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Beyond Daily Life

Beloved, make life easier for you and all those near you as well as those who are said to be far away from you in time or space, neither of which exist except in illusion. Of course, illusion can only appear to be seen, or it wouldn’t be illusion.

Personally and superficially, you seem to exist as if in a body. In earth terms, that which is not seen, such as soul, you cannot draw with pen and ink.

Nevertheless, souls are Infinitely sensed and Infinitely known to be true. Very young children who are just learning to speak have a sense of awe as soon as they hear the word God, as if they can tell that the written word God deserves to be capitalized. Children also catch the meaning of the word death as it is thought of on Earth.

You, too, understand that all Human Beings share the One World and the Heavens, Earth, and the air and soil and water, as if the Earth, light, the elements, the sky itself, Middle Earth and the Sun, Moon, and Stars – as if everything is Infinite Vast Consciousness and that you tip your hat to all with pleasure. How do you understand this without the words to say it in? You just do. You catch on.

The same way it all rings true to you that all Beings are dreamers and seekers, that all seek to join and recognize their Union with God, and all that which life encompasses in your Awareness of Soul and your extended inborn desire to be great and to recognize all to be great, to reach the height of Heaven, to also be recognized by God and to recognize God in all, to clasp God’s hand, and be blessed by God and to recognize that all men and women are divinely joined as brothers and sisters who share one family and one Infinite love.

What are you here on Earth for unless to awaken to joy and to deliver joy in every heart you are blessed to come near? Every heart you meet, you are destined to meet the way the sun meets the day, to deliver the sky and the Sun to each other. Value the Heart, the Magnificence Heart.

The Heart is the Flame. The mind is a bookkeeper.

Your heart is here to give the mind reason for Being. The Heart, in Our case, is metaphorical. A big heart and eyes, the light of life has One Universe at Our disposal.

And music, music, music, and dance and dance. Beat the drums. What majesty is this world We live in! The world is greater than you may accept and give it credit regardless of its misperceptions and arguments and other sundry ways of wasting time.

At the same time, something great is going on. All the beauty of nature and the fact that babies are born and are born with love and are loved and are dependent and then grow beyond dependence.

And no matter how bedraggled the world may appear, you have a world, and you live in it. Somehow you got here in this world that is also beautiful beyond words. Everything seems to be a miracle, even when some miracles seem like mistakes. You live in a world where anything can happen, where it is even arranged for you to leave this world, often taken unawares.

It is bespoken that you get out alive and dropped off in Heaven. Well, why not?

Now you release attachment. Now you are once again a rose in bloom forevermore as you always were and didn’t quite see beyond an old vision of daily life.


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