Your Holy Being

God said:

Your holy being means your whole being. We are talking about a return to wholeness. That is your holiness. And that is Mine. Your returning yourself to Me is returning to your wholeness. Your little self wandered off from your True Self. Your True Self is restored to you the moment you look around and notice. That is your acceptance.

You might say that you accept Me with all your might, but might is not the key. It takes no might to accept Me. Might must be something of your own making. There is no effort in accepting Me. You do not make Me come to you in your awareness, and I do not make you come to Me. My might is mightier than making.

You accept Me with your awareness, and I accept you with My love. It is not a trade exactly, My love in exchange for your awareness. When you have awareness, you have recognition of My love. Your recognition is like your capture of it. You capture My love with a flicker of light. Your mind catches on. That is the capture of My love.

But, of course, My love cannot be captured. Can you capture what is given to you freely?

Perhaps I should charge for it, and then My love would be more valued. But what could I make you pay in? In tears? You have cried enough already. In joy? Gladly I would charge you in joy. But you barely have enough. I would not tax you on it.

So all I could exact from you in trade for My love is you. All of you. That would be a fair trade, if trade were fair. But there is no trade. There is only giving.

But, in any case, I do have all of you. You are already Mine. I will exact your recognition, that's all. That is your fee, and that is your ticket, and that is your entrance.

There are two tickets you can accept from Me. One is Come Now, and one is Come Later. You want and buy instant lottery tickets, but you hesitate about My instancy. And I am no lottery. With Me, your odds are greater than one in a million. They are a million in a million. But you hesitate and take the delayed ticket.

At any moment, you can trade that ticket for the instant one. Actually, just turn it over, and you will see that you carried an instant ticket all along. Instant transport. Instant entry. Instant ecstasy. The ecstasy of Paradise. It is exquisite. You think it is too much for you to hope for. But it is guaranteed. You are guaranteed, and I am the Warranty. And I am the Warrantor.

With every step you take, you are coming to acceptance of what I offer you.

You take a ferry. You take a bus. You ride in a taxi. You go by train or helicopter or by jet. It does not matter. When you do accept My offer, you come to Me in an instant. The actual coming never takes long. Coming to the point may take what you call time.

Know this: you are coming to Me again. You are the second coming of Christ. No one but you.

But you don't believe Me when I say that. You think it is some kind of hype. You think it is hyperbole. You think I like to speak in poetry, when you need a legal paper or some such writ. You fear a hoax.

How can a piece of paper mean more than My word?

You are afraid of heights. Let's come out in the open about what holds you back. You are afraid to climb the golden ladder to Heaven. You think you can slip or tumble.

There is no up and down in Heaven. That is only an idea in your head.

Coming to Me is leaving behind old worn-out unuseful ideas. Step out of past thinking, and you will come to Me.

Only your thinking holds you back. And you have thought fear. Now think of Me and what your second coming means to Me. Think of Me.