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The New Series from God starting January 21st 2018.

There Is Something Nice about Snow

Beloveds, have in mind that all is well. Go for it! At the same time, be strong in knowing that nothing on Earth has to derail you. You are not here on Earth to be stalemated.

Nor is Life a question of “letting the best man win.” Winning in Life isn’t an issue. Living Life without the idea of either winning or losing is a good idea. You don’t have to have your own way. Life is about more than having your way or not having your own way. Stay away with all your might from the perspective that Life has to go precisely one way or another. There is always more to Life.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Beloveds, let Me put it this way: “How do you grow your garden?” You are the Grower.

Life doesn’t have to be hard the way you see it. May Life be easy the way you see it! Give Life a hand up. Be glad to let go of complaints once and for all. And why not now?

Life asks that you get complaints off Life’s back. When is enough enough? Make an end to complaints now so that that peace reigns in your Life and, therefore, raises the f the world to new heights.

From Where Does Patience Come?

From where does patience come when you are chomping at the bit with impatience? Patience is hard to come by.

What is the cure for impatience? Patience, of course. The more impatient you are, the harder patience is.

Impatience is, indeed, an impasse. It’s implied that you set this impasse for yourself.

To Brew Tea, Let It Steep

There is value in doing somersaults. Of course, there is value in everything you do and become one way or another. Furthermore, I want to say that in addition to value in doing somersaults on a mat, there is also indeterminable value in doing mental pictures of yourself performing somersaults.

Something more goes on than at what may first appear to you.

Mental pictures aren’t just kids’ play.

You don’t have to be serious about something in order for it to be worth your while.

Before Beauty Began

Beauty alone is. There is nothing else to behold. There is no other story to tell.

Beauty automatically arises as five Senses and Greater than these. There is nothing but Beauty.

Even so, there is awe at Beauty. Beauty exists for all. Beauty knows itself. There is Beauty to behold. All Life holds Beauty. Beauty alone. There is no opposite. There are no opposites. There is no Fairest of All when All is Beauty.

Greater Understanding and Peace

I get the idea that, for the most part, you like to hear from Me, that what I say may give you pause for thought, that something I say gets stirred in you, that something of what I say means something to your Heart. Some of you, of course, may out and out love Me.

Of course, it’s My Joy to write to you and gaze at you. I love to reach you. I love it when you sit up and take notice, when something I say makes you perhaps nod or smile.

It isn’t that you have to, of course. We don’t always speak the same language. Nor are you forced to. That is, I don’t make you.

Days of Glory

How’re you doing today? What’s your horoscope? That is, what I mean is, not really your horoscope. I mean: What are you gearing yourself up for today? How are you going to capitalize on Today and more than that, make Today the best day of your Life. Chum, let’s go for the Gold!

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