Godwriting is the Budding of a Rose

God said:

Beloved, this is true. There is great joy in Godwriting. Never do you write from desperation. I do not cudgel you into the idea that you must cover your tracks with Godwriting. You are you, Godwriter or not. You are My beneficence, ready or not.

Godwriting flies from your tapping fingers or pen and ultimately from Our One Heart.

At the same time, Godwriting is taking initiative. It is a responsibility. We can say there is the soft side to Godwriting and the stalwart side. You are the instrument. A composer composing great music is writing the greatest music of his life. A composer knows the difference between a masterpiece that bursts beyond his individuality. It is inspired. Who wrote it? Who actually relayed the notes? They came down a chute from Heaven.

An individual plucked a note and wrote down a note that came from beyond. He tolled the bell. The music flowed through his veins. He received a shot in the arm, so to say.

At the time, the attributed composer sat down and wrote some beautiful music. He pressed the keys. They are beautiful. They flow through him. They came from him, yet they were prompted from somewhere else. It could be that the notes were his delivery from God.

There are no words to describe the good feeling that adheres to you. This is idyllic, and this is the God’s Honest Truth.

I do not wish to blow you out of the water, however.

You still sit in a chair. You still type or write.

Life still makes other requirements of you.

You are not always at your leisure to wear a beautiful ball gown.

Nevertheless, it’s as if a phone rings and you pick up the phone as easy as pie. You are also part of the process. You are not carried around the way Edgar Bergen carried Charlie McCarthy. All power isn’t arrested from you.

If you are a breadmaker, there is also a moment at which you roll up your sleeves and take some initiative. You heft yourself over to lay out the dough on the kitchen table. The process is inherent to you. You hear Me through. At the same time, I don’t want to ascribe steps to you through a discourse. I do not wish to suggest steps to you as if this is anything so patrician as steps. Godwriting is your will somewhat and yet not totally under your will – more like your receiving.

A Godwriting can be like a discovery. You are going through the forest and are not at all sure where you are going. We might say it’s like I’m giving Hansel and Gretel pebbles to mark a path.

Where does this arrow point? How do I conjoin these pebbles? What sense do I make of this? Sometimes a Godwriting is filled with simple sentences. Sometimes you have to figure it out. What does this Godwriting mean to say? It’s not a judgment on your part. It’s more:

“God, what are You saying here? How do I make what You are saying translate to a clearer understanding? What are the words, sentences, segments, and paragraphs meaning to say? This must be what it is like for a translator who translates a written English Heavenletter into Italian or Spanish or French or Greek or German or Dutch or whatever language is your gift to translate into.”

It’s not a school assignment. It is a service you give to God because this you find you want to. You might think of Godwriting itself or even as translating as in the mode of observing a plum as ripening on the tree or watching a flower opening. It’s not labor. If it has any relationship to labor, it is to love itself chomping at the bit like the budding of a rose.