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The New Series from God starting January 21st 2018.

Radiate Love

Beloved, My Beautiful Beloved. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about the splendor of love deep and wide in the One Heart of Existence. I hold you in the Highest. This is a given. My joy and your joy are here to radiate equally in expression. Who are you if you are not I? Who am I if I am not you? Oneness is to behold and to look like waves in the ocean.

Love on the Rise

Beloved, peace is not something that reaches you from outside exclusively. Peace arises from within. Antimony is also something that may well rise up from within you. Alas, when you are angry, you own the anger.

Whose Life is This?

Beloved, from Heaven, you came to Earth. You have been on an adventure day and night, awake and asleep. You sure haven’t been stuck in one place. We, you and I as One, dance through the horizon, and We dance for joy. You and I swing as One. We dance non-stop with exhilaration. Our One Heart dances to beat the band and to elevate Earth.

“God, I ask you: You know the extent to which I can leap? Why do the imagined others in the world seem to know what I should do and believe, and they know limits to set on me and where to skip over me?

“When I say I require help, I will ask.

Peace to All Hearts

Beloved, I know that you would like to make life on Earth beautiful for all if you could.

Life runs of its own accord. You do not have the freedom to order life around.

Naturally, you prefer life one way or another. Another day, you may prefer life again to change its position. You have a hard time making up your mind.

Tell Me, Beloved, whom would you rather move the chessmen around in the world in preference to Me? Of course, you know what you like and all that you don’t – very clearly after the fact.

Win or Lose, Love Anyway

Beloved, if you are estranged from love, you are estranged from Yourself. If I say you are One with Me, you are One with Me. Recognize the Oneness you are. Return to Oneness with confidence. Stand up with Me, for Oneness is. This is the long and the short of it. Oneness reigns.

Look Toward the Sun

Beloved, who does not prefer the Sun to shine? Look toward the Sun. Seeds plant themselves. Flowers don’t have to grow in greenhouses, and you do not require special protection. I would like to write an Ode to Safety. Not everyone dares to high-step it in the world.

Make Merry!

Beloved, how you want Godspeed. You urge it on. How you want to grow, and how you may feel you lag, and how eager you are to do cartwheels to please Me. You want, with all your heart, to extricate yourself from the past that holds you tight. You want to leap ahead, yet something deep within you seems to hold you back. You almost step across the ocean, and then you stop to think.

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