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From Where Cometh Godwriting? I

There is nothing for you to learn about Godwriting except to let Godwriting be what it is. GodWriting is from Me. Godwriting isn’t yours. It just isn’t.

What I whisper is Mine. It is not your Godwriting you write down. No. My Words are yours to accept as you hear them so faintly or clearly or hardly at all. Your place in Godwriting is to receive a sense of My Words arriving at the speed of light or at whatever rate of speed they arrive so you can be amazed or not amazed at all. The Words you write down are the Echoes of Mine that you hear.

Every single person in the world is a potential Godwriter, you understand, yet not one is the God Who Speaks. We can say that My Words come from the Light, or that My Words come out from the Ether of the Universe or from your DNA. The point is: “Beloveds, hear Me.”

You are not the conductor of Godwriting. Nor are you someone who weighs the worth of My Words as if you are the purveyor of them.

You do not Godwrite in order to express God as you perceive from your long held beliefs or disbeliefs about God or your religion or in any conscious way. You stay out of the Godwriting. You do not factor into it. We can call you a vessel for Truth and not for your opinions. There is deeper within you far greater than your mere opinions. No offense, Dear Ones, no one on Earth is longing for your opinions. Hmm, at the same time, I invoke you to write down, not what you may think, but what you hear.

The Godwriting that comes through you is not yours. Godwriting comes from somewhere beyond you even when My Words come from within you, or somewhere from your past, the world’s past, or from Heaven Itself, or from your Higher Self, or from whatever name you say.

From where come the words you apply to this Fullness that wants to come out from you from somewhere within you so that you may see this Fullness and witness it and have it serve the world as an unknown part in the simple Miracle of Life on Earth!

If a miracle happens every day, is it not still a miracle? I say YES. Every day is miracle-filled. There is no day that is not a miracle.

As you continue to Godwrite, what can happen is that you become imbued in a miracle, so soaked in the miracle, so immersed in it that you take your Presence as a matter of course. In My Book, this is the way to go – to take Godwriting as a matter of course. Godwriting is an ordinary event that has been forgotten, or has been repressed.

You don’t make too much of your participation in the process. You just happen to be here. It will dawn upon you that you can be here recording My Words any time you want, for I am here with you day and night. In the Terms We use now, you aren’t the Star of Life exactly – you are a wayfarer along the way. You are here with Me, within Me, and yet, at the same time, while you are Godwriting, you are nowhere to be seen.

Now I quote from Myself from another Heavenletter as a reminder to you:

* "An artist who is painting paints. At the moment, he is not thinking: ‘I am an artist painting.' He is lost and found in his painting."

And from this reference point We will continue this Heavenletter tomorrow.

* See Heavenletter #5651 Finding Yourself in Unity Consciousness


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