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What If Every Outcome Blesses You?

What limits you?

You do.

Ultimately, it is you yourself. Only you. One way or another, it is you. You are the inceptor. Whatever parts others in your Life may play, you are the one who makes the catch and creates a masterful feat or a bust and whatever else you may size up in between.

Credit yourself for where you land. You don’t have to credit others so much as you may. Don’t blame others so much either.

Be a New Moonbeam

Stay out of the mud.

Refrain from gossip. Your purpose isn’t to toss around words about others rapturously with glee while you put them down. This is not a high vibration whatsoever. Not a high vibration at all. You won’t hear me giving you any such instructions to cast anyone down. Only smallness would make you do this.

Gossip is a long-held paltry subject. Whole magazines are filled with gossip. Fill your heart and mind with merit and not gossip.

You have a whole Life ahead of you.

Gossip isn’t your business.

Infringing in others’ lives isn’t your business.

Sê um Novo Raio de Luar

Fica fora da lama.

Evita fofocas. O teu propósito não é atirar por aí, descuidadamente, palavras acerca dos outros, entusiasticamente, com alegria, enquanto os rebaixas. Seja o que for, esta não é uma alta vibração. Não é, de todo, uma alta vibração. Não irás ouvir-me dar-te algumas instruções para acabares com alguém. Apenas a pequenez poderia obrigar-te fazer tal coisa.
A fofoca é,de longa data, um assunto sem valor. Revistas inteiras são preenchidas com fofocas. Preenche o teu coração e mente com virtude e não com fofoca.

In a Moment of Sunlight

Be on your way to letting go of the idea of evening up Life and its Events. Beloveds, there is no disciplining Life in the way you look at it. Life as it appears is captured in a moment of Sun Light and reveals itself.

Life is organic and free range. Life has access everywhere. The way you see it, Life is to have some bounds according to your desire. You will be millenniums ahead when you give Life the freedom and blessing to be what it is when it is.

By the Streams of Sweet Waters

I hear you say, or even flaunt:

“God, I would lie down by green pastures. I would lie down by still waters. I would – absolutely -- if I knew where to find green pastures and still waters. Where are they? If I could see them, I would eagerly lie down by them.

Choose Peace

When you are in tumult and you feel urgency, consider saying: “I’d like to think this through and get back to you this afternoon.” How about responding rather than reacting?

When you react, you are in what is sometimes referred to as a “Godawful hurry!”

When you are in a panic -- panic always has the better of you -- give yourself some of this imagined time to withdraw. Take a walk. Go into the woods. Give your heartbeat a chance to slow down.

Like the Water

Dear Ones, naturally, you want Life to be amenable, easy-going, always on tap. Life is not meant to be in a furor. And so, may you be like the water.

Water has great power. It has great content. Water is for all. At the same time as you can measure it and fill containers with it and drink it and heal all that may ail you, the Value of Water is immeasurable. The Great Power of Water gently turns boulders into sandy beaches, a grain of sand at a time. Plentiful and bountiful is water like dew to replenish you.

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