Holy Light

God said:

Honor Our connection. It is holy. What does holy mean? It means pure and unsullied. Nothing whatsoever can spoil Our connection. It is holy. Not even you can mar Our relationship. All you can do is be blind to it. You cannot affect it at all.

All your disenchantments and despairs and distrust, no matter how strong, no matter how directed at Me they may be, are nothing at all when it comes to Us. Nothing can pierce the light that is Ours. Disavow all you want, prove or disprove all you want, and still We are, pure in Our light, untrammeled by all your beliefs and protests.

Your Holy Being

God said:

Your holy being means your whole being. We are talking about a return to wholeness. That is your holiness. And that is Mine. Your returning yourself to Me is returning to your wholeness. Your little self wandered off from your True Self. Your True Self is restored to you the moment you look around and notice. That is your acceptance.

Human Holy Light

God said:

I can speak nothing but Truth, I am incapable of saying less than Truth. I do not imagine, for I know All. At one time I imagined, and My Creation appeared, for Creation is the fruit of My thought. But now I do not imagine. I see. I see All before Me. Therefore, I see only the Light of Truth. And therefore I sing only Truth, for I sing of Me.

If what I have said about your being My Light is true, and, of course, it is, then you are Holiness. You are a Human Holy Light in God's Creation.

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