acceptance of God

Your Holy Being

God said:

Your holy being means your whole being. We are talking about a return to wholeness. That is your holiness. And that is Mine. Your returning yourself to Me is returning to your wholeness. Your little self wandered off from your True Self. Your True Self is restored to you the moment you look around and notice. That is your acceptance.

Your Holy Acceptance

God said:

Christ lingers in the world. That is to say that he continues his ministry. He calls you to him as a disciple. He is light calling to light. He is vibration calling to vibration. He is the sound of My voice repeated through his own. He echoes My every word. He hums the song I sing.

You barely hear it, but you hear it.

We can say that Christ and I are a duet. But I long for a choir of Christs.

You apologize and say you don't sing very well.

My song is easy to follow.

When you sing My song, your voice is beautiful enough. It is not you who is listened to. It is My song.

"My Father's House"

God said:

"My Father's house has many mansions" means there are dimensions you do not remember visiting. I use the word "dimension", but that does not say accurately what I mean to say. There is no word for what I want to say.

It is like — only like — you have a house with a third floor you are not aware of or have forgotten (not aware of and forgotten are the same) — and then suddenly you open a forgotten door (you have an insight) and there are the stairs, and there are the other rooms, treasures there all the time, but hidden from your view. They can only be hidden temporarily.

You Are Made of Stardust

God said:

How can I not be pleased with you? I see well.

It is you who is not pleased with yourself.

It is you who finds fault, not I.

If you did not find fault, you would not make fault.

Let go of fault, and you will be more of what you are.

Oh, the glance of fault — let it go! The superiority of fault. No less superior is the fault you find in yourself — let it go! Enough faultfinding! It leads you nowhere.

Be a joy-finder. Be pleased. Be pleased.

Laugh at yourself a lot.

But do not mock yourself.

Make yourself true.

Yes, God!

God said:

I am the Nothingness from which everything comes. And I am the Everythingness. And you are an embodiment of Me. I am embodied in you. I Who have no physical form exist within you. You could not have come into your existence (My Existence) without My breath upon you.

What is My breath but the absence of everything but love?

I breathed love into you, My love, gave it to you so you could embark on a journey through the journey called life. Your own journey. No one else's. Yours. All journeying the same, and none alike.

The Little Ribbon of Time

God said:

Something grand is before you. It is time for you to know that. Miniscule is not before you. Miniscule is behind you. That is why you must not keep returning to the past. You will miss the present. You really don't want to miss the present. The present is presented to you. I present it to you right now. I present an unopened package of wonders, and it has to be opened right away, or the moment is gone.

The Tide of God

God said:

Today you are God's pure spirit, unladen of the past. You wake unsullied. You wake up to Me.

It is I Who wakes you. The tide of God wakes you just like the Moon pulls the seas. I pull you to Me. "Awake, awake!" I say. And you push off the covers of the past, and you know that you awaken to Me and not to thoughts of the past.

For one moment you awake to the sense of Oneness with Me rather than with aches of regret of what is done or undone or despair for what is yet to be done or occur.

Truth, Part II

God said:

We are talking about a settling-in. Settle in to yourself, not the world as it appears. Settle in to Truth or rise to it. It is the same. The Truth sinks in, and you rise to it. You get up to greet it, as I do greet you, but it is found sitting where you are.

Once in a while you glimpse truth, and you are amazed with the joy of it. "Ah, so that is truth," you muse. A quietness settles on you, a calmness far surpassing the physical state of your body, yet you feel it encasing your body and entering your heart where it will dwell in peace forever.

Truth doesn't leave. Untruth leaves.

Be True to Yourself

God said:

This reliance on the opinions of others is a big thing in your lives. Listen to others, but go by Me and yourself. When you allow others' opinions to rule you, you have abdicated yourself.

Opinions are only opinions. They are not edicts.

What do you gain when you follow the opinion of another and live up to it? What favor is gained? And what do you think you have lost when you do not? What is so important to you to be in the good graces of another? Is it important enough to deny the truth of yourself?

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