for joy!

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