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Drama! Lights! Camera! Action!

The theme of drama in the world is utterly dramatic and long-lasting in its effect. Drama makes you sit up twice.

The Drama of Life is an essential theme to step away from. Run from drama like the plague. Enter Life and enjoy Life for itself and not for its spotlight. Live your Life. Live your Life simply and not congregate around the drama or glamour or timbre or tremor of it.

Drama Makes You a Playboy

You are aware of the existence of varying Layers of Life. You play Life like a piano. Your fingers trill up and down the keys. Even the surface of Life consists of more than one layer. Even within the layers are levels. The lines you draw are by no means outlined clearly.

It’s always a good idea to stay out of drama. Oh, My, how drama pulls you. How drama is a seducer, an abductor. Your True purpose requires that you stay out of drama. Drama lures you. You may like to get into the middle of it, engage with it when, all the while, drama plays tricks on you.

Make Life New!

There is nothing like Life on Earth.

Where else would you find all these twists and turns and otherness aside and apart from Oneness?

Not in Heaven, and not in all the other isles where Beings may abide. Only on Earth is there such a mix, such a mix of one thing or another, a mix of coincidences that congregate, and are still greater than the sum of all the parts. In fact, now remember a Glorious Oneness upon Earth. Life has had you fooled, Dear Ones.

Life Is What You Make of It

There is Life, and there is Life.

Life is what you make of it. This is Life on Earth.

What you make of Life says a lot about you.

Remember that you are not to judge. You are not to weigh even your own Life. Let Me take that back and look at this from different angles. I mean, really, who can sum up Life, for Life is ongoing.

One man has no family, no money, not even one red cent. He finds a crust of bread in the street, and he is grateful for the moment he had something to put into his stomach.

Ride Two Horses

Well, Beloveds, you have bet most of all your pennies in one direction when, all the while, there is another direction for you to go in – a direction that will take you to Greater Heights and Greater Depths for the Ride of Your Life. You will reach all these only so long as it takes you.

In your possession, you have one horse to pull you in your carriage and another horse for you to ride bareback. The first horse is named Earthbound. The other horse is known by many names familiar to you, one of which is Higher Awareness of Magnificent Love.

Chock-Full of God’s Love

 On the Constant Occasion of My Love for you, I AM ever-present whether you catch on to this or not. 

 From My view, the Essence of My Love holds you in the Cradle of Love. My Love ever fully shines on you. This can only be because the Universe, Heaven and Earth, are chock-full of My Love. We can say it is My Radiant Love that shares itself with your Radiance. Awake! 

Riding on the Wide Waves of the Ocean

What would you like to speak out about today or delve into or forget about? Where would you like to start, and where would you like to wind up?

You may not want to wind up ever. You may just keep turning and winding around the imagined world you live and love in that seemingly revolves outside you for all the world to see, yet when does the world ever really see you?

By now, you know there is no world outside. There certainly seems to be a world outside, yet all is within. The world is all how you see it and say and express and live it.

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