Space Traveler

God said:

My eyes have never strayed from you, not even for a moment. All the while you sleep, My eyes have been on you. My love and attention renew you, heart and soul and body, too. Even when your eyes are closed, My messages are sent.

Trees do not stop receiving My love at night. They rest, but they are not absent from Me any more than you are. My love has no night or day. That is how My love is always yours.

The motor of My love never slows down. Of course, it never hurries. My love steadies you. You cannot even imagine night or day without Me, because there is no such thing. Absence of Me is not imaginable. Only sometimes some of you may imagine you imagine such a thing, the way one story is told within another.

So long as you have life, My blessings reach you. Inasmuch as you have eternal life, My blessings reach you always. There is no beginning nor end to My blessings nor to you.

While you live in your present body, it is no different. I bless you always. Only you construe things in such a way that you sometimes feel disconnected from My love and may not want to have much to do with Me.

Please remember, whether you hear Me or not, whether you recognize Me or not, whether you despair of Me or not, whether you are convinced of My existence or nonexistence or not, no matter what transpires, I AM and I AM never not. Therefore, My love is constant, and therefore you live in My love without cease. Neither you nor My love ever ceases.

Of course, you equate your body with life. Surely, the body ends. Some of you believe that with right thinking, the body could live forever. That is not without truth. On the other hand, why would you want the body to last longer than a lifetime? Why is two hundred years better than one hundred? What would make it meritorious to elongate it?

Physical existence plays its part, but you exist apart from your body. You exist with or without it. The body, no matter how important and essential you believe it is to your well-being, is simply a sweater you will take off. Then, unbound by the sweater, you take wing. From that new height, you will see how you served life, and how life served you. From your greater height, you will see the heights to which you rose during this seeming physical life.

The interlude of simple Human life is a boon to you. A great blessing for you and all those who share this interlude.

You walked into a different setting. That is all that has happened. You walked out of one mist into another.

Like a space traveler, you alighted in a certain time and place and found yourself bewildered in a strange land. Surely you came from a land more enlightened. The earth is not where you were born. Only your body was born here.

And here you develop and grow and serve this dream of Mine called the Universe. My dream is yours as well. And so you dream a while.

Every step you take on earth serves the very earth you walk on. You affect the stars and planets above you. Surely you affect the earth beneath your feet. Did you think otherwise?

During this stint on earth, remember from where you have come and to where you are inevitably returning. It is earth you visit. And even when you visit, in truth, you have never left where you came from and the God Whose love is yours.

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God is really uplifting. He

God is really uplifting. He knows our hearts so well. I feel that I already know, but even re-reading what I feel I already know, I find. I find love. In words, I sometimes find an unwritten answer to my unwritten questions for life.

God is nice; He loves.

I am happy, and I find, and now even if I feel I've learned already to love with all my heart, I'm learning to love, the limitless possibilities of love. I'm learning to realize God's love, which looks limitless. It's a great re-discovery of love.

It is funny to see, how I first wanted to make this comment a complaint, but as I am realizing God's love, I can't see the problem which is the core of my complaint. I see the situation, but I can't see anymore how it is, in anyway, problematic. I agree with Paulo Coelho when he said, "When we love, we always strive to become better than who we are."

I just want to remind

I just want to remind everyone that Felicia is our remarkable 14-year old translator of Indonesian. I have learned so much from Felicia. .

And Gloria taught me a lot

And Gloria taught me a lot as well :)

I believe that was God in

I believe that was God in Heavenletters who added to you, dear friend.

God adds to me, but Gloria,

God adds to me, but Gloria, not when she's writing God's words, too teaches me a lot :) God uses you as His instrument, dear Gloria, to teach me.