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Like Godwriting, Love

There is only one thing that you can know, really know, and that is love. Love is the only thing you can really know because it is the only real. Love is the binder of the Universe. Love upholds everything. There would not be gravity on Earth without love. Not one flower would bloom without love. The sun would not shine. Even through what are called hard times on Earth, flowers bloom and sun shines. The tide keeps its tempo. The Earth lifts its head and proclaims love. Love does not stay to itself. Love is the nourisher of Life on Earth. Love is IT. What else is?

An Artist of Life

No one likes to be wrong, and no one likes to admit he is wrong. Substitute the word mistaken. Mistaken is a little easier to swallow. Being mistaken is part of life, and so you grow. In this way, you can be glad you made a mistake, for through such errors, you grow. Do you like making mistakes? Not at all. And yet you grow, and so you climb another rung in the ladder of life.
A time will come when you are much less mistaken and come from understanding more.

Life Teaches

You wonder how you can read so many Heavenletters and grow to understand so much and profit from it, and, then, boom, once again, you find yourself angry or upset, with someone, even with yourself. You understand peace. You grasp it. You grasp everything I say, and you believe it, and you want to live it always. You knew progress wouldn’t be overnight, and, yet, you made great progress, and, then, all of a sudden, it seems like your progress goes poof.
When you are upset, where is your progress then?

The Sun Reflected on a Wall

Life is full of beginnings. Beginnings are new. As seen in the world, for there to be beginnings, there must be endings. From your view, that’s how there is room for change. Too often, change is seen as unfortunate. There is much you would keep the same, if you could. Obviously, you cannot. Beneath all the change you see and feel and, perhaps, mourn, there is a rock-solid stability. Oh, yes, the surface may be shaken. The surface may go up and down, and, yet, the surface is not a measure to go by.

The World Is a Field in Which You Move

When your heart craves upliftment, uplift yourself. When you require a hand up, give yourself a hand-up. When you feel blue, use a different crayon. You are not a leaf dependent upon the wind to move it. The wind may blow, yet you are your own mover.

You Cannot Know Life by Its Cover

Sometimes it is hard for you to trust. Sometimes, this is even so when it comes to Me. You may in theory consider Me all-knowing. Certainly you would call Me omniscient and omnipresent and so forth. Yes, you would. You probably would. Yet, when it comes to a specific incident in your life, you are not so sure that I know anything at all.

Life Is Always before You

There is life, and you roll along in it. You roll along on a smooth terrain or rough terrain. Always, you are rolling along in life.
You are you irrelevant of the conditions surrounding you. Conditions just ARE – you would agree with that, wouldn’t you? And you, greater than conditions, also ARE. The sights you see along the way are lovely or not so lovely. In any case, you are rolling right along.

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