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Where All Your Light Is Revealed

God said:

Do you see how a tall tree grows? It is not copying another tree. It is not trying to be a tall tree. It is only being itself, layer by layer. It is like, as the tree grows, it exhales in total relaxation. There is no effort. The tree is not trying to attain, achieve, perform or anything at all except to just be the tree he is.

You see where I am going here. My children go through all sorts of somersaults trying to attain to something. Trees just attain their full growth without exertion. They are not running a race with other trees or even with themselves.

New Light

God said:

Lift your head this moment. My light runs through you. You are light that can see. What I would most like you to see today is your worthiness. You have been looking at what you see as unworthiness. There is something you did or didn't do that you rue. And you debase yourself because of it.

That you know better now is cause for celebration, not consternation. Because you cannot relive a past moment and make it holier now is not cause for regret. It is a great accolade to you that you have learned something. This is a milestone of growth.

A Universe of Such Magnitude

God said:

You are in the process of losing boundaries.

You have been a blind man holding on to walls.

Now that you begin to see, you don't have to hold on. That is the letting go that you are doing. You are letting go of boundaries that keep you fixed in place.

Love your boundaries, but know that you don't need them. You can see now, and you see farther now. Now you see past the boundaries. When you see beyond them, you are not looking at them. No longer are they the extent of your vision.

The Pool of God's Heart

God said:

Time is a whisper. All the past is a whisper haunting your ear. Hear My Voice. It is worth hearing. And you are worth the listening.

Package up your old thoughts, address them to Me, and drop them in a mailbox or a dead letter office.

Memories are but stammering. Your mind stutters old thoughts. Better get new ones.

Better to sing a song of Me.

Let Me run through your mind.

Do not give so much credence to your mind and its wayward thoughts.

They are static. They interfere.

You Were Sent to Earth

God said:

When you know that you are My light, where can you walk in darkness? You carry your own light with you. It needs no battery, unless you call love a battery.

You are a firefly, only your light stays on.

You couldn’t live on Earth without My light. You couldn’t exist anywhere without My light. My light is in every cell of your body. You are My light. You are My torch. The world is the Olympics, and you run every day carrying My torch.

You are valiant. You never tire of carrying My light. It ennobles you. It enables you. You couldn’t run without it.

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