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The New Series from God starting January 21st 2018.

To Brew Tea, Let It Steep

There is value in doing somersaults. Of course, there is value in everything you do and become one way or another. Furthermore, I want to say that in addition to value in doing somersaults on a mat, there is also indeterminable value in doing mental pictures of yourself performing somersaults.

Something more goes on than at what may first appear to you.

Mental pictures aren’t just kids’ play.

You don’t have to be serious about something in order for it to be worth your while.

Before Beauty Began

Beauty alone is. There is nothing else to behold. There is no other story to tell.

Beauty automatically arises as five Senses and Greater than these. There is nothing but Beauty.

Even so, there is awe at Beauty. Beauty exists for all. Beauty knows itself. There is Beauty to behold. All Life holds Beauty. Beauty alone. There is no opposite. There are no opposites. There is no Fairest of All when All is Beauty.

Greater Understanding and Peace

I get the idea that, for the most part, you like to hear from Me, that what I say may give you pause for thought, that something I say gets stirred in you, that something of what I say means something to your Heart. Some of you, of course, may out and out love Me.

Of course, it’s My Joy to write to you and gaze at you. I love to reach you. I love it when you sit up and take notice, when something I say makes you perhaps nod or smile.

It isn’t that you have to, of course. We don’t always speak the same language. Nor are you forced to. That is, I don’t make you.

Days of Glory

How’re you doing today? What’s your horoscope? That is, what I mean is, not really your horoscope. I mean: What are you gearing yourself up for today? How are you going to capitalize on Today and more than that, make Today the best day of your Life. Chum, let’s go for the Gold!

All Dreams Are Meant to Come True

Sometimes it seems endless to you all that can go wrong. You have seen it.

Again and again, I urge you to spend more time thinking about what can go right in Life. Take a second look. Steer your thoughts in an upward direction. What do you want to happen?? Who says that Greatness and Beauty must be out of sight for you while what you don’t want rushes in before your very eyes.

I say: Set yourself up for treasures.

Life Forevermore

What is all this pre and aft? What is this non-meaning of time as if time were marbles tossed before you? What is it exactly that you believe you must hold onto as if for Dear Life. There is nothing you have to keep and hold onto except as you say so. It is safe to say that there is nothing that you must hold onto.

We can just as well say that Life is for the ever-passing by of it. In fact, it does seem that Life cannot be held in place or held onto whatsoever. Life is passing by as We speak. We accompany Life until Life scoots on. Is Life a when or a where or is it neither anyway?

Good Morning, Merry Sunshine!

My Beloveds, this is the Day I have made for you. Take it. It is yours. You would like Me to fill your Days, yes? Of course, you do! There are all possible kinds of Days to set before you. The Menu is Infinite, dripping with all kinds of exquisite Joy! By all means, partake of this Day. Stroll as you choose. Your walking style depends on you.

There is a splendid Line-Up for you. Today is indeed yours for the asking. You are next in Line.

Every day is like a Day of New Shoes for you.

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