Truth, Part I

God said:

It is your Heart of Hearts We talk about, the heart within you that hears and accepts Truth. The true heart knows that what appears on the surface may not be the truth of what is beneath. The surface venues of life may lead you astray. We are not talking the truth of words but the truth of heart.

Being in your new awareness means you are aware. It means that you speak and hear Truth. Ask yourself, "What is the truth of what my heart hears?"

Something doesn't ring true, and you blame yourself for feeling vague and unsettled.

But now you listen to the peal of the Bell of Truth.

Rally to your truth and not to sentiments. This is the same as standing tall. This is the same as having confidence in your own perception.

What is the truth of your heart? Perhaps you do not yet know. So then practice silence.

Saying less than truth is like passing counterfeit coin. It doesn't feel good to you anymore. What you receive in return feels counterfeit as well. And so illusion is passed back and forth.

It is a lovely thing to be in your truth. You speak your truth, but your truth is not in finding fault in others. It is finding truth in others. You are a speaker of truth and a finder of truth. You just don't pretend to yourself or others that untruth is truth anymore.

The truth beneath each heart is a burning desire to receive and give love, a burning desire to be love, which is the truth of being. But because My children have been taught they are inadequate, they have learned to grasp, to light onto what may be only a spark that doesn't signify much, and which glimmer doesn't last from one heart to another.

Truth does not have to prove anything. Truth is just what it is and shines on its own.

When you put a brick of gold in one hand and one of gold foil in another, you know the difference.

Put true gold into your heart where it belongs. Do not pretend gilt is gold. And don't hide your gold. Gold is gold. I would tell you to be brazen with your gold, but that might be misinterpreted. If We had to choose between being modest with your gold or brazen with it, I would say be brazen. But We do not have to choose, so think neither shy nor brazen. Just let truth arise.

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