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The international distribution of Heavenletters in many languages is managed by The International Society of Heaven, which is a Sole Corporation funded by reader contributions and most of the work is undertaken by volunteers. Our priority and primary focus is to serve you the reader by making these Heavenletters easily available.

You may contribute to Heaven in the following ways...
Start a monthly tithe using Paypal or debit/credit card
Contribute a one time amount that you are comfortable with, via Paypal or debit/credit card
Buy the printed Book
Buy the CD
Download an Electronic version of the book and contribute what you are comfortable with
Ask God a Personal Question

Monthly Contributions

$25.00 Monthly

$50.00 Monthly

$75.00 Monthly

100.00 Monthly

Contribute any amount

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The Paypal account is contributions [at] heavenletters [dot] org (replace the [at] with a @ symbol and [dot] with a fullstop so that it looks like a normal email address). On the Paypal Send Money page you simply fill in the above email address and your email address and click send, after which you will be taken to a page where you fill in credit card info or your Paypal account info.

Order Printed Books

[SOLD OUT] - Order from Amazon

For international orders please write to us and we will find out the price of mailing to your country.

$26 (including S/H in the US) - 1 Book

$53.00 plus $7.50 S/H - 3 Books

$87.00 plus $7.50 S/H -5 Books

$167.00 plus $12 S/H 10 Books

Heavenletters CD - These prices are for continental U.S. only

$12.00 plus $6 S/H - 1 CD

$40.00 Free Shipping - 3 Cds

$60.00 Free Shipping - 5 Cds

For international orders please write to us and we will find out the price to your country.

International orders, please enquire first about shipping prices. All international orders are sent via airmail.

Personal Questions to God

God questions are for subscribers to Heavenletters only. Please subscribe to Heavenletters if you have not done so already. We ask that you receive Heavenletters via email and read them before asking a God Question. This helps you get a feel for God's answers.

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