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The New Series from God starting January 21st 2018.

Like the Sun in the Sky

Beloved, I say that I love, and love is all I know. Rather, love is all I AM. This is also true for you, yet you may bypass love. Stick with love. You are meant for love, and this is it! Your ticket in life says love and love alone. Your purpose in life is love. Love alone. Naught but love. Your path is love.

You ARE love. Your DNA is encoded in love. You are for naught but love. There are no two ways about it. Love Alone.

Love to be alive. Choose simplicity.

Our Covenant

Beloved, be beholden to this day that connects Us as One. The day isn’t beholden to you even as today is at your feet. A day is to lead you. A days sets itself before you. What will you do with this day that is before you? There is something in this day that you are to make beautiful.

Who says your day, as it is first offered to you, has to be your heart’s desire and not an inch less?

Moving Forward in Life

Beloved, life is tried and true, and yet each day is new. Life is forwarded to you every day. Life is an experiment. You may tremble at life's inconsistency as if certainty is supposed to be the law of the land. Life is not a debt owed you. Life is given to you. Life moves along, yet life can choose any route it chooses while it is at it.

Life is not regimented. Life takes its chances as it moves along.

“To Thee I Sing”

Beloved, of thee I sing. To thee I sing. I sing a song of Myself to Myself.

I am the notes I sing. You are the notes I sing. As you see it, I sing a song of what you call your little self as separate from Me.

I do call you My Self. It may not always be easy for you to make this transition. It is as easy as pie to Me, for I see Truth, and I am Truth. You are My Truth, yet you do not always see.

Your Crowning Glory

Beloved, before you were born, you chose to take on the role of hero. You didn’t choose to accept the role of slug-a-bed. Absolutely not. You chose a hero’s role. If not a flashing Superman role, at the very least, you chose the role of slow but steady. You made a commitment to not jump ship. You pledged to be here steadfast for the long haul.

You are not here to bite your fingernails.

You are not here to wish for escape from your role on Earth.

Life Deferred

Beloved, may you live well and long. May you know what is of significance and pledge yourself to what matters rather than to what is really not so important that you cannot leave it behind you when this is all you can do.

When all is said and done, when you sift through your imagined possessions, when the dust settles, what do you take with you? What fits into your heart and soul and leaves its mark on you? No one takes steamer trunks anymore these days. Who could ever fit so much in your baggage now? One handbag may be too much.

Look into My Mirror

Beloved, how might life look differently to you when you see Me as top coach in your book – not as a possibility but as an absolute reality? What if you saw Me tossing basketballs into the net of your life, not now and then, but every second of the day?

What if you could see Me playing out in your life fervently, as if you can see Me meaning everything to you as I run interference for you, doing everything for you? How might you find yourself feeling more eager about life? You wouldn't have to put the wind into your sails.

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