The Fiction of Ideas

God said:

Let Me be a stronger force in your life.

Pay more attention to Me than you pay to the drifts of snow. Than you pay to the winds of change. Than you pay to looks you get from others. Than you pay to the words of others. Than you pay to yourself.

Paying attention to Me is paying nothing. It is getting your mind off details of human life and putting it on an eternity of vastness.

Paying attention to Me is lifting yourself to where you long to be.

Paying attention to Me is seeing where you, in truth, are.

Paying attention to Me is filling yourself up.

Why ride on empty when you can have God, and have Me free? God for the asking. No equipment needed. Instant transference of My fuel to you.

The phone line between us is connected. I am talking to you. You just have to pick up the phone, and listen in. Any time you pick up the receiver, I am talking, and you will hear Me. But you have to pick up.

I Who am Silence am never silent.

I Who am Stillness am never still,

for you are the percussion of Me.

You are the beat of My drum.

You are My vibration.

You are My moving light.

You are a manifestation of Me.

I walk the Earth in you.

You are My moccasins, and I am the Walker.

Everything on Earth is a reminder of Me.

And you are a reminder of Me.

All the people on Earth are reminders of Me.

Unless you see as I do see, the people before you, as you see them, are also your idea. You have an idea of them, a fragmented idea. Your idea is a contribution to them, favorable or unfavorable. But know that the perceived person before you is an idea of yours, and you do not like your ideas to change. Therefore, you feel frustration. You want another person to change, but it is your ideas that must.

Consider ideas a fleeting impression.

Consider them a photograph taken from one angle and not another, a photograph taken in one moment of light and not another. The angle of light constantly changes, and so must your ideas change also.

The person in front of you is pure light.

Anything else is an idea. The physical is an idea. All that you are involved in is an idea. You have idea taped upon idea. You have ideas kaleidascoped before you, one twirling image laced over another.

You, too, are an idea. When you see yourself as anything but My light, you are seeing an idea you have created. The individual name you are called by is an idea. Your face is an idea. Ideas are thoughts made up, or thoughts assembled. Out of impulses of light come the fiction of ideas. Truth is not an idea, although you may have an idea of it.

You are light, and nothing but light.

There is one light, and it is Mine.

If that is too hard to accept, then at least consider that a light burns within you, that a perpetual light flames at the core of you. The lines drawn around your light that give you a perceived shape are fiction, fiction made of ideas, yours and others.

There is only One-on-One.

There is One Flame, and all other flames merge with it, and so you are the One Flame also. Not merely a flicker of it. You are not just a flicker. You are My Flame.

Do you not think that you are within the radiance of My light? Do you think My light extends only a tiny range? Do you think it only goes so far? Do you think My light cannot reach you and shine on you and from you? Or do you think it only reaches others, or some few others, but not you, certainly not you.

Consider all your ideas propaganda, nothing more.

Ideas are propagated.

Never mind ideas.

Leave your intellect behind.

Come live with Me, and then you will know Truth. Live with Me in your heart, for your heart is Mine. Live in My realm in your heart. Come.

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Pay more attention to Me than you pay to the drifts of snow. Than you pay to the winds of change. Than you pay to looks you get from others. Than you pay to the words of others. Than you pay to yourself.

Was tough love any more kind and direct? yes...why not pay more attention to God than ourselves. Why not. And what a relief to do so. Loving God and you. Jim.