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You Are God’s Desire Fulfilled

Certainly you know that when someone creates, he or she is in joy. Creating is self-expression. I expressed Myself in joy when I created you. You are My expression expressed. I wanted you. I want you still.

I see you as you really are. You see yourself in bits and pieces. Too often you see yourself as failing. I would love My Created sons and daughters to get over the idea that they are some kind of blasphemy or fool or miscreant.

Can You Give Away Too Much? II

Perhaps you are over-conscientious. Could it be that there is something in you that wants to give more and more and more to be in the image of a giver? You have to remember that you personally are not needed. You have felt you are needed. Who is needed? I AM.

Be careful that you do not aggrandize your position in life. You are worth a lot. You are worth gold, yet you do not decrease your own value in order to serve others and increase their perceived value.

Can You Give Away Too Much? I

You can give away too much of yourselves. Sometimes you like to give away too much. Even as you know you are overdoing, you feel impelled or compelled to give away too much of your own hide. I wonder what it is that you think you have to prove. And to whom are you proving it? To others or to yourself? Is there something somewhere that you think you have to atone for? You didn’t get the idea of overdoing and sacrifice from Me, beloveds.

What Are All These Thoughts Doing Here, Anyway?

Ideas are your children. Ideas fall to you from above without your asking, or you reach up as high as you can and pluck ideas from above. Many ideas fall to you easily. Some ideas are not wanted. Some ideas you crave. Some ideas are tiny thoughts. Some thoughts are revolutionary. Some thoughts are brand-new, and some are recurring.

Choose Perfection or Choose Happiness

There is no need to strive to be imperfect, now, is there? It seems quite natural on Earth to not be perfect, wouldn’t you say? Striving to be perfect may wear you out. Perfect by whose standards, anyway?

You can intend to be many things. You can intend to be perfect, and then you have to forget about it! You can’t wrap yourself up in your intention, for then you hold on too tight. You have to let go so that your intention has breathing room. Grasping isn’t the way. Letting go is the way. Sit back and look forward to what today will bring.

In Peace and Harmony

Freedom – you are calling for freedom. Freedom doesn’t mean doing whatever you want whenever you want, did you think it did?

Oh, of course, if you have Saturday afternoon off, you can play golf or hang out at home. Treat yourself right. Take a day to do what you like when you like. You deserve.

Freedom means to move freely. It means to be agile in body. Go for it.

Freedom means to think freely. It means to be agile in mind. Go for it.

Freedom means to be spiritually free. Be light in heart. It means to reach for the sky. Go for it.

In the Wilderness

My children cry out to Me how unhappy they are. You, yourself, as a matter of fact, might say:

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