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You Fear Falling from Grace

There are different kinds of fear. Rather, there are different excuses for fear. This is not to say that fear is not frightful. Living with fear is like being on the edge of a cliff, and you tremble. You have fear of fear -- fear of what fear will throw at you next.

There are ego-based fears, like fear of what others may think of you, such as fear of losing your reputation, or fear of not living up to your reputation. Fear of being rejected is ego-based, as if you have to "win" in order to survive. Yes, you have fear of falling from grace.

Life ta ta – ta ta -- ta dum!

Universal Child of My Heart, you ask Me about this fright that is stuck in your heart.

You ask Me: "What is this panic? Am I paralyzed, frozen? I am struck with fear as if I row the Boat of Life. My heart feels for those who have Real Problems whereas I am inveigled by fear and terror of days when I do not love, and I do not feel loved and where love seems not."

I say to you:

Dreamer of the Dream II

Do you believe Me? I am asking you if you believe Me, not do you believe in Me? It may be easier for you to believe in Me than to believe what I say.

Do you believe that you may be actively living in Greater Dimensions and still be speaking from the 3rd Dimension? You could be behind the times in such an area where it counts so much. Why would you delay yourself when you could be speaking from the 5th Dimension as well as anyone? Get on with it.

Dreamer of the Dream I

One of My refrains is: Get out of the past. Let go of the past. Slip by the past.

The past, which never existed, is not a place nor is it a time where you can really be. You can only masquerade there. Look, it is all a dream anyway. Oh, yes, very real to you, who art the Dreamer of the Dream.

The Value of Life Is in the Joy of It!

When are you in your element? There is something constructive that you like to do. You may not see that this activity has a particular meaning in your life. You don't see it as having any future for you. Never mind. You don't have to think at all from a profit motive. It is enough that an activity is something you like. You don't know what will grow from a seeming nothing. This is following your heart. This is exploring life!

Into the Sunshine

Come back to where your heart is. Do not leave your heart dangling. People may leave you dangling, yet you are not to do that to your heart. Never obscure your heart. Your heart is a signpost for you.

Follow your heart. If you are a farmer, you feed your goats one way and your chickens another. You take care of all that which belongs to you. You have One Heart.

The Focus of Your Energy

That which is good for you in Life is sure to be simple. There are simple pleasures that go far.

Whatever the day looks like, know that the day, this day, is beautiful. This way you can allow yourself to be surrounded with beauty all day, why not?

Energy itself is beautiful. Energy exists. Tremendous energy exists. Light is energy, and you exhibit great energy and light. Even when you feel tired, great energy and light radiate around you. We are speaking of pure energy, energy more powerful than you are able to imagine. Your energy is not less powerful than the Ocean Tide.

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