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The New Series from God starting January 21st 2018.

Beyond Daily Life

Beloved, make life easier for you and all those near you as well as those who are said to be far away from you in time or space, neither of which exist except in illusion. Of course, illusion can only appear to be seen, or it wouldn’t be illusion.

Personally and superficially, you seem to exist as if in a body. In earth terms, that which is not seen, such as soul, you cannot draw with pen and ink.

Come Closer to What You Want

Beloved, so many Thou Shalt Nots have I given unto you. Turn as many Thou Shalt Nots around to Thou Shalts as soon as you can. That’s the ticket!

Recently, I mentioned that Thou Shalt Not Blame, Thou Shalt Not Complain, Thou Shalt Not Feel Sorry for Yourself. Now Thou Shalt Open Your Mind to New Ways of Thinking, that is, if you want areas of your life to grow, thou Shalt Be Open rather than closed, Thou Shalt Be Sure to open your mind and heart and, therefore, your life.

Open Your Eyes

Beloved, it isn’t just that you can expand your vision. It isn’t just that you can see differently from how you presently see. If you want your life to change, then change.

Unless your life is consistently as you pretty much want it to be, then it behooves you to change. Otherwise, you tend to cut yourself off from the life you desire. Get away from how you presently see. There is something in your landscape to change. You may have a blind spot. Turn the lights on.

You see this easily in others, yet you hang on to the idea that you are being cheated from the outside.

Bless Instead

Beloved, there is an easy way you can personally help to bring about the world of Our dreams. The more citizens of the world who will do this, the merrier. There is a simple way to remove blockages to the enlightenment of every Human Being on Earth. I am amazed that you haven’t already caught onto this. Perhaps you haven't been looking.

It can't be that you sit back and are waiting for Me to change the world before your very eyes. You haven’t been impatiently waiting for Me, have you? Have you perhaps said silently to yourself: "Let God fix the world."

In a New Way

Beloved, you don’t always want to be porous to new advice. You can well be fiercely independent, and, yet, at the same time, being fiercely independent may well be much like being fiercely dependent and unable to let go of the premises from which you have come.

From time to time, either way, you may miss the point. There are times when you look back, and you wonder if you had said “Yes” to a piece of advice you had said “No” to.

“Wondrous strange…”

Beloved, We as One emanate from a spiral. Your spine resembles a spiral. What are spirals made of but connected circles winding and unwinding? Spirals are flexible and bounce. My children take joy in bouncing. Nowhere does nature toss around flat right angles.

Nature certainly does seem to have ideas of its own that you become used to and favor. You love nature landscapes, and you love color. On occasion you admire a monotone landscape enormously as though its uniqueness speaks to your soul.

When you Love

Beloved, let’s come back to some of the good old-fashioned childhood sayings that speak well of life on Earth.

Sayings such as: If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. To which I add: If you are going to talk about your friends when they are not present, talk about them the same way as when they are present, or keep silent.

Some sayings are clear-cut, whereas some sayings are open to interpretation.

Love another as yourself. You may indeed not love yourself enough, so what then?

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