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Doubt Leaves You in the Middle of a Forest

A great nagger in the world is Doubt. Doubt wears many faces. Doubt brings a whole array with it. Insecurity. Confusion. Conviction of whatever. Fatigue. Anger. Dismay. Dissatisfaction. Worry!

Beloveds, there may be no right decision. There also may be no wrong decision. Life is an experiment, remember?

What is doubt but wishy-washiness? Doubt likes to see you under its spell.

Doubt pummels you. Doubt is a wrestler, a boxer, a bully. Doubt undercuts you. Doubt ties your shoelaces together. It ties you up in knots. Doubt as a way of life is an error.

In the Story of the World

This will pass. Whatever it is, this is the truth in the world. The world is passing right before your eyes. This is how it is.

Procrastination is passing right now. Can procrastination last forever? What is happening is that your world is being turned upside down. It is like you have been thrown up into the air, and you haven’t quite landed yet. What does this mean? It means you are losing boundaries. You are becoming unbounded. You are gaining unboundedness. You are in the middle or muddle of freedom.

Make a Beautiful World Out There

What is all this about the so-called old that makes limitations seem to be foregone conclusions? Old age seems to have a narrow range of prediction, well, predicted only as… old.

A Moving Star

Would you like a Heavenletter today? Here it is. I give it to you. Every Heavenletter is a little poke. Heavenletters beckon you into the realms of your DNA. DNA seems like your past all set, yet your inheritance moves you forward. Ultimately, your DNA is Mine. Whatever details it may contain, your DNA is My say-so, for you and I share DNA. Your DNA is not a fixed star. It is a moving star. Your DNA has no bounds. You dance to the tune of your DNA, yet your DNA dances to the tune of your Heart’s Longings.

Let’s have a lovelier name for DNA.

This Is Wisdom – to Laugh!

Have you noticed that sometimes wisdom comes from those you might call fools? Being a fool is not always such an errant thing. Everyone should be a fool at sometime or another in his or her life. Be a fool, and laugh about it. This is wisdom.

Of course, everyone’s definition of fool is not the same. Someone who takes advantage of another thinks the one taken advantage of is the fool. I see it differently. There may be a fool in a particular situation, and there may be a fool who is a trickster in the whole range of his life. On whom would you rely? The identified fool or the clever one?

The Light of the Ocean

It is good just to be with Me. What more do you want?

We do not have to talk. We do not have to think, for We also exist beyond thought. There is nothing you have to do but come to Me. Welcome yourself to Me. Come to Me in your awareness. This is not an act that you initiate. This happens of itself. This will most certainly come of itself.

To Your Delight and Surprise

You do know that there is more to you than you can at present picture or acknowledge. At the same time, there are moments when you do get a glimpse of yourself as a special Being.

I am not speaking of egocentric moments or hours.

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