There Can Be Understanding

God said:

Think of how wonderful are the letters of the alphabet. What an invention! Feel the sound of letters on your lips and tongue. So many beautiful sounds. Consider Beta. Consider Blessed, Beloved, Being. Consider all the beautiful letters and the sounds the letters make. There are also words formed with the same letters that are not so wonderful. Is it the sound of the word or connotation, or is it both, or is it something else altogether?

What Is Truth?

God said:

Sometimes you think you know all there is to know about the wiles of the world. But the wiles of the world are only wiles. Wiles are superficial. Do not make them your King.


God said:

If you were not concerned with what the world or someone in it might think of you, you would be a great leader of love. You would never hesitate from what is before you to do.

You would get up front and speak. You would always speak the truth, and you would speak it with love. You would be the leader of the universe.

All the rules of the world, no matter how changeable they are, have been like a clamp on you, and perhaps have made you feel like an outsider in your own land.

Take Responsibility

God said:

When you let go of any attachment, you are uplifted. Letting go is being uplifted. You want to be uplifted, but you don't want to let go.

Anytime you have felt inspired, something in you lifted. Your attachment to darkness loosened its hold. You saw the light. You saw a new way. That was your lifting. You opened a blind. You let the light through. The light came through simply because you opened a blind.

You have blind spots, and they are dear to you. You hold them to you as your preciousness. Your darling denials. You seem to feel you must nourish them.

Truth, Part II

God said:

We are talking about a settling-in. Settle in to yourself, not the world as it appears. Settle in to Truth or rise to it. It is the same. The Truth sinks in, and you rise to it. You get up to greet it, as I do greet you, but it is found sitting where you are.

Once in a while you glimpse truth, and you are amazed with the joy of it. "Ah, so that is truth," you muse. A quietness settles on you, a calmness far surpassing the physical state of your body, yet you feel it encasing your body and entering your heart where it will dwell in peace forever.

Truth doesn't leave. Untruth leaves.

Truth, Part I

God said:

It is your Heart of Hearts We talk about, the heart within you that hears and accepts Truth. The true heart knows that what appears on the surface may not be the truth of what is beneath. The surface venues of life may lead you astray. We are not talking the truth of words but the truth of heart.

Being in your new awareness means you are aware. It means that you speak and hear Truth. Ask yourself, "What is the truth of what my heart hears?"

Something doesn't ring true, and you blame yourself for feeling vague and unsettled.

But now you listen to the peal of the Bell of Truth.

The Land of Truth

God said:

Yes, you are a showman unparalleled. You have your part down to perfection. You have stayed within the white lines perfectly. You have been a splendid fraud, perfect actually.

But now you have found out what an actor you are, and now you end the masquerade. You don’t tiptoe over the white lines you had laid out in chalk and perceived as borders as strong as an iron fence. No, now you fly over all the charlatan boundaries. You no longer see them nor give thought to them. You don’t give them two cents.

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