Holy Light

God said:

Honor Our connection. It is holy. What does holy mean? It means pure and unsullied. Nothing whatsoever can spoil Our connection. It is holy. Not even you can mar Our relationship. All you can do is be blind to it. You cannot affect it at all.

All your disenchantments and despairs and distrust, no matter how strong, no matter how directed at Me they may be, are nothing at all when it comes to Us. Nothing can pierce the light that is Ours. Disavow all you want, prove or disprove all you want, and still We are, pure in Our light, untrammeled by all your beliefs and protests.

You can cover up Our relationship, you can paint it a different color, but whatever you do comes right off. It was nothing but a cover-up for the love that is immutably Ours.

Whatever you may think of yourself, whatever you may think of Me, We are, and We are One. You cannot remove Me. You cannot alter Me. You cannot change a quarter-inch of the love We share. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

You may convince yourself that I have betrayed you, that you know better than I, that you are better off without Me. Convince yourself of anything you want, and I am still here, and you are still here with Me. Where can We be but where We are.

Whatever lengths you may go to dispute Me, there is no distance between Us.

You can build a façade of difference between Us, but a façade is only a façade.

There is nothing you can do about Me. There is nothing you can do with Me but awake to My love.

You do not have to deny Me. When you deny, you deny Me to yourself. You deny yourself of all that is truly yours and which you desire above all else.

What We are to each other is not provable. I am not provable. Proof neither proves nor disproves anything. I can only be known. Whatever you may think, you do know Me. You have known Me for a long time. We merely are continuing Our relationship that began at the moment of Creation. You were present with Me. You were in on things from the beginning.

You have an interest in drama, however. With Me, there is great power, but no drama. We cannot be estranged. We cannot reunite. We are united, and nothing severs Our union. What story line can there be with Us. The story is that We are and always have been. We lack plot.

When you are in the center of the Sun, all you have is light. You have nothing to contrast it with. There is no story to unfold. The most you can do is vibrate in the light as if you had wings. Absorbed by and in the light, there is nothing else to attend to but light. There is nothing outside the light. All you can do is be in the light. Knowing only light, you are melted in the gold of it, pure molten gold.

When all is light, and you are light, what distinction can be made? Where can this or that exist? What can be called yours and what can be called Mine? And why would anyone want to?

But, of course, there is no anyone. There is Our pure holy light. The only thing you are made of is pure light, and it is the same pure light that I AM.