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What Does Your Heart Say?

Yes, of course, it makes a difference where you sit. From where you sit, you see. Sit on the floor, and you have one view. Sit on stool at a counter, you have a different view. Sit outside on the deck at night, and you can see the stars.

I am trying to say that often you sit where your intellect is and perhaps less often where your heart is. There is really one place for you to sit and go by, and that is in your heart. The question to ask is: What does my heart say?

Maybe You Don’t Have to Understand

Love can do anything. Love can work miracles.

You may think:

Be Happy to Be Alive

You want to be thoughtful and not thoughtless at the same time as you keep your head from being overloaded with thoughts. Overloaded with thoughts, you probably aren’t getting anywhere. One thought at a time. Maybe some people can juggle many thoughts and juggle many actions as well, or so it seems. I’m inclined to think that you may not be one of these. You may do best eating one food at a time even as there may be many foods on your plate.

All can be done in its turn.

Although there is gravity in the world, you are not meant to be grave.

Peace, Love and Vastness

Open your heart to Me, and how happy We shall be. Have an open door policy with Me. No balustrades between Us. The only barriers there could possibly be conceived between Us are imaginary ones, and I cannot even imagine. You are good at imagining, however, for whatever purpose or no purpose at all. Certainly limits between Us serve no wanted purpose or service. Who would ever want to keep Us apart even for a moment or an inch?

And for what Earthly reason would you? There have been so many stories about Me, and so, presumably for safety’s sakes, you put an escape clause between Us.

The Avenue of the Present

What if the Universe is slanted in your favor? This is the premise to start from. Otherwise, you carry a heavy weight -- the idea that the Universe has to prove itself to you. Start off as a friend to the Universe. Truly, the Universe is not out to get you.

The Universe and I are pulling you along in the Bright Light of the Sun and to the Bright Light of the Sun and all that goes with Bright Light. Have you thought otherwise? Have you perhaps thought you were lost in a forest somewhere or in a barren desert? Would you really be so foolish as to think that?

Know Yourself as Happiness

You may love solitude because, with just you and Me, you have a break. With Me, you don’t have to talk. When you and I talk together, you know what you mean to say and become clearer. We just are. We speak in Oneness. You may love just to be, just to be One with Me, which is to say, One with your Self. It is simplicity itself, Our being together and out of the parade that passes by that you don’t always want to march in. With Me, you are in My Light, yet you are, so to speak, away from the betting tables.

Say You Will

Inasmuch as life does not stay the same, it will be good for you to lean toward what makes you happy. Although thoughts of how badly life has treated you may give you some sense of vindication, such thoughts do not lift you to happiness. By and large, the more belly-aching you do, the more belly-aching you will continue to do. You play a losing game. However, the more you focus on what makes you happy, the more happiness will be yours.

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