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The New Series from God starting January 21st 2018.

The Courtyard of Heaven from Which You Arise

Beloved, I summon you. Each day I summon you to the Courtyard of Heaven from which you arose. Too often, you think of yourself as on your way to Heaven. This is true. Remember also, that from Heaven you have come. From Heaven, yes, and to Heaven you return. It is a pitfall to believe you were ever thrown out of Heaven.

Love Is Like the Scent of a Hyacinth Announcing Spring

Beloved, from one heart to another, love is on the wing. Silently bidden, love is passed on, as if stirring in the breeze. Love is called for, and love is exchanged, newly burst as it may be – love stirring, love happening, love recurring as if new, newly distributed from Heaven, as if love were something new when love has always been as newly bidden as the Sun each day.

You Are a Hardy Flower

Beloved, what if you would stop seeing life as it appears to you possibly as an outright challenge? Life isn’t meant to be seen as a duel you are offered. Life is meant to be, if not a piece of cake, at least a peace-offering – certainly not a boxing match in Madison Square Garden.

What if you didn't put on your boxing gloves in readiness? What if you could see a new offer in life – not as a confrontation, yet more like a handshake or a step toward progress? If you would, if you did – wow, how differently you might treat life! Do you see this?

Hello, I AM Here, God!

Beloved, if the beautiful created world We live in has been taken over by outside sources or wayward inner sources, We, the lovers of life, are reclaiming the world now. We reclaim the extant world with simple grace and truth. We rise with Our hearts attuned to love, and that’s it.

Music! Music! Music!

You and I, as Oneness, are as close as close can be. One is One. Yet, this Reality may continue to seem far-fetched to you. Alas, you may well feel closer to the presence of loneliness than you feel to the beat of My Heart.

Our Oneness does not mean that I own you, or that you own Me. If I were a guitar, it would mean that in Oneness, you and I are One and the Same Guitar. We’re not talking about two guitars. There is One Guitar, and it plays Itself for all to hear. We don’t have to get down to brass tacks with this metaphor, you understand. Music is Self-Evident.

Your Garden Grows New Fruit Now

Beloved, to what do you devote your time and energy? Sometimes, perhaps too often, to toil and trouble, sorry to say. No go in the direction in which you truly want to devote your mind and heart.

Beloved, and I mean, Beloved, does it make sense to divert your attention to what you don’t want in the first place? I ask you not to carry a sense of dread about what might be coming up in your life and the world you happen to live in. What possible advantage can there be in this for you?

The Sun Awakens You

Love is always. You are born to it, and you expand with love. If you want to know what life is about, this is what life is about: The subject upon which life is based and the object to which love abides, is love. All else may leave, yet love is not fleeting, no matter how you may glance at it.

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