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Ego Lacks Big Vision

One thing you can be absolutely sure of is that I do not have an ego to consult. It is laughable that I would have an ego. To have an ego, there would have to be something I feel I have to justify. I would have to think I have something to defend. The very idea has Me rolling in the aisles.

The Music of the Heart

When you wake up in the morning, say to Me from within yourself:
“O, my beautiful God, thank You for Being and creating the Universe and giving Your heart to us all, giving us You as our constant Companion and keeping us in Your Heart, and touring with us on a fabulous journey that winds up right where we started with You. I am speaking of us here as Your many beloveds, and not as You and I as One.”
And I say to you, My One Beloved:

We Are Talking about Love

Your heart is not meant to be kept under wraps, shy-like in a corner. Your heart is not a pet rabbit  that you only let out sometimes and under guard. Your heart is not meant to stay in the bush, watchful as it nibbles on a carrot. Your heart is not meant to be kept in an envelope that you open later. Your heart is meant to be like the bright sun, ever shining on the world.

Like Shepherds in Long Ago Fields

There are lingering thoughts, much like fingertips that trill over the piano keys lightly, and you hear them. These lingering thoughts could be like reverie that you hear in the background.
There are also thundering thoughts playing like an orchestra made up of bassoons. All the musical instruments of life, you play. You play the violin. You play instruments you have never even heard of, ancient instruments, instruments from other lands you have no recollection of that are yet deep in your heart and rising DNA.

Oneness Isn’t a Thought

Beloveds, I take care of everything. I love your very humanness. I deed everything to you. I bequeath you the very Human Beingness of you. I tell you how to live as a human being in a world you sublet for a time. I give everything to you, and you begin to grasp the outpouring of My heart. I will give you everything. I do give to you, the very human you, everything. I give you very human pointers on how to live. I lay My ideas before you. I am the gift I give you. And that’s it.

Next to Your Worth, What Can the World Offer?

What does it mean when you say that someone believes in you? It’s hard to put your finger on it, yet this recognition lifts you and strengthens you. It gives you a great reserve of confidence and gratitude. Someone’s believing in you is worth a treasure. It is like money in the bank. If all else fails, this person believes in you. It is a great thing to have someone see your worth and believe in you. For you to know this is to wear a magnificent 10-carat diamond around your neck that brightens everything. That someone believes in you is a great gift.

The Powerful Unification of Your Thoughts

The same way you know you are sleepy in the evening, the same way you know when it’s time to wake up, the same way you can know that nature does take care of you.
You don’t insist that nature make you sleepy. You recognize the sleepiness. You don’t insist that nature wake you up in the morning. You may even prefer to sleep longer, yet, nature says it’s time to wake up. The sun has risen. Nature on its own tells your body when it’s hungry or when it’s full if you listen.

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