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The New Series from God starting January 21st 2018.

A Secret to Happiness

Do you want to be happy? I never knew anyone who didn’t. Wanna know One Secret to Happiness for happiness? A Trigger to set off Happiness?

Don’t be disappointed when you see it. There is more than one secret to everything. In any case, if your happiness quotient seems to be dragging its feet, try this out:

Anticipate happiness.

Look for happiness around every corner.

See happiness.

Be happiness.

Go ahead and hug happiness to you.

Thy Name Is Stillness

Beloved, I put My Arms around you to hold you in place. To you, sometimes, unboundedness is akin to flying around in outer space.

You kinda yearn for railings to hold onto, walls to touch, something for your feet to abut on. Even as you crave all the freedom in the world, you feel wobbly without a base to stand on. How you want to be unbound, and then how lost you feel in outer space and away from the illusion of security that being glued to Earth does hand to you. You are grateful and ungrateful at the same time.

This is Our Covenant

Sometimes you wonder: Is Life just for a laugh? You’ve heard the expression – cosmic joke. This must be associated with time, comme ci, comme ça. What is Life, then, after all?

Beloveds, you know that sometimes you bend over in laughter and sometimes you can’t even smile. Surely, you know that Happiness exists.

You call out to Me: “Dear God, please let Happiness be True.”

And yet you ponder. You ask Me in the Silence of yourself:

Meandering in Life

Beloveds, where do you meander today? Do you you go along as you hear the Sun call to you or the birds sing to you, or the spheres of the Universe, or are you led by the Stars or by the singing of the Sirens, or you know not where or how you are called?

Do you follow a momentum already begun? Do you just take off as a puppy might and race through the fields? Wherever the scents lead you, you are glad.

Today leads you somewhere. If you are an eagle high in a nest, you don’t worry about falling off a cliff or making a wrong turn.

When Flowers Bloom

Beloveds, you may think that all it would take to make you happy is to have every single desire of yours fulfilled daily. As yet, alas, not even in a million years, has this been proven True.

Courteous servants may be lined up every morning before you with all kinds of delicacies prepared for you to nibble on throughout the day.

You feel full at the moment -- so of what value are all the treats to you then?

Nevertheless, you have the appetite to answer all the lovely questions the servants have in store for you, such as:

Pass Your gifts on Right Away

Alas, Beloveds, you may have a tendency to rue some of what you say as well as rue words that did not even occur to you to say. And, if you had thought of it, you may have missed the deadline.

Perhaps the person you want to say the words to has left Earth by now. Now you can only whisper to yourself as the Sun is setting, and you wonder where are the Days of Yesteryear.

You may well have glossed over your Heart at the time. Which is better or which is worse, to have not thought of a kind act in the first place, or to keep playing the same sad song over and over again?

We are One not two

Hello, Dear Ones of Mine, here’s My question to you first thing in the morning. Do you know how you feel as yet today? What will your answer be to My question about how you feel today? What do you think?

Well, Dears, there is a distinction to make between how you feel and how you are. We have two questions here and two different answers:

One question is: How does Life feel to you or seem to you to be like at this given moment? How has your morning been so far?

And, so, you might answer in this vein:

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