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A Tale Is Spun

Of what can you have been made but of My love? How else could you have been sculpted? You were made of My Infinite Love, each person hand-drawn through My Infinite Wisdom. Not a line in your face is for naught. Not an eyebrow, not a cheek, not a chin, not a neck. We can say I wrapped you into life in the world around My little finger, and so you are forever Mine. I created you of Myself. Am I Mine or am I yours? And what is the difference? We are one Indefinable Light in the Universe and in Heaven too. We are Light. You see demarcation between your light and Mine where there is none.

How to Come Closer to God

I talk to you, and you listen. And I would like you to talk to Me as well. Just tell Me what’s going on in your heart. Think of Me as your next-door neighbor that you have coffee with every day, or as your best friend, for, of course, I am your Best Friend. When all is said and done, I am your Best Friend. Of course, I already know everything that is going on with you. I know your heart. I reside in your heart. I know your aches and pains. Yet what I know is not the point. Your talking to Me is the point.


God said, God said, God said, every Heavenletter begins with My saying that I am an ultimate Authority. I will not deny it, yet the word authority falls short, for you are also an authority. Close your eyes and let go of the static you surround yourself with, for a minute, and divine Me within you. In any case, you are your own authority. This is obvious. Correct or not, you are your own authority, yet correctness, whatever that means, is not the whole story. You are writing your own story. You don’t have your story all figured out yet. You can go left. You can go right.

Life Is a Story-Teller

To each his own on one level makes sense. Individuality exists. Individuality abounds. It is perceived in the world of perception. You couldn’t dream up all the amazing differences between people. No two are alike. Twins share similarities, and they also are emblazoned in uniqueness. From this individuality arise all the stories in life, the comedies and so-called tragedies. I say so-called tragedies so you will take a balanced eye in your view of life on Earth. I don’t want you to think of life on Earth as a battering ram. Life is not out to get you.

A Wild Rose

Give Me your burdens. Hand them over. Do you really want them? My shoulders are broad. Burdens of yours weigh nothing with Me. And that is what burdens are worth -- nothing. Indeed, they may lie heavily on you, yet they do not weigh Me down. Burdens are burdens only by virtue of your perception. They are nothing at all. Your perception is mis-aligned, regardless of what the world declares. Burdens are not desirable. They are not a status symbol. Hand your burdens to Me, and I put them in the burden-washer. Your burdens come out squeaky-clean.

The Glory of Love in Heaven

To all a good day. May you have a fine day today, a delightful day, a loving day, a day that blesses and enlivens you, a day to look forward to, a day to love through rather than live through. A day where you get going, and a day where you pause, a day to enter into, and a day to let pass. Today cannot be a day like any other day, for each day is given its full measure. No two days are alike, not even to the weatherman.

All That Cannot Be Described

Breathe Me in. With every breath, know you are breathing Me in, for am I not Everything? Am I not the air? If I am the Source of All, I am the Source of Everything and you. Everything meets at the corner with Me. In fact, We don’t meet. We are already met. What can the meaning of Oneness be but that We are One and not more. There really is no meeting, for the meeting was called from the very beginning of Creation.
It can be said that We cannot embrace for We are always in the middle of an embrace. Of course, Oneness is an embrace.

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