true identity

Create Yourself

God said:

If you were to give yourself an American Indian name, what would it be? What name might you give yourself that reveals an essence of who you are? You can have as many words as you would like in this name for yourself. I will give you one restriction. The name you assign must be a joyous name. It can't be anything like Foolish-One-Who-Never-Learns. It has to be a name that stirs your heart with joy.

Make up a name for yourself. Make up a good name, and then be that name.

What God Made When He Made You

God said:

You are you no matter what. Day or night, you are you. In the relative world, you are one definable you. In truth, you are Oneness.

You are not all the temporary flavors that you may see yourself limited to. In terms of the world, you may well not be constant. In My terms, you are true and total Oneness. How straight as an arrow is My vision. I can see through tall buildings. Beloveds, I can see through you.

This Life on Earth

God said:

Your life is a poem. Certainly there is a certain grace in your life, how you move, how you get up and how you sit down. A little bit of your life reveals a lot the same way a short line of poetry reveals Infinity.

You are a metaphor. You are exaggeration, and you are simplicity. You repeat the sounds of yourself. You have rhythm. You are a unique poem of the Universe.

You are not a fixed star. You are a moving star, and so you do not stay in one place, and so you evolve. In the poem of yourself, you have short lines and long lines of verse. You are counterpoint to yourself.

All That You Really Want

God said:

What if you could really believe that you are Oneness, My Oneness? The whole world would open for you. There would no longer be seeming departures from Oneness. You would understand Who you are, and you would live it. Of course, you would, for you would see the world as a flower opening before your very eyes. Indeed, you would see with new eyes, and you would see what you had not seen before. You would see what you had never seen before because you would be new.

How to Know God Better

God said:

You are just a hop, skip, and jump away from Me. You are not really even that far. You are close. You are closer than close. You are My very Being. Somehow you slipped through your very own fingers, as it were. Your eyes don't see that which is right in front of you. Perhaps you are not looking in the right place.

The Illumination You Stand In

God said:

No matter what time of day, when your eyes are closed, the sun in the sky is blocked from your view. When you open your eyes during the sun's reign, you see the light of day.

Sometimes, beloveds, perhaps many times, you are afraid of seeing. You are afraid that you might see miracles. In fact, beloveds, what is not a miracle? Are you not a miracle with the sun's light on you?

You Are Many-Dimensioned Facets of Yourself

God said:

You are the rolling stone that gathers no moss. There is no moss to gather.

You are a free spirit who runs around in life. Surrounded by a body, you nevertheless leap. You are a soarer. You are soaring to Heaven now. You are soaring in your understanding. You grasp nothing but yourself. You interact with no one but yourself. You play all the parts from Cinderella to the Fairy Godmother to the wicked witch. You are many-dimensioned facets of yourself. You are tall and thin. You are short and not thin. You seem to be the last to know what you are looking for.

You Are Very Bright

God said:

Live up to My image of you, for My image of you is Truth.

You have no choice, beloveds, or rather your choice is to be truthful or your choice is to be unfulfilled.

A Child of Mine cannot be what you tend to think he is, or that you think you are. You could not be more mistaken.

I hold fast to the Truth of you. You were made in My image, not as a picture of Me, not as imagination, but as the Truth of Me. This is not a colored-in image of you. You are a pure reflection of Me. Not imitation. Not exaggeration. There are no broken lines.

Your Heart Is a Star of Light

God said:

My grace I give to you. All is My grace. I graciously bestow the world to you and you to the world. I am most gracious in My gifts to you. Sometimes you recognize My gifts as gifts and sometimes you do not. Surely, you must accept that life itself is a gift, and that it makes sense to receive and acknowledge a gift that has been given you. How will your life be different when you recognize life itself as a great gift? You will have thrown off any concepts of life as burden and accepted the grace of God.

See the Love

God said:

What is there to talk about but the love in Our hearts? What matters the divergences of life when love is the essence? What is there to talk about, and what is there to say when love is all and all that there is?

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