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Write a New Script

Think of someone you know who is always calm. He or she never becomes rattled. You are lucky if you know one such person in a lifetime.
This person can have great responsibility at work, yet this person seems to take care of it all like a piece of cake. He doesn’t get harried. It doesn’t even seem a possibility to this person to have too much to do or to ever feel he is in a tight position.  He doesn’t seem to even get tired. He is bright, caring, vital, genuine, pleasant and never frazzled.
Oh, to have an employer like this. Oh, to be like this.

May Joy and Responsibility Unite

Take it into your heart that living life is not the same as running a race. Have you not had some sense of yourself as a choo-choo train that must crank those gears and get up a hill as fast as you can in order to mount another hill and another? There is more to life than this.
You don’t have to gallop through life, nor do you have to be a slow ponderous-seeming elephant either. You do not have to be slow-but-steady, nor do you have to be at a perfect in-between rate. Nor do you have to be the winner-take-all.

A Rose about to Blossom

Beloveds, you are a rose about to blossom, more than to blossom. Why more? You are opening up to your full blooming, bounteousness, and beauty.
How happy a rose is to bloom. A rose blooms and blossoms to her fullness, and yet stays rooted in the soil where she has always been. From the muck and mire, a rose grows tall. A rose doesn’t see the muck and mire distasteful as you do. The rose does not consider for a moment that dirt takes anything away from her beauty.

Robbie asked, “God, When Will the Happiness Come?”

Yes, Robbie, when will the happiness come? I will answer you, yet I won’t give you a date. 
It isn’t so much that I answer questions. I answer the hearts of people who ask questions. If I answer: The world will sparkle in amazing Divine Light on a specific date in 2016… this isn’t really a helpful answer. It doesn’t help you to grow. Let Me tell you more.

The Winner in the World

Have you heard the expression:
“To the victor belong the spoils.”
In the old days, the soldiers who won a war had license to pillage the villages. The winners could take anything they wanted. They stole. It was considered that they had the right. It was considered that taking from another made the winner notable and worthy.

Unfolding Mysteries

Where does today lead? No one knows. Many can speculate.
Today may be winter, and there is a thaw. Tomorrow may be a blizzard. The best-laid plans, so well-thought out, may disappear in a moment. It is not that you are to hold on to plans made with so much consideration. You are to let go of them. Ride the waves, beloved. See where they take you.

What Else Matters When There Is Love

There are many ways to believe. Whatever you believe, you may be sure there is someone who believes the opposite extreme. Life in the world is about opposites of all kinds.
Beliefs are one of them. And some people get fired up about beliefs. Some people with strong beliefs will hurt other people because the others’ beliefs contradict their beliefs.
People on Earth have separated people because of their color or because of the shape of their nose. Staunch believers are convinced that they are right, and everyone else is mistaken.  

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