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Light as Beautiful as You

What shall it be? What shall We talk about today? Shall We just take a walk? Hold hands and meander around the park today? Whatever, let Our hearts be full with the Fullness of Love as Our hearts become closer until, lo and behold, We are Closeness ItSelf, and We have passed all borders, so-called borders that never existed except in the mind of humankind and were held onto tight. Borders are just ideas.

Foremost, Be Honest with Yourself

Please don’t say you have no time. Beloveds, it is never really a question of time. It is always a question of preference. Let Me repeat this once more: It is always a question of your choice.

You have every right to your priorities. Acknowledge priorities then. That you don’t have time is a cloud-screen to hide what is true.

You choose your priorities. There may be many reasons why you choose the priorities you do and why you do not choose the priorities you do not choose. It is best to be outright honest with yourself.

Have a Good Day

When you feel somber and perhaps deprived, this is a signal to be good to yourself. You are taking life too seriously. You are wearing black or dark gray. Find a happier color, pastel or bold. There are so many shades of green. Pick one that makes you smile. Pink is good. Yellow is fabulous. How many colors are there? You have so many colors to choose from. Throw out the dark colors, and brighten your life.

We are talking about your life. Perhaps you don’t appreciate your life right now. Here is a tonic. What flower would you like to be? So many flowers to choose from.

Speaking Up for Yourself

For the sake of politeness, you may not always say what you are thinking. You want to be kind, and you don’t know how to be nice and also say what you really think. This may be a conflict for you. You don’t want to be rude, and you also don’t want your feelings left by the wayside.

In the Land of Time and Space

Whatever is going on in your life is going on within you, and this too shall pass.

Consider life like terrain you pass by. Here are smooth rolling hills coming up. Here are rocks and tundra. Here are beautiful waters. Here are mud-holes. Whatever you may be passing by, you are still you, and you are still My beloved.

Atoms Flashing Like Stars

My children are inclined to think that the doldrums are the reality of life. You may nod your head and commiserate: “Yes, that is so.” You may think that joy is impermanent, and the dreary is real. You have it backwards. Enlivenment is real. Dullness is a false witness.

When you are going at the speed of light, you are not aware that you are. It is not speed that you require, for you are already beaming at the speed of light. You are atoms flashing like stars. You certainly are not to be like sirens blaring loudly that there is danger in the night.

Sei wie Butter oder wie ein Schmetterling

Gott redete …

Sei wie Butter - leicht zu durchschneiden. Nichts scheuert dich ab. Du bist einem Anderen kein Hindernis. Jemand mag dich nicht? Was macht dir das? Na wenn schon? Du widersetzt dich dem nicht. Du verübelst nicht. Lasse Widerständigsein los, denn Widersetzen beläuft sich auf harte Gefühle. Sei wie Butter. Habe keine verletzten Empfindungen. Was immer im Leben geschieht, deine harten Gefühle, das gehört nicht dazu. Sei wie Butter.

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