How to Know God Better

God said:

You are just a hop, skip, and jump away from Me. You are not really even that far. You are close. You are closer than close. You are My very Being. Somehow you slipped through your very own fingers, as it were. Your eyes don't see that which is right in front of you. Perhaps you are not looking in the right place.

What would it feel like if you knew that you are fully with Me right now? How would you feel knowing that you are in the lap of God? How would you feel knowing that Our eyes meet at every moment, and that what We see is beautiful? How would you feel if you knew, really knew, that you are My beautiful creation? It is so easy for you to say that I, God, created you, and yet you might as well be repeating a jingle. It is a commonly held belief that I created you, and yet you do not yet fully accept and fathom it. It must be that you don't really believe I created you, that God created you. You.

Can you possibly think I created damaged goods? Do you really think I would? I am not speaking of the limited physical, beloveds. I am speaking of you. You.

Do you really think that the physical is all of you? Perhaps you really do think that beauty is skin deep. Certainly, much of life in the world seems to revolve around that. How many commercials are there that advertise Me? Oh, a few now and then, but how featured are lipsticks and shampoo and action shows!

Here I am, the Doer, and I am not featured. True, I work behind the scenes. I do not race cars or make mad dashes or leap over tall buildings. I am in the background, and yet I am the Doer. I go from star to star. I visit the moon. I explore uncharted worlds. I take you with Me, and I am constant. And you may think that you are not really My child. I wonder what you think you are. It must be that you think that you are predominantly physical and that everyone and everything else is too.

You have heard that everything is spinning and that nothing is really solid. I am speaking of the Silent and the Unseen that are the very foundation of you. You are a spiritual Being, beloveds. You are My spiritual creation. You sprouted from My heart, and you abide here in My heart still. Of course, your mind has slipped away somewhere, yet you are with Me now.

Never do I forsake you. Never do I forget about you. And yet you seemingly vacate yourself from My arms of love, yet, truly, that is a feat you can never perform. You kid yourself, however. You overlook the Reality of you and think that the shopping mall you frequent is the extent of you. Of course, I am at the mall too.

You skip over issues, beloveds. The great Happiness you really seek you may scurry away from. Isn't that a poser? You seek happiness everywhere outside you and forget where happiness really lies. You once knew what you now forget.

You cannot forget forever, beloveds. You cannot dodge the Truth of Life forever. You cannot evade it. You will see Me with your heart, and you will recognize that you have known Me forever. You will know Me once again, and you will forget that there was ever a moment that you had forgotten. We are connected now whether you believe it or remember it or not. I am your very Self.

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Knowing God

This is a wonderful message - thanks!

Amy, many thanks to you for

Amy, many thanks to you for posting. It is a great gift you give when you post.

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said remember
Never do I forsake you
Believe it or not

Love, Light and Aloha!

Do I overlook the value of Heavenletters?

Often I gaze at the words in these messages, allowing the essence of the loveletter to fill my awareness. I feel the vibration of the message penetrate through the physical, energy, emotional and mental layers, reaching home...silently.

God speaks. Isn't that a wonder beyond words? God speaks to us. And here through these Heavenletters, I listen to a constant, clear, daily discourse from the Great Swami, scribed by his beautiful messenger.

It's a cosmic satsang! We, Heavenreaders gather in this cosmic satsang. Wherever there is true satsang, all of life benefits. I think by coming to this satsang often, we all become vessels of light.

I pray that we are able to still our minds often, to the see the value of joining this simple satsang taking place in the vastness of cyberspace.

Oceans of Love

Senor Oceans of Love, you

Senor Oceans of Love, you never overlook the value of Heavenletters. It is not possible that you could overlook, for you give so much to Heavenletters and their expansion. And, for this, I give thanks to God.


Please explain what is satsang?

Beloved Michelle, I think

Beloved Michelle, I think satsang means a group getting together for greater closeness to God.

We here are a group who get together for our mutual appreciation of God that is so deep in our hearts.

I personally think of satsang as that good feeling that courses through us when our hearts are joined.

God bless you.

Thank you

Thank you Gloria.
I truly enjoy these satsangs. It is true fellowship with our Maker that makes this an awesome place.
May the Lord bless you abundantly in everything you say and do as you bring glory to God.

Most beloved Heaven

Most beloved Heaven Admin,

indeed how blessed we are to join in this cosmic satsang ! My heart just recognises and rejoices at reading your words.

Yes, let our minds become more and more still, let us become less and less of what we think we are to become more and more of what we truly are, ONE LOVE.

I know I said it already, but I am ever so grateful to have found Heavenletters.
Heavenletters as well as Heavenreaders postings are beyond words, a divine blessing on a daily basis.

Much much much love to all

How to Know God Better

Dear God, Sometimes I wonder why we, as Spirit beings, agreed to forget Your Holy Truth,
Magnificence and Glory before we come here!!! It's too damn easy to stay in that mode of forgetful thought , I'm sorry to say!!
Naturally, Your bright hope is that we WILL l remember YOU, our Heavenly Father/Mother God! And then we're taught
when we're little people, that we'll burn in hell forever if we drink a drop of water before our
Holy Communion! Adults told us that! That doesn't make Holy Communion very attractive, you must admit! Oh well, I'm finding excuses here, I know!

When we stop and think of the very miracle of growing, that ought to give us pause.
How everything grows in synchrony with everything else. And the stars, we are not
taught to understand the stars and other heavenly bodies.

Now, of course, I want so much to remember, and I do love the loving way you
speak to us daily in these Heaven Letters. Oh, our pursuit of Happiness. Before, the happiness we thought we pursued was strictly material, A roof over our heads to keep us
from the rain and cold and snow in the outdoors all the time, It's so easy to forget!
Thank you for listening!!

I remember and I know You

I know You And I love You Lord, You are more than enough.
You know me better than I know myself.
I know that I am seated on the throne with You.
You just told me that is where my authority is the the most powerful.
I want to thank You Abba Father for bringing me back home.
Thank You Almighty God for trusting me with the keys to the kingdom of God.
You have helped me to overcome any and all circumstances in my life that do not line up with Your Word.
I will lift Your name and bring Your Light into the dark places. I will bring lost souls into the kingdom of God.
Thank You Father for opening the eyes of my heart to see the plans and the purpose You have chosen for me.Thank you that I know it is not about me but its about shedding Your love abroad.
And for letting me know my destination is coming home to You and staying seated in heavenly places with You. I say Let Your kingdom come here on earth as it is in heaven. I say everyman will return to You God. They will know You even more than I know You. I love You my mighty God and I will no let go of You. With out You I would not be.

Dear gloria, It was some day

Dear gloria,
It was some days that I get silent. I want you to know that my silence is for these so profound messages you wrote. I found last messages touched deepest my heart and I don't have words to say. I'm ecstatic.
Only thanks to you, so much, Divine tool.
Bless to all

Beloved Patrizia, you and I,

Beloved Patrizia, you and I, we both are so grateful to God for all the blessings He gives to us, and that we are able to receive.

Every time you read a Heavenletter, and it touches your beautiful heart, you are doing something grand for the world.

a jingle, a poser

When I open my eyes in the morning, I open them to jingles. I hear jingles, I speak jingles. I have jingles for breakfast. Then I go post some highly meaningful jingles. I even feel jingles. I was sure they were more than that.
But today I remember, I remember something.
He is a rather wild one usually. Today he sits quietly on the swing, swinging only softly, looking down. Knees, calves, feet and below them sand slowly moving to and fro, to and fro.
Pre-jingle days.
He will learn to call it innocence, rapt attention, presence, nowness, desirable. And he will, much later, find that those are jingles. The sand was not.
And now the poser. Right in the middle of the shopping mall, of all places.

This is too deep for words

This darling writer has God telling us: "You are My very Being."

It is true that "We live and move and have our Being in HIM." To have him prompt Gloria to simply state it so boldly is stunning.

I suspect God does race cars using human looking drivers. He taught at Seton Hall University looking for all the world like George. Did he visit the moon? He made the darn thing and He made the sun too. But the big mystery is that HE constructed each of us in such a way as to conceal His identity in our form and gradually revealed it through Heaven Letters like this beautiful one.

Here HE gently tells us a great mystery: "I am speaking of the Silent and the Unseen that are the very foundation of you. You are a spiritual Being, beloveds. You are My spiritual creation." This seems too big to grasp, but we have to try. "Be still and know that I AM God" comes to us by way of an ancient sage. Now HE has an ancient sage of sorts tell us: " You sprouted from My heart, and you abide here in My heart still. Of course, your mind has slipped away somewhere, yet you are with Me now."

We read and glow because now we know!

George expanding his consciousness to grasp divinity's vastness