Truth, Part II

God said:

We are talking about a settling-in. Settle in to yourself, not the world as it appears. Settle in to Truth or rise to it. It is the same. The Truth sinks in, and you rise to it. You get up to greet it, as I do greet you, but it is found sitting where you are.

Once in a while you glimpse truth, and you are amazed with the joy of it. "Ah, so that is truth," you muse. A quietness settles on you, a calmness far surpassing the physical state of your body, yet you feel it encasing your body and entering your heart where it will dwell in peace forever.

Truth doesn't leave. Untruth leaves.

Truth doesn't attach. It is. Untruth leaves. It is not. But you who are greatness attach to yourself that which does not exist, and, in fervor, you exalt it as if it were real. In truth, the only thing you have is truth.

What do you consider important?

The fading fleeting or the forever far-reaching?

They are expressions of one another. But only one is the basis.

Which came first?

I came first.

I am the First Cause, and all else falls from Me.

I am the Source.

Water comes from a well.

It does not materialize itself.

Water flows to you, but you must drink of it.

You must cup your hand.

Before you see the water, perhaps you hear it.

Or you see evidence of it.

Dew on leaves.

A levee.

A sunken footstep.

That which is mortal is immortalized.

Your body is mortal, and you are immortal.

Which comes first?

Which lasts?

Which is the truth of you?

I am the truth of you, and you are the truth of Me.

To be in your truth means to be in Mine.

It means to be in Me.

To be beside Me.

To be within Me, as I am within you.

We reside within One another, and we cannot be separated. We are inseparable.

And you analyze something and you pick Our life apart.

Unite it.

Stop waiting for Me. You already have Me. I am ready for Our adventure. You are still looking for your shoes.

Come with Me without them.

You don't need them.

You need Me.

You have that which you need.

You have only to rise and to start.

You have played a waiting game.

I say, "Get up!"

You say, "Let me sleep a little longer."

And I say, "Why?"

And you say, "I don't know."

And I say, "Come anyway. Come now. Let's run to your true destiny."

You have rushed to meet your fate on earth, have you not?

You have rushed to one embroilment or another.

Now rush to That Which has no compare.

Rush by opening the floodgates of Truth.

Open to where the Ocean exists.

Stop opening dry-dock. For what avail?

Open your heart of love. Open it to yourself.

Love your truth.

Love you.

Love your existence.

Love your being.

Love your possibilities.

Your possibilities are your truth.

The barriers to your fulfillment are not truth.

Abandon the barriers and take on the sword of your truth, for truth is a great cutter. It cuts away slag. It cuts way ties to that which never was.

Truth does not change.

You change.

You change not by effort but by vision.

Widen your vision.

Widen what you will accept.

What will you accept from Me?

First, accept Me.

Accept Our Oneness.

How much are you willing to receive from the One God Who Loves Above All?

How much of My love are you willing to receive?

My love is measureless.

Accept a portion today.

Accept a greater portion tomorrow.

Accept all the boons I wish to give you.

I place the desire in your heart.

To you who serve Me, I give everything.

How much will you accept?

Your very service to Me is your acceptance.