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The New Series from God starting January 21st 2018.

Amazing Oneness

Beloved, herein lies My heart as I give it to you in words – as if I express My heart in words taken from Heaven and typed on a computer.

Up and Away in My Beautiful, My Beautiful Balloon

Beloved, it has long been bruited that today comes once and is not always waiting in the wings for you. Today is now or never. Make hay while the sun shines. So long as time is believed in, haste makes waste. Haste is life on the move, and haste gets the day started. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may. Oil the gears, and rev up the motor.

You are on the crossbows today. Make today happen. Sleepy day or wide awake day, it is yours to do with as you will.

A Leaf Would Still Fall

Beloved, I invite One and All to join Me in the fullness of love. We are not even a hop, skip, and jump away. We already are One, once and for All in Infinity. This is the true state of affairs. Oneness is, and Oneness never was not. This has to be clarified only because of the insistence on the illusion of time in the extant world. Otherwise, the concept of fleeting would not exist. Time is rather roughshod in the world, and yet, as it is, the world depends upon time. The world even runs on tick-tock tick-tock.

Truth in Dreams

Beloved, you have heard Me say that life in the world is all a fantasy. You wouldn’t mind this idea at all if the fantasy you live in could be made of a real-live fairy tale fantasy. You wouldn’t mind a life of Fairy Godmothers and Princes with golden coaches and dreams of the highest, and where you regularly get swept off your feet in a world where dreams, of course, come true before your very eyes.

Be Happy to Run Around the Block with Me

You always have had the option to Godwrite. Sometimes your internal attraction to Godwriting is so strong and fervent, you don’t have any choice about it. Your goose is cooked! Welcome! Welcome!

Of course, never do I stand over you and say like a drill leader: “You MUST Godwrite or else!”

I am not a militant kind of God. The theme of Free Will runs through Me and runs through you.

The First Moment You Godwrite

In terms of Godwriting, you begin to get down to Godwriting the moment you write the two words God said. This affirms your place in the scheme of things. Of course, with Godwriting, there is no scheme of things whatsoever. Nothing is planned. You are open to what comes, whether you see where it’s going or not. This is the extent to which you, as a Godwriter, go.

This is how you signal God: “Okay, God, I’m here ready with pen in hand (or computer at the ready) to jot down whatever You would like me to hear. Let’s do it.

Bird Song

All aboard! Beloved, today is about to begin. We are taking off for Heaven today. Today is a day secured with blessings. A blessing here, a blessing there, blessing, blessing, blessing everywhere. Sweet blessings all day long. What else but blessings? Blessings are Manna from Heaven, and Manna from Heaven is for you. I leave a trail for you of Manna from Heaven to bring you to follow Me today. Manna from Heaven replaces bread crumbs. Follow Me. Sing a Manna from Heaven song.

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