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Sit Right Here, Near God

Weeping is a mechanism that lets go of sorrow. Yet you do not really want to be done with sorrow. You may say you do. You may think you do, yet you drown yourself in tears of sorrow, and somehow, and somehow the sorrow is a comfort to you. Weeping assuages something within you at the same time as it opens wounds and puts salt on them. When you don’t know what else to do, you cry. It is not a show-down. It is not coming to terms with your self-avowed heartache. It is just weeping, and sometimes you don’t really know why. You can list reasons, yet you don’t really know why.

Crowded in Time and Space

Everyone on Earth is a Divine Being. On Earth, you are also a human being. In other words, you are Soul, and you are also human being. You are Divine and you are also physical, and therein lies the rub.

Thank You, God, for Hearing Me

My children, I hear your words:
You say:
“Beloved God, thank You for coming into my life and helping me to know that my life is good, that You exist, and that You are My Sustainer. Without awareness of You, how bleak is life in the world. You enliven my heart and renew me.
“I do not like to think what my life would be like had I not caught sight of You and taken You by the hand. Did I take You by the hand? It must be that You took me by the hand.

Patterns Recur in Your Life. That’s What Makes Them Patterns.

Whether you see it or not, you do know how to call difficulties to you, how to keep them and, even escalate them. This is how you do it:
You think about the difficulties often. You gnaw at them as a dog a bone. You resent the difficulties that you see encroaching on you through others. If others would only be easier to get along with or would understand how difficult a situation or situations are for you, life would be a lot better and easier for you. Certainly, it seems that way. Certainly, you see so-called others as reprehensible and yourself innocent. Is this not the case?

Where Your Consciousness Dwells

Sometimes it may seem that life is rigged, that it’s a set up, that you are given the idea that you have free will, yet everything is already in place. Sometimes you feel that life is all destiny and not your free will at all, only you are the last one to know. That’s just it. Free will means free. It doesn’t mean Free Control. This is another way to say that free will doesn’t have to mean getting your way.

Life Is a Parable

Now you see it, and now you don’t. This is life. Life in the world is peek-a-boo. And yet you are surprised. Every time, you are surprised. Life in the world is a magic trick, dear ones. Often life has you fooled.
Life itself is eternal. You are eternal. And you are more. You are also Infinite. There are no two ways about it. Only on Earth are there in’s and out’s and wherefores and why-fores.
Life is like a novel you read. In life, you turn the pages. There is always a new page, and you wonder what the next page will reveal. Life on Earth is indeed a page-turner.

Be Yourself and Not Somebody Else

If you have skill in details, that is wonderful. If you don’t have skill in details, you have skill in something else. Skilled or unskilled, this is wonderful. You do not have to be everything to everyone, certainly not to yourself do you have to have every talent in the world. It’s okay when you have your mind on other things than what the majority might want you to uphold.
So what if you are a square peg in a round hole? So what if you see differently from everyone else in the world? Do you really want to be like everyone else? What is everyone else like anyway?

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