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The Next Crescendo You Hear

God said:

When you are sleeping in bed at night, you are really awake. You are as awake as ever, for even when you are wide awake, there is a part of you that is still asleep. Part of you wants to keep sleeping and not wake up. You may desire the wakefulness of pure enlightenment, yet you continue to snooze a little longer, and then you get up and take care of what has to be taken care of, and yet you move as a sleepwalker. You go from one bedroom of sleep to another.

The Most Beautiful Wholeness You Can Imagine

God said:

I am your good right arm. I am your Assistant. I assist you. You assist Me. We reciprocate right and left. We are so One that it is hard to know where you begin and I leave off.

Of course, I never leave off. I AM always. And here's the wonderful thing: You are too.

How to Know God Better

God said:

You are just a hop, skip, and jump away from Me. You are not really even that far. You are close. You are closer than close. You are My very Being. Somehow you slipped through your very own fingers, as it were. Your eyes don't see that which is right in front of you. Perhaps you are not looking in the right place.

The Splendor

God said:

Believe it or not, We, you and I, are as close as peas in a pod. We are nestled so close in this pod of the Universe that you may not have seen Me or felt My Presence. You, even though you may be nearsighted, simply may not see that which is right in front of you. I think you get blindsided. You get distracted. Your attention pulls away from Me to something else. But even that is all right, you understand.

You Are God's Love

God said:

Think of where your attention has been — on the dribs and drabs of life — when all the time your attention could have been on Our togetherness, Our waymaking, Our beauty, Our gifts, Our intelligence.

Your attention has been on little typos of life, omissions, repetitions, and unhappy possibilities.

Now swing your attention to the possibilities of wondrousness. Swing your attention to one possibility, the possibility that We are One, and that together We are greatness in the making. What are you if not in the making?

The Holy Grail

God said:

You make promises all the time. You even make promises to yourself. A promise is a future contract. Promises are not much. They often are not even an intention. More like wishes.

A commitment, on the other hand, is a contract made now for future use. Better not to commit than to uncommit later, for you disappoint yourself. You are not happy when you disappoint.

The Pool of God's Heart

God said:

Time is a whisper. All the past is a whisper haunting your ear. Hear My Voice. It is worth hearing. And you are worth the listening.

Package up your old thoughts, address them to Me, and drop them in a mailbox or a dead letter office.

Memories are but stammering. Your mind stutters old thoughts. Better get new ones.

Better to sing a song of Me.

Let Me run through your mind.

Do not give so much credence to your mind and its wayward thoughts.

They are static. They interfere.

How to Treat This Present Moment

God said:

You try to determine your future and the future of everything. There is enough for you to do with right now without that. You are always saying how much you have to do, and yet you take on the future. You carry it with you like a dark cloak that weighs heavily on you or like a hovering black vulture that pursues you.

The Fiction of Ideas

God said:

Let Me be a stronger force in your life.

Pay more attention to Me than you pay to the drifts of snow. Than you pay to the winds of change. Than you pay to looks you get from others. Than you pay to the words of others. Than you pay to yourself.

Paying attention to Me is paying nothing. It is getting your mind off details of human life and putting it on an eternity of vastness.

Paying attention to Me is lifting yourself to where you long to be.

Paying attention to Me is seeing where you, in truth, are.

Paying attention to Me is filling yourself up.

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