The Pool of God's Heart

God said:

Time is a whisper. All the past is a whisper haunting your ear. Hear My Voice. It is worth hearing. And you are worth the listening.

Package up your old thoughts, address them to Me, and drop them in a mailbox or a dead letter office.

Memories are but stammering. Your mind stutters old thoughts. Better get new ones.

Better to sing a song of Me.

Let Me run through your mind.

Do not give so much credence to your mind and its wayward thoughts.

They are static. They interfere.

You do not hear Me clearly because of all you have stuffed in your head. You have crammed odds and ends there. You have so much there you cannot find what you are looking for. Too much to sort through. When will you let the accumulation go? Why do you keep it? Of what earthly or Heavenly use is it to you?

Hear My Thought.

My thought and My heartbeat are one tune. There is no severance between them. My heart and My mind are like the base of a triangle, and they support Truth.

You have been off on tangents when you could knowingly be with Me. All that you have chosen before Me, all the tinsel and shiny objects you have chosen over the True Gold that shines in your heart!

What if you were true to your heart? You would be true to Me, and you would wave Me like a magic wand and dispense light everywhere. I am indeed your magic wand, and you don't pick Me up. You hesitate. You start, and then you waver. You put Me back for later. You put Me somewhere for some other time. I am like an ace you keep under your sleeve. Put Me on the table. I call your bluff.

Without Me, you are a four-flusher.

With Me, you are a straight flush.

Without Me, you are bluff and blunder.

With Me, you are the power of an arrow right to its mark.

I am your mark. I am your target. Whatever else you think may be, it is I. Behind and beyond all your desires am I. Enough of the periphery! Come to the Heart of Me.

I have stolen your heart. I took it long ago. You gave it to Me, and now you renounce your heart. Renounce no longer. Rejoice now!

You bathe in a beautiful pool of water, a lagoon cascaded by sparkles of sunlight and moonlight, and you convince yourself you are on dry land. And you convince yourself that you are the dryness of that land when all the time you are the splashing of that pure water you are swimming in and keeping from your awareness.

Listen, My children, you swim in the pool of My heart. You are laden with My love, and you think you are on a faraway shore in a distant land of bleakness. You don't know where you are. You only think you are someplace else than My heart.

You keep looking so far ahead and so far back that you don't know where you are. You do not know My presence nor your presentness. You accept otherness. Pay attention now.

You have been admitted to My heart. I enclose you in My heart. You are closer than My heart because you are more than My heart. You are My heart's breath and light. You are the radiance of My heart. You are the love endeared to My heart, kept there, and placed everywhere. Simultaneous. Simultaneity is My forte.

Let it be yours. You are 360 degrees, and you thought you were a small arc. You are the whole circle. You fall within My radiance. Therefore, you are My radiance. On whom does My light shine if not on you?

I say you are in My light. You are the light of My heart. You are in the limelight. You are on stage to reveal My heart. You are an actor for Me. I am the behind-the-scenes Director. Listen to your cues. You are not out there to do your thing. You are out there to do My thing.

And what is My thing but love? Not that sentiment that passes for love, but love that knows nothing else but itself. Know your worth to Me, and you will know that I am the stage, the audience, and the performers on the stage, and the stage is My heart, and you are My love.