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The Language of Oneness

You are not a Pretender to the Throne. You are the Inheritor of the Throne. Any way you size it up, this is who you are. You are not an Imposter. The thing is that you may be the last to know. What a fine kettle of fish this is!

Stand upright right now, and be the first to know. Claim yourself. You are ultimately the sparkle in My Eye. It is you I see, and it is you that I look at directly before Me.


Surely you don’t think you are meant for suffering in whatever form suffering may appear to you at one time or another. When you feel in the doldrums, don’t add insult to injury. Now it’s about time to get your head on straight once and for all. Detach from the concept of having to hold on to all you hold onto. The Truth is you have to let go.

I know very well you would not destine the whole population to unmitigated suffering. Even you know enough to know that happiness also exists and is happily bestowed.

Let All the Sunshine In

From this moment on, when you are aware that you are worrying, blow yourself a kiss from Me and substitute something else for the worry. Often your worries are imagined. You put yourself in a precarious place. You do realize that you are doing this, don’t you? You bet on worries. You may even feel amiss without something to feel on edge about.

When you recognize that you are worrying, replace your worries with something else for a few moments, if you please.

What Is One Thing the Quality of Your Life Depends On?

Beloved Ones, there is no good time for you to be impatient with anyone.

Your Life -- and everyone’s Life -- depends upon how you present yourself. It is not My desire that you be rough on anyone, not even on yourself.

Truthfulness doesn’t mean that if you are cross, you have to reveal your irritability. You don’t have to make your tension visible. What does anyone on Earth have to know for a fact that you are feeling tense today? Whatever your circumstance, whatever the conditions you find yourself in, be a lady or gentleman walking on an even path.

Knowing the Glory You Are

When did you wander into the shoals of Earth and accept this alcove you seem to sit in as the Whole Truth of you? How amazing that this portion of Life falls to you on the Beautiful Creation of Earth. It is beautiful, you know. Look at a Sunrise or Sunset. Look at One Leaf of a Tree.

How far from the Truth your present Life appears to look like, as if you are being held bound and hidden as a hostage in a distant land.

A New Burst of Bloom

On Earth, you ask yourself questions. How weird-seeming this is. Some answers you seem to know. Other answers are impenetrable.

Where do you find your questions anyway, and where do your answers come from in the interim when there is time to speak of?

What is Reality anyway? Whither goest thou, or, do you think you go anywhere at all in this conundrum called Life on Earth? Where is anywhere anyway? Where are you led?

If space and time do not exist, what is going on?

Soldiers of Good Fortune

Let Us sail the seas today. Let Us float. Let Us be afloat in Joy.

What does it mean to be on vacation but on vacation from woe, weariness, and worry? Yes, I understand the desire to escape fear and whatever you may see as drudgery and fault in yourself and others – and the Stars.

You are not idle as you float, yet, yes, you desire a vacation from worry and displeasure and other concerns.

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