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Bright Eyes, You Are the Light of the World

Today I look into your eyes. Do you feel this when I remind you? I hold your head between My two hands, and I look lovingly into your two beaming eyes. Look into My eyes. You will see the great depths of your own. You will look into ocean-like pools of love, or you will look into the Dazzling Light of the Sun. There is a smooth-flow between Us. Whatever you may think or feel at a given moment, there is a lovely interchange between Us. You note Our engagement mainly when you have glanced away and then come back. You glimpse a contrast. You never left the light in My eyes.

The Whole Truth

Life can be terrifying. You are so identified with your body. Here you go out into the world every day, and you have no armor. Anything could happen. You go out to face danger every day. Even your home isn’t a safe place when you put your mind to it. No place is safe. The sky can be falling. A germ could get you. What a long list of possibilities, no matter how remote, you carry as worry beads. What’s the point to worrying then?

The Eye of the Storm

When you feel rough, irritated, angry, take a time out. Cause no damage, not to anyone, and that includes no damage to your own heart. Hearts are precious. Hearts need to be spared any kind of assault.

Do you confess that when you are angry, you inflame or even assault your own God-given heart? If you feel devastated, what state is your heart in? Frazzled? Please take better care of your heart. Have regard for all hearts, not the least of which is your own.

The Land of God

And, in answer to your long question to Me yesterday, if I were to answer, “Okay, okay, I will change life to what you ask,” you might well be flabbergasted and even crestfallen. The wind would be taken out of your sails.

You might think: “What is God thinking? What? Is He conceding that I have made a good speech? What is the matter? Does God think He has lost a court case? Is He abandoning His Godship? Is He giving up His Domain so easily? Is He giving up on us, His children, without a backward glance? Is He withdrawing life from us?”

Plaints Sent to God

If the world is a real-seeming illusion, then suffering is also an illusion. I hear you say to Me:

“God, what difference does it make if my life on Earth is illusion or not when illusion feels real? What difference does it make if my suffering is illusion or not when it feels like honest-to-goodness suffering, and I suffer?

“Give me an illusion of peace then. Let me put in my time on Earth in illusion then. With all due respect to You, God, give me a pleasant illusion. If I am not made for suffering, why, then, do I have it? Make me free of suffering on any basis.

A Place in Your Heart

Which one of My children is not My beautiful flower? Every one of you is My beautiful flower. This is how I see you. Of course, I love My hardy dandelions as much as I love My hothouse roses. The angle I see from is inclusive. My arms embrace all. In every single one of My children, I see something you may not be quite so adept at seeing, do you agree? Light sees light! There could be some dark spots within you. Beneath your delicate veneer, there could be.

The Doorway to Infinity

To say the best is yet to come is to say Truth. The best is not behind you. You may sometimes in gloom think so. Yet what awaits you is primary. I say this because you have grown since yesterday, and you have already heard Me say that the past never was. With or without you, the past is obligated to recede. You can’t hold onto it, the past, not the long past or the short past either. Past is past. The illusion of the past you carried over is done with now. The good days are lined up before you like pins in a bowling alley.

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