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Make Room

Take what I say to heart. I say you are eminently worthy of regard. You are to be welcomed and respected in the world.

At the same time, what the world says about you is not meant to be your point of reference. The world is not your God. I AM. Take what I say to heart. Do not take to heart whatever the world and those in it may carelessly make of you. Whether the world makes a lot or a little of you, the world is not the measure of you, nor is anyone in the world the measure of you.

While You Are on Earth…

I, Who understand everything in the Universe, do not really understand how some of my children are hard-hearted to others, perhaps deliberately hard-hearted without regard for the feelings of others --  as if I have never spoken about generosity from your heart to your neighbors and brothers and sisters.

Leading the Way

It is so easy for My Children to pounce upon trouble. You feel the weight of trouble so easily. As trouble enters the room you sit in, it seems to punch you in your gut, and, at your say-so, trouble lingers in your heart. It may take a long time for trouble to ease out from your heart. You check on trouble quite readily. Trouble becomes like a roast you have in the oven that, no matter how long you cook it, I doesn't seem to get done. You often take a peek at it.

May it be this easy for blessings in the world to overtake you in this way.

The Embrace of Silence and Stillness

Remember you are not a performer, yet you are a doer. To one degree or another, you are a doer. A doer gets things done.

However, everyone is a Be-er. Everyone IS. Everyone on Earth, of necessity, exists. This has to Be. It is not by edict that everyone must Be. It is by nature that everyone is a Being. It is your nature. I bequeathed Being to you.

The Real Story

There is a rumbling in your heart that calls you to Me. It is inevitable that you will come to Me. It is My Will, and it also is yours that you come to Me. We have no disagreement. You are the decider of when. Otherwise, there is no decision.

I cast My line into the sea, and you arise. You swim up to Me, and you say: "Here I am."

I say, "Here you are."

From Whence Flows Love?

When you squeeze your heart, this is when you feel anguish in your heart. Heart-squeezing is the cause of all anguish.

You make the decision to squeeze your heart shut. You may say that what you feel is out of your hands. Someone says or does something, and you may say you can't help how you feel. Who can help? I don't see anyone else but you.

Use Your Quiet Voice

Whatever you give, whatever service you perform, do it on My behalf. Do it in the Name of God and in the Name of Love. Be generous. Be gentle. Be gentle with all souls. At the very least, be a blessing to yourself.

Never mind righteous anger. Fury does not become you.

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