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Truth Is a Great Gift

Has it not been a gift for you to see a blue sky as well a night blue sky sparkling with stars and hope? How about leaves on trees changing colors and appearing and later disappearing? And what about babies so innocent and powerful and so aware of their needs and knowing that their needs will be filled!

You live in a great miracle of life that is not to be overlooked.

What Is Life Supposed to Be Anyway?

You know, it is fine to sort things out in your mind, yet you also have to know that everything in life is not here for you to organize. Life isn’t accounting that follows a certain format. Life isn't like that. The way Life plays out is how it’s supposed to play out. You are part of a plan bigger than you imagine.

Life in the world does not usually follow a straight line. Life in the world more often than not goes every which way, and you don’t know what this Life is going to give you until it has cast itself before you.

An Infinitesimal Something

What do you want? What do you truly want? Whatever it is that you crave, even its fulfillment is not quite enough for you. There is an infinitesimal something missing in your life. You don’t quite know what it is. You don’t have it yet. Sometimes you feel that you will never have it, that missing something.

Let Your Eyes Be Loving

What is important to you simply may not be important to someone else. What is important to someone else may simply not be important to you. This is what life in the world seems to be about -- all these contrasts and even contradictions.

Someone loves fishing. You may not be someone who would like to put a worm on a hook, nor would you take joy in catching a fish. Who is to say you must or must not like worms or fishing?

Your Life from Its Highest Branch

As natural as life is, life often feels strange to you.

There is an old song called Stranger in Paradise. Stranger in Paradise is not the Truth of you. You are no stranger to paradise. You are a stranger on Earth. Paradise is plenty familiar to you. And, yet, here you are with a role to play for a while on Earth.

In truth, you are not a Stranger on Earth either. Everyone you meet, you already know. You don’t consciously remember. Nevertheless, you react.

Waiting for the World to Serve You Tea and Crumpets

If you cannot accept that you create your Life, perhaps you can accept that you contribute to your Life in the Process. Your thoughts speak for you. You may expect your Life to change while you stay the same. By and large, like it or not, you mastermind your life.

You would prefer not to accept this idea. You prefer to stay an innocent party. That’s just what you are, beloved, an innocent party. You don’t see and don’t want to see that you carry at least some responsibility for your life.

I’ve said these two points before in a hundred ways:

What Is in Your Heart?

I could ask you, What is on your mind?

I will ask you, What is in your heart?

What means the most to you in the realms of your inner heart? This is something for you to know. You may have been avoiding this area all your life. We well know your answer has something to do with love. It may well have all to do with love.

Perhaps you feel you have gotten your full share of love. You may well not have received all the love you deserve and should have had. What do you do about it now?

Here is the answer: You give as much love as you possibly can.

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