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An Orchestra of Creation

You who are a miracle are the substance from which miracles are made. Quiet or loud, unseen or seen, aware or unaware, unwittingly or willingly, you influence the world. The connections between you and the world are Infinite. There are more ins and outs than you can count. The connections and interconnections are unfathomable. You are essential to the workings of the world. Each stitch in a sweater holds the sweater together.

So What If Life Makes You Stretch Yourself?

All the time you protect yourself, and you think this is the way to go. What you are doing is likely preventing yourself. Preventing yourself from what? From life! Awake!

When you hide from life or hide yourself from yourself, you narrow yourself. You are stuck in a past image of yourself. You reduce yourself. You cut off your feet in order to fit a narrow bed you made for yourself. You are looking for comfort, and you choose tightness.

Green Pastures and Mount Olympus

Come with Me to the Green Pastures, and We shall lie on Our backs and look up at the blue sky. Perhaps We chew on a blade of grass. We nod, and We say: “This is good.”

We sink to the Center of the Earth at the same time as We are at the peak of Mount Olympus. You may ask: “What is the significance of Mount Olympus?”

In Greek mythology, Mount Olympus was the meeting place of the Gods. Figuratively, this is where We meet. And, as We survey the Inner Earth and the Highest Heavens, We say: “This is good.”

You Are a Commuter in Life

There are times when you would rather be alone than in the presence of anyone else. There are times when you feel hampered or held back by the presence of even friends. There are times when others break your train of thought or seem to impose upon your life just by being there.

A Palace of Wonders

Your soul is like poetry in the sense that your soul is powerful even as you can’t quite put your finger on it. A passage in a poem may touch you deeply. It may be only a few words that hold power and deep feeling over you. You don’t quite grasp the words or why on Earth you are so touched. You’re not at all clear, yet, there you are, under the spell of a few simple words. The poetry of your soul lures you. Your soul is irresistible. It leads you to Me. Even when you disavow Me, heedlessly, you come closer to the God within you.

There Is No Far Away When It Comes to Consciousness

There are times when you look at life as if it were a boxing match. Life -- the boxing champion -- and you, the unsuspecting, punched and knocked out for the count underdog. Then you see yourself carried away from that particular arena to face another match anon whenever life says so.

An area of your life is taken away, and another area left which you desperately want to evade and/or desire at the same time. In any case, you hold on tight and keep your feet where they happen to be. Sometimes you lash at life to stay just where you want it to stay.

Making It Across the Bridge

When you are overwhelmed with life as it appears to you, I ask you: “Who is overwhelmed? Is life the Doer in this case? Or, do you think I am the Doer Who insists that you be overwhelmed?” It seems to be that he or she who is overwhelmed is the overwhelmer.

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