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Life Comes to You in Many Guises

In life in the world, you often feel that you are on the scrimmage line. You feel you are being put to a test, right and left. As if life were an audition while you have already been chosen for the part. You chose yourself.

When you look back, you will come to see that experiences you saw as misadventure did bring you glad tidings.

The Realms of Sunshine

From the minute baby birds crack their shells and are hatched, their every need is taken care of. Then comes the day that the fledglings are dropped from their nests and must soar on their own. This is a natural event.

And now, about you, you probably just naturally evolved from your nest, and have been on your seeming own for sometime now. I say seeming own because Our ties are very great. Our ties is an expression of the world. It is really Our Oneness that is very great.

The Days When Love Filled Your Heart

Perhaps you ask too much of love. You want love to be your servant. Beloveds, you are love’s proponent. You are the messenger of God’s Love, and so you are to serve love.

In one way, love is the most important factor of life, and you have been disappointed in love because of all you bet on it. Your great romances didn’t come through. You see each love as past and each past love as having left you bereft. Love did not stay. A loved one did not stay. True love in this lifetime did not come true for you. Love seems to you to be for other people and not for you.

All That Which Is Beyond Thought

Thoughts are throw-a-ways. This is the nature of thoughts – here today, gone tomorrow. There is no saving or filing away all the thoughts you run through even in one afternoon.

The Life You Lead Is Your Reaction to Life

Sometimes you feel that a change in your life, a relationship cut short by death or by life - like losing your job, or becoming ill and so forth is equivalent to the end of the world. You take it hard. Death is not the end of the world. A tornado is not the end of the world. Nothing is the end of the world. A phase in life has changed. A phase in life is always changing. This IS the world.

You have a solid base, yet you may waver all over the place. You feel you are riding on a roller coaster while you are actually riding on a silent escalator.

Love Finds a Way

Love is not an action. Love may be expressed through action, yet love is not something you do. Love is an impetus toward action. Love is reaching out. Love is wanting to connect to another aspect of yourself. Love is not a concrete thing. It is an essence. Essence desires expression.

A new toy may make you feel love, both the giving and receiving of a new toy. A new toy may move your heart and touch you and open your heart. In any case, you are glad and grateful for a new toy. In addition to the new toy is the love that accompanies the new toy.

The Beings God Made

It helps the Universe when you do not take happenings in life as an estimation of your worth. Because you do not win a prize you so desired does not mean you are less. Results in life are not to be viewed as your report card.

How many gifts you receive from Santa Claus at Christmas isn’t a scale that tells you that you have been good or bad. Do not believe this for one minute.

That you did not win the lottery yesterday means only this: You did not win the lottery yesterday. And, if today, you win the lottery, the meaning is simply: You won the lottery today.

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