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Like a Thousand Stars

Feeling sorry for yourself supports the idea of being a victim. There is more to life than being a victor or a victim. One of two ways is not the way to look at life. Life is not a question of Mine or thine. Life is not a question of kill or be killed. Life is not a question of right or wrong. Life usually isn’t so clear as a Yes or a No. Alas, what are opposites but judgment whether of another or yourself? There is no scale sensitive enough to weigh wonderfulness or lack of wonderfulness.

Out of the Past

Many times I have said that everyone is you, and you are everyone. You are the Great and you are the small. You are the Princes, and you are the rascals. You are the Mighty and you are the weak. Whatever there is in the world, it is you – an aspect of you yourself. Physicality exists outside you, yet every Being is you. You are the lion, and you are the lamb.

Life Is a Flowing River

Sometimes life is like riding a wave. You are a surfer in life. You choose, yet it is not all your choice. You choose to plunge into the Ocean Deep, yet how big is a particular wave and how you ride is something you find out. Sometimes you ride a perfect wave, and sometimes you swallow water.

You might say that there is a foregone conclusion, and yet the conclusion is not a sure thing to you nor is it necessarily the conclusion you desire. From your perception, life is definitely not a sure thing. Where you will end up, nobody knows.

An Everyday Kind of God

Be a blessing to yourself. Make the world easy and brilliant for you today. Truly, make every day a day of rest.

As it is, you seldom make Sunday a day of rest. Perhaps We want to define rest. Here it is:

Resting means letting go.

You know you could sit in an easy chair with your feet up, yet that doesn’t mean you are resting. You could be very anxious. What kind of rest is that? You can go to work and be anxious. You don’t require Sundays for anxiety and worry. You can engage in anxiety and worry any day of the week.

Rest is letting go tenseness.

What is a Leader?

Today We talk about what it is to be a leader. First of all, everyone is a leader, and that means you. What is a leader? A leader inspires. He appreciates. He encourages. He uplifts. He sets an example. A leader, by example, straightens his backbone, and straightens others’ backbones as well. A leader lifts his head and his heart, and others do the same.

If you are an employer, you are a leader. If you are an employee, you are also a leader. All of My children are way-showers.

Wake Up. Wake Up Now

I would like to think of something that would make you sit up and laugh. I would like to say something that would make you get out of the old molds you have been fitting into. I would like to wake you up to a new world.

Beautiful life on Earth has had a bad rap. It has been called a world of suffering. The thing is the world can be anything that you choose to think of it.

The Sea of Your Eyes

If you and I, the One of Us, did not have language describe the apparent you, I would draw pictures of My concept of Myself in the form of you. What would I draw of Myself as the illusion of you? Would I draw you as a rose, a primrose, or a cabbage rose? Or would I draw you, the manifestation of Me, as one petal or one leaf, or one drop of dew?

Would I draw you as an acorn or a 100-year old oak tree in its phases? If oak, would I draw you in autumn and paint you in bright autumn colors or more muted colors or in summer fullness with green leaves sparkling in the Sun?

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