You Are Made of Stardust

God said:

How can I not be pleased with you? I see well.

It is you who is not pleased with yourself.

It is you who finds fault, not I.

If you did not find fault, you would not make fault.

Let go of fault, and you will be more of what you are.

Oh, the glance of fault — let it go! The superiority of fault. No less superior is the fault you find in yourself — let it go! Enough faultfinding! It leads you nowhere.

Be a joy-finder. Be pleased. Be pleased.

Laugh at yourself a lot.

But do not mock yourself.

Make yourself true.

Remember Whose child you are. You are not a child of mockery. You are a child of sweetness.

Do not look so much outside yourself for knowledge. Knowledge is within you, for I am within you, and I am the Father of Knowledge.

Do not look so much to your performance to evaluate yourself or others' performance to evaluate them. Performance is not always true.

Your performance is not always you. Your performance is not you. You are you. Performance is something glommed outside of you. Actions can please or displease, but action is not the story. There is much pretending.

Do not evaluate. Look to Me. That is where to look. That is all you need do. Look to Me, and you will not chase hither and yon so much. Do not chase rainbows, and you will find them right outside your window. They are already there.

There is a rainbow from Heaven that reaches you on Earth. Surely you will admit that there is light, and there is light within you. Light has not gone out of you. You just have ignored it. You thought light was somewhere else.

You are My light for all to see. Just shine My light. Blaze it. Do not interpret others so much or the words of others. Listen to My words, and listen to My light that wishes to shine forth from your imposed boundaries.

Do not call your innocence ignorance.

Do not learn God terminology.

Learn God.

Find Me.

Accept Me.

Enjoin Me.

I am not far.

I am close.

I am closer than you know.

I am closer to you than anything else in the world.

Make no mistake about it.

Look for Me to lead you.

Follow Me, not others.

Draw your breaths with Me.

I am your Father, and I bring you Home.

Heaven is your home.

I ask you to come live with Me in Heaven while you are on Earth.

Make earth Heaven.

Be aware of other dimensions of living.

There are many lives that go on around you.

There are worlds around you — the animal world, the plant world, and worlds unnamed that you are not yet aware of.

There are insects unseen, and yet you believe in them. Germs impervious to view you believe in. Illness you believe in. Even future illness you believe in.

But in your yet unseen greatness, you do not believe.

I am well-pleased with you because I know your greatness. I do not predict it. I see it. It is already there. It has yet to be accepted. You have yet to accept it. Your greatness is already in use.

Greatness may be great simpleness.

Perhaps you can already acknowledge your great simpleness.

You thought greatness was something complex, or one great Roman candle going off in the night sky. You thought greatness was something other than you. But you are My sparkler on Earth. Never mind the big blasts in the sky that everyone calls attention to. I call attention to you.

I made you simple, not complex. I made you of stardust. I made you of light. You are light from light. You are the light of light. You are My simplicity on Earth. You are the great occasion of My Being. You are for Me. So be for Me. Just be My beautifulness on Earth.