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God Has a Dream for You

When you feel unhappy, which you tend to do, look at something that makes you happy. Unhappiness is too often dwelled on. There is no point in keeping yourself locked into less than happiness. It is not at all your duty to stay unhappy as though unhappiness makes you worthy or perhaps a deeper soul. You are not wonderful to be laden with unhappiness and rue. No matter how riddled with unhappiness you may feel, it is unwise to hold onto it. Regardless of how justified you may believe you are to be unhappy, it behooves you to let go of all the symptoms you parade around with.  

How Lovely Is the Created World with You in It

You are a blessing to the Universe and to Me. I count on you. You are a desirable actor on the stage of life. At the same time, you are not essential to the revolving of the gears of the Universe. Everything is as it is meant to be. Everything continues. You play a part. You play an essential part while you do. In relative life, when you are no longer present, everything goes forward without you just the same. Your essentialness is necessary only for a while, and that’s how it is. Your worthiness is not in dispute.

Great Beauty and Kindness and Wisdom Will Blossom

What if it is really true that everything that happens, regardless of what it looks like to you or looks like to the whole world, is the right thing to happen? No matter how you are unable to see it, no matter how dire it all may look to you, there is truly good that will come from any and every event you presently protest.
Somewhere down the line, there will be unfolding of goodness from it. Sooner or later, good rises from a happening that you presently see as amply tragic.

Your Native Land

You like to think that you are independent. You may be feisty. You may be many things, yet independent is not one of them. When everyone is connected, you are interdependent just as in a fire brigade, the pails of water are passed on. In a sense, you, personally, don’t really exist. You are far more than a pair of arms that pass on the pail of water, yet you are part of an extraordinary interdependence.
And the world at large depends upon you.

The Questions You Ask

As a human being in the world, refrain from asking yourself every day: “Am I happy today? How happy am I today? How unhappy am I today?” Asking yourself for a report card of your happiness is an invitation to unhappiness.
Go about your work and your life and take happiness as your due. Your happiness is not in question unless you debate it.
You do not wake up every morning and ask yourself if you are alive. It is a good assumption that you are alive.

A Choice You Made in a Far-distant Land

Certainly, you may feel that life is foisted upon you. No one on Earth would ever possibly choose some of what life brings, and, yet, there is an aspect of you that has chosen it. This is hard if not impossible for you to grasp. Of course, you would not choose it consciously, yet, somewhere, somehow, you invited it.

If Your Light Were Really Seen…

Beloveds, sometimes it is true that no one understands you. Even friends, even good friends, see only a fraction of you, or even mis-see. Everyone has a partial picture of you. No one knows you as well as I do.
People may think they know you and know you well, yet there is far more to you than the picture people see. People may even think they know you before they have laid eyes on you.

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