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Oneness of Light

You do not live as I do, for you inhabit space and time, as if in a space capsule. I do not live in errant time or space.
One way to say this is, of course, that I live in Infinity. I live Infinitely, and, of course, in Truth, so do you. Infinity is timeless. If, in the world, you could back out of space and time, you would be in Heaven. Freedom from the limitations of time and space would free you. The same world you live in now would, indeed, be a different world from the one you subscribe to now.

You are Made of God’s Light

From your perspective, it is hard or even impossible to accept that you and I are One. Anyone can see so many variants between Us. You see that I know Everything. And when you are frank with yourself, you admit that you know Nothing. So, then, how can We be One and the Same and be so far apart? Helpless, hapless you and All-Knowing All-Powerful God?

Happiness from the So-Called Little Things

What, right now, right this minute, could make you happy for all time?
Quickly, you try to think. You think of this and that. You want to be happy, and you don’t actually know what would give your great happiness. If this is only one wish you can make, you would never want to waste it.
Happiness is elusive to you. You can’t hold it in your hand. As much as you might desire a new car, you know a new car is not your great fulfillment. Yet you are not at all sure what would be.
A true love perhaps? You have had one or two or more, and true love didn’t keep its promises.

In a Garden

All good is on its way to you. Are you ready to receive? This is the question I ask you.
You say: “You bet, God, I am ready to receive. Bring it on.”

Lean towards Love

It is natural to think of others and on behalf of mankind altogether. World thoughts for survival have mis-distributed the idea of loving others as yourself.

“Kill or be killed” is not the theme of your life, nor is it the theme of most people’s lives, although this theme is carried along less dramatically in expressions such as: “Look out for yourself,” and “Get while the getting’s good” or “Take the biggest piece of pie” or: “Think of Number 1.”

If Life Were an Orange …

Lean back. Forget about what’s on your mind. Let your mind be free and your heart full. Life is not an ogre that you must run away from. Life stirs your heart. Let life stir your heart clockwise, not counterclockwise.

You Know What Love Feels Like

Even as loving is the mastery of the world, you see absence of love too often and fullness of love too seldom. If you look at the newspaper, you understand Me clearly. If you have ever felt abandonment, you understand Me clearly. If you have ever felt unloved or unappreciated, you understand Me clearly. If you have ever felt misused or taken advantage of, you understand Me clearly. If you have ever disliked someone, you understand Me clearly. If you have ever felt sorry for yourself, you understand Me clearly.

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