time and space

The Myth of Time and Space

God said:

Difficulties seem to all come from the outside. Your pen doesn't work. The computer isn't behaving. Customer service puts you on hold and you wait and wait. The weather does not always cooperate and so on.

The Vastness

God said:

Time does not exist. Because you think it does, you radiate your life around it. And so you become impatient or you become bored, all because of your concept of time. Time is an accepted concept and so you accept it as true and it becomes true to you. Undeniably true.

Where Time and Space End

God said:

When you feel the need to escape from your daily life, it is your attachments you try to escape from. Perhaps you are attached to problems. If they weigh heavily on you, you most certainly are attached to them. You don't know what you would do without them. You cannot even imagine your life without them, or the world without them. And all the while, it is your ideas and the conclusions you draw that weigh you down. You are sure problems exist more than I do.

Space Traveler

God said:

My eyes have never strayed from you, not even for a moment. All the while you sleep, My eyes have been on you. My love and attention renew you, heart and soul and body, too. Even when your eyes are closed, My messages are sent.

Trees do not stop receiving My love at night. They rest, but they are not absent from Me any more than you are. My love has no night or day. That is how My love is always yours.

Fear, Time and Space

God said:

Waiting is putting yourself on hold. That is what waiting is. You do not wait for something. You wait for yourself to go ahead.

Waiting isn't exactly procrastination. Waiting is fear. How strange a word is "fear". It is a certain sound. It is a symbol of nothing, yet it strikes itself in your heart like a reverberating gong. The mere mention of it is an anathema. The mere mention of it makes it present.

Last Monday

God said:

If time is not, it has never been. Last Monday never was, nor is there a next, and tomorrow is a marker in space.

Time is not, nor is space. You have never touched space, nor have your feet alit on it. They have alit on an illusion. So what is this illusory demarcation of spaceless time?

You would say it is like the waves on the ocean, but that is figurative, for there is no ocean, for an ocean would be made of time and space as well. The bounding main is a metaphor for the ocean of beingness that We are.

To Fly on Earth

God said:

Time does not exist. Or if you insist it does, it exists as a faulty measure of eternity. It can only be faulty, for it tries to bind the bindless. It demarcates that which cannot be demarcated. The concept of time tries to hold back a flow. It wants to break it into segments. But that is an interruption to flow, and it is false. There is an issuance of love, and time tries to package it. But love will not be packaged.

One Thread at a Time

God said:

Instead of thinking that life is complicated, think of it as simple. How you think, you will have. Perhaps you want life to be complicated. In that case, continue to think that it is.

If you prefer instead that life be simple, then consider it so.

Simple has to do with one. Days unfold one at a time. Moments unfold one at a time. There is only one thing you can do at a time. There is only one thought you can have at a time.

When you assail yourself with many thoughts and do not pick one, then your life appears complicated.

All about Love

God said:

When you have anxiety, it is for no reason. It is always for no reason. I know you feel that something incites your anxiety. No matter what you perceive as the cause, there is no reason to it. It is manufactured. No matter how real-seeming, it is made up. What folly it is to feel anxious. It is no good at all, so what reason can there be to be anxious? Anxiety plays a pretend game. Your mind latches onto a conclusion, a judgment that serves no one. Anxiety serves no one. It wastes heart and mind.

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