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When You Reach the Shores of Infinity

No longer are you on a hunt for your Lion’s Share of Life. As you have been hunting in Life, you have pondered what you were looking for. When you do find what you may be grasping, it may fall to dust in your hands. What you get may not be what you really wanted after all. It isn’t enough. You may discover that nothing matters as much as it was supposed to. You may have bet on the wrong horse. You may have barked up the wrong tree.

You never even found the tantalizing illusion you were seeking. You didn’t get there. In its lack, time prevented you.

You Are a Living Loving Breathing Being of Light.

Do you perhaps have the idea that being disgruntled is second nature to you? Not so. Your true nature is good nature. Never were you meant to be or appear to be routinely displeased. Never were you meant to moan and groan and weep at disappointment. Never were you intended to let your good nature down and assume a role of displeasure. If you are on a foray of discontent, then be aware that discontent truly resides within yourself. You have opted for discontent. There are other choices.

Recurring Themes

What is on your mind this morning? What peeve do you have? What internal conversation are you having with someone who is not here in the room with you that you can’t seem to let go of??

You burst forth with what you wish you had said the last time you met. You may rant on and on in your mind like this:

“The way I see it, you are an incidental uneventful person in my life, yet you think you know all the answers. Because you make a pronouncement that you know me and have pointed out what you see, you think that you are straightening me out.

All the Children of God’s Heart

Never do I run out of topics to talk about with all the Children of My Heart. Virtually, all the topics We share here are for everyone. In one way or another, the topics, as given, make you nod your head Yes or make you shake your head No. One way or another, you are investing in what I say. Even when you debate vigorously with Me, you are investing in what I say. You respond to what I say. You react to what I say. What I say holds great importance to you. Even when you disagree, or –- most especially when you disagree -- you are investing heavily in what I say.

God Tells Three Stories

I ask you: How are you today?

You answer: “Fine, thank You.”

Could Life Be a Crocodile?

From where you sit, you don’t know how Life can explain itself and its varied appearances and reappearances. It seems to you that Life walks on stage any way it wants. It’s difficult to see that Life takes responsibility for its actions, reactions, or inactions, yet, all the while, it is Life that holds all the cards.

Life seems to trudge along or leap along regardless of what you think of it. You see contradiction and a lack of merit in how Life plays its cards. You have not always seen Life bend over backwards to be helpful to you.

How to Begin

In Life, sometimes you are on the horns of a dilemma. Sometimes you have to be blunt, and sometimes you have to simply be quiet. What a talent it be would be to always know which is which.

Never do I wish to tell you to be away from your Truth. Never do I wish to tell you to be rude either. There can be Truth, and there can be Courtesy, and sometimes, alas, there doesn’t seem to be an between either.

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