What Makes You So Sure?

God said:

All the things that you and the world say are unfortunate, how do you know they are not blessings? They may be blessings disguised or blessing deferred. When you have not yet read the whole book, how do you know with certainty how the book ends?

Even tears are a blessing. They are a blessing as much as laughter. Of course, you may prefer laughter when it rings pure joy, and yet what makes you so sure that laughter is good and tears of sorrow are not?

What Good Fortune Would You Like Today?

God said:

Beloveds, as best you can, stay away from assumptions. Assumptions are really hasty judgments. You make hasty assumptions all too often. Someone makes a remark, and you feel the remark means that the person doesn't like you. You make assumptions that something is the matter when nothing is the matter except your perception.

From the Window of Love

God said:

Routine is good. Breaking from routine is also good. Steadfastness is good, and flexibility is good. All is good.

When you can see that all is well, you will have a greater view of life. Nothing will have to be one way and not another. You will relax.

What we are talking about is not judging. This concept of not judging is touted a lot and applied infrequently.

There Is Vastness

God said:

If you could let go of the little things that stick in your heart, how blessed the world would be. I am speaking of the little peeves, the little events that capture you. Perhaps someone snubbed you, looked at you in a way you didn't like, didn't hear you, didn't talk to you, talked too much, and so on.

What If You Could?

God said:

What if you could remove the word they from your vocabulary? Then from whom would you be separated? You would not see anyone sitting across from you as opposite to you, and you would not be opposed to anyone's existence. No longer would you ever feel infringed upon, for you would know that everyone is yourself and due all the love and honor in the world and Heaven that you deserve and that you may presently feel has been denied you or taken away from you. You would never feel lack again. You would understand everything and misunderstand nothing.

The Heaven of God's Heart

God said:

The realm of My heart has no levels. No one who sits in the Heaven of My Heart sits higher than another. No one. Not you. Not anyone. And everyone sits in the Heaven of My heart. In the realm of My heart, there is no one better than you. There is no one less than you. This has to be so because I do not discriminate. I do not make judgments.

The Spring of New Thought

God said:

When you feel pain and suffering, you are wrapped up in yourself. You have forgotten your place in the world. You have confined yourself to tears and bemoan your solitariness and the neglect the world sheds. To a larger or lesser extent, this is the truth of suffering.

Whether you experience pain as physical or emotional, you have let it contract your world, and then you are appalled at the world for being less than it is meant to be.

Sometimes You Are Mistaken

God said:

If you did not judge, you would not accuse. If you did not judge, you would not accuse nor would you make excuses. Do not judge, and do not make excuses for yourself or others. Excuses are weak explanations, and explanations aren't worth much. Explanations are a dime a dozen. Anything can be explained one way or another. Explanations for choices are always excuses.

You are who you are because you are who you are. You do whatever you do because you do whatever you do. Living life is not a world science.

Let People Learn Their Own Lessons

God said:

Do not spend your life trying to improve other individuals in their personal lives. Do not know better than another what they should do and how they should do it. A need to improve others is your need, not theirs. Do not need to improve others, for it is always for your sake, not theirs. Furthermore, you only try to improve others because you have made judgments. You found the others lacking. You found yourself superior. You found your judgment and exalted it.

Do not always know better than someone else.

When you try to improve another, you invade their territory.

Be an Enricher of Hearts

God said:

The core of life is My existence, and not what is portrayed on the screen of life. On the screen of life the conflagration of minds at war with themselves acts itself out. The names of their acts are drama and tragedy. They are crying for attention, and they will be noticed. "See me!" they are saying. "See how you have denied me!" they are saying. "See how I make you notice me!"

And they are schoolchildren who carve their name on a desk. They make their mark. They sear their name across the sky of life.

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