Last Monday

God said:

If time is not, it has never been. Last Monday never was, nor is there a next, and tomorrow is a marker in space.

Time is not, nor is space. You have never touched space, nor have your feet alit on it. They have alit on an illusion. So what is this illusory demarcation of spaceless time?

You would say it is like the waves on the ocean, but that is figurative, for there is no ocean, for an ocean would be made of time and space as well. The bounding main is a metaphor for the ocean of beingness that We are.

All in the relative life is a metaphor for your relationship with Me. The waves of your life are like the gaps when or where you have forgotten the Ocean of Me, when or where you have become waves on the Ocean that think they are self-existent waves that bob along on their own.

There is no own.

When and where are illusions as well, for they are markers of time and space which are not.

All that you hold on to, for dear life, as it were, does not exist.

You are like old ladies who pack and unpack their worldly belongings. What are their hands treasuring? There are no worldly belongings. There are only ideas in your head. You are like a mental patient who counts imaginary money over and over again and moves his fingers up and down imagined slips of paper and calls them real.

All grows to the Sun. All grows to the Light. Your growing to the Light is done in awareness. Your eyes must alight on the Light.

What does it matter if there is time or space, for they are nothing but ideas, one the same as the other, but seen from different directions. Seeing time is like trying to make multi-dimensional a photo on a page. There is no dimension there to be seen. It can only be imagined.

Start imagining other things besides time and space.

Start imagining love which is beyond the figments of time and space.

Start imagining your unboundedness. What is unboundedness but awayness from time and space?

What is it that your heart longs for? You say it is love, but it is the unboundedness of love. It is the fullness of love that you seek. But the fullness of love cannot be objectified.

You might as well make your marks on air, all the marks you make on calendars. All the corners of your life! All those boundaries! They are nonexistent, but you pretend, and everyone pretends, that they are there.

And what is truly there, you look away from or look askance at.

What is truly there is that which is seen by the heart. And I am in view. You may imagine I am at a distance, but distance is all a manufactured idea like any other. You may see Me at the end of the tunnel, but there is no end, there is no tunnel. There is no distance.

All the passages of life are not passages. You have made waiting rooms. But there is no need to wait. That is one of your chief illusions.

For the sake of argument, agree with the world about the imaginary delineations. Play along, but do not give yourself over to it. Give yourself over to Me. Let Me give you the gift of Truth. Let Me be your Champion. Let Me be your Fame and your Power and Your Glory.

Gravitate, if you must, but gravitate to Me. You gravitate to Me by rising high. Acknowledge the pull of Earth, but rise to Me. Lift your eyes. Lift your heart, for My call to you is stronger than anything on Earth. I am the strongest thing on Earth, but I am also more than that, and so are you, so are you.

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Last Monday

How vast and strange a vista and yet how near, how thoroughly familiar. What an artist you are, God. One painting says it all, and yet, of course, the scenery bears another and another. This one's beauty is irresistible, how could I not fall in love with it

I don't know how we cannot

I don't know how we cannot fall in love with the Beauty of God. Of course, it took me a long time.