There Can Be Understanding

God said:

Think of how wonderful are the letters of the alphabet. What an invention! Feel the sound of letters on your lips and tongue. So many beautiful sounds. Consider Beta. Consider Blessed, Beloved, Being. Consider all the beautiful letters and the sounds the letters make. There are also words formed with the same letters that are not so wonderful. Is it the sound of the word or connotation, or is it both, or is it something else altogether?

Letters of the alphabet are an example of how everything touches everything else. As you speak, your mind, heart, voice, lips, teeth and tongue and cheeks and chin come together like a chorus to sing high notes and low. What magic there is in the sounds you make and the movements of the ensemble that make them!

And others make meaning of the sounds you make, and others' sounds bounce back to you like colors in a magnificent design. What kind of miracle is this, the speech you make every day, the ordinary extraordinary sounds you make that magically drum meaning!

The story of the Tower of Babel perhaps shows that having varieties of languages is not a favorable thing, but, really, having many languages is a magnificent progression. Hail to all languages and the diversity of speech! Hail to infinite speech. Hail to the people who make the sounds of the speech.

No one wants only one appetizer. Why would We want only one language? We have One World with many languages. Who would want one language, and how would it be chosen? I love all the languages of the world. I love to hear them.

Misunderstanding is not a result of the variant languages. It is not language's fault when it is not understood. Even without words, there can be understanding. There can be understanding. Love can be understood. It can be understood very well.

Words attempt to express waves of consciousness. The words themselves are not responsible for the waves. And yet words can raise consciousness high. My words do. How can My words do that? Because My consciousness is high. Of course, My consciousness, My very Being is higher than any word, for words can go only so far. There is more to language than words. There is more to language than the words of any language.

Words that reveal Truth are most powerful. The same words are powerful or less powerful depending upon the person who speaks them and the honor behind them. "I am going to the store" may be true or untrue. What worth are the words unless they are backed up and adhered to?

Let all your words say simply what is so. Let the range of your words grow tall like trees in a forest. Let your words enter the Universe like waves from an antenna high in the sky. Let your words be the sweet songs of birds alighting in a tree. Let your words be swords of truth that cut through all brush. Let your words go straight to everyone's heart of love and be renewed and go out again. Let your words blaze themselves through the Universe and reach galaxies and the stars and the moon and the sun beyond hearing but yet not beyond knowing. Let your words be the words of angels. Let your words be the words of nature that reflect all that is beautiful in the world and what is yet to be beautiful from the view you share. Let your words be. Be, beloveds. BE.

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Dearest my friends, I do

Dearest my friends,
I do have to write for all Heaven readers that since I begun read HeavenLetters and your inspired comments my life has find a new high dimension, even if my English can't expalin what I have in my heart.
I love you all

Bella Pitta, it's ok! No

Bella Pitta, it's ok! No language can explain what we feel in our heart. Your heart sings on a note of it's own :)

Here's to diversity! Languages are fascinating. Have you ever played the game of slowing your speech and allowing the vocalization of your words reverberate through your body?

Dear Admin, what's this

Dear Admin,
what's this game? I want to know more! It sounds fantastic for my emotional balance!

words and silence

...keep silence, but if you have to speak, tell something better than silence...

... I find it interesting

... I find it interesting those that don't like or don't know how to cope with silence, excepting kids of course :-)

Hail yes Hail smiling Hail

Hail yes Hail smiling

Hail to the multiplicity of the world`s languages...

Hail too, to the ONE LANGUAGE that we all share - the language of love in the presence of BEING. Such a peaceful language that communicates without limitations. A language that carries itself freely and peacefully, and is the one exception from misunderstanding in truly Being ONE...

Wishing you all a sunny day full of Love in the presence of Being ¤

Be careful

Since we live, move and have our being in God, and God created the world by speaking, then it so important to becareful what we say.

So today I speak the blessings of God over each one reading this.I say today is a good day and the love of God is spread abroad. Peace to you and your household. Thank you Gloria for this reminder of what God is saying to us.
Living in Him and He in me
loving God for all eternity

There Can Be Understanding

Wonderful GOD, We feel blessed by the way words can be organized to be so poetical, and everyone loves to hear lyrical sounding words. Words of love and goodwill resonate warmly within the heart.

Words of love can bless and transform! The United States nowadays needs to speak more words of good will toward the leaders of so many countries who have somehow come to know only what they consider animosity from the United States. How imperative it is for us to speak primarily from the heart with each other.

It is imperative that we speak to these leaders from the point of view of deep and heartfelt good will, with the intent that we all come to find how much in common we have with each other.

Thank you, Glorious God, for this reminder of how the words we speak with our God given tongues CAN BE LIFE CHANGING, WORLD CHANGING, HEART OPENING!

I believe that in this Newly Forming World, called 5th dimensional Reality ,exciting new energies are in the process of transformation. The particles your/our Mother Earth and therefore our bodies, are changing dramatically as Earth has decided she wants to "come up higher" in vibration. The new world is extraordinary and scintillating to contemplate! Mother Earth has decided she wants to "come up higher" in vibration and therefore must we! It's a world wherein we will only speak from our hearts purest loving intent! That is all that we will understand, from one tongue to another!

Yes Yes - the language of


Yes - the language of love is the only language of no borders. It flows naturally from one heart to an other, yet an other, till it reaches every heart in the world. No other language has the purity to travel with the speed of light, only light itself - and love is the lightest there is in this world of ours.

Love Hege :o)

Hi,im Hege byrkje`s son.I

Hi,im Hege byrkje`s son.I just wanna say Hi and i think your work i excelent.still am not sure what your work is but...

This is just right, Little

This is just right, Little Sean! I don't really know either! Except I know reading Heavenletters has changed my life. Are you reading some Heavenletters? Do you possibly have a favorite so far?
How old are you?

God bless you.

With love,


Hi,it`s me again.Im 11 years

Hi,it`s me again.Im 11 years old.i don`t read so much heaven letters beacuse i don`t understand all the words :P but my mom tells me what the words mean,so i understand it`s really nice what you write. and now i have to go to bed.but i`l talk to you sometime. and as you say God bless you!<3 BYE BYE... :D

Beloved Sean, how do we

Beloved Sean, how do we welcome you properly? You are Heaven's youngest reader to post on the forum. We are so happy and grateful and blessed to have you here. And what a great mom you have, but you already know all the love there is in your family.

Are you in fifth or sixth grade?

Please tell us more about yourself.

With love and blessings,


I`m in sixith grade.but what

I`m in sixith grade.but what can i say aboute my self?

Where do you live? What

Where do you live? What state, what city?

You may have noticed that we have many people from other countries. The lady who calls herself Pitta on the forum is from Italy, for example.

What do you most like to do? What makes you happy?

When you and your mom do go over a Heavenletter, what are some of the words that are new to you?

If you were to choose three sentences from a particular Heavenletter, what three sentences might you choose? What is there about those three sentences that made you choose them? I am just giving you ideas, beloved Sean. We will be glad to read anything you write.

Will you send a photo of yourself to me? gloria [at] Heavenletters [dot] org We are looking for informal candid photos of Heavenreaders. With your permission, we will publish it and a comment from you on the Reader Comment page of the web site.

This goes for everyone!

Say hello to your mom for me!

Welcome little Sean. You are

Welcome little Sean. You are big in the eyes of God. You are blessed and highly favored. God has big plans for you. You are a warrior for God in the making. May the ground you walk on be prosperous and may you possess it for God's kingdom.
Blessings always Sean
Living in Him and He in me
loving God for all eternity

what really matters...

Hi Little Sean who is really quite big :o)

You have been on my laptop while I was in the bathroom smiling. Remember what you did to the screensaver on my laptop a little while ago? You changed it all by yourself without me knowing. You wrote Peace and Love colouring the letters lilac, allowing them to flow freely across the screen. Heavenletters are about Peace and Love, and you are a part of the Life of Peace and Love Sean. This makes you big, and it makes all the other Heavenletters` readers and writers big too. Big really means very loving. I love you too and I just adore your curious outlook on Life. I am loving you more than you could ever imagine my adorable son. You can read what I have written when you are coming home from school. Loving you Robin and Nikita too.

Love from Mamma :o)

Hi little Sean, I'm so happy

Hi little Sean,
I'm so happy you are here! Please, my big friend, post here again, for your voice is sweet by heart. I'm happy there is someone so joung between Heaven comments.
Much much love to you

Love to Little Sean

Hi little Sean, so beautiful to have such a young Heavenreader ! As Pitta, I too live in Italy, it is so nice to meet here on this forum. Looking forward to your postings dear.

Much love to you dear and to your Mom !!

Understanding brings life to words

"IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD." At the formation of existence there were no vowels or consonants only meaning. As the WORD took on the flesh of what we know as reality mankind had to learn to spell out the meaning of the spell of this new and birthing thing that is so beautiful.

The first gesture probably meant something like: "You're interesting to me, or you smell nice or can I touch you. All real touching is not by words but by what those words mean. For instance the word water has a nice sound in our language, and in writing you know that it means water but neither the sound or the written word can satisfy your thirst.

To say the words "I LOVE YOU!" can't compare to helping put the kids to bed or cleaning the table of dishes or the obvious hurry to hold the one who has been waiting for you.

The Greek word LEGO is translated into English as WORD. It sort of boils down to "the building blocks of concepts." The Greek word for person to person touching with words is "RHEMA". To get to the concept behind a word so as to explore it's origin, meaning, influence is the Greek word: "LOGAS." This can be the word or the meaning of the words or the Person's intent that has used the word to create something.

Looking in a mirror you see a person staring back at you. The "YOU-NESS" of that person needs no words to inform you of that person's name or meaning. It is good if you have fallen in love with the image in the mirror and have leaned how to forgive foolish words it has spoken or hasty deeds done in the rash of emotions of some sort. It helps to say: "I love you and forgive you." to that image in the mirror because it is the very image of the Source of all that you are. Heaven Letters show us how and why. So beautifully.

George wiping the steam off the mirror

In total agreement

Awesome George! I am in total agreement with what you wrote. A person finds joy in giving an apt reply—
and how good is a timely word!
The Sovereign LORD has given you an instructed tongue,
to know the word that sustains the weary.

Living in Him and He in me
loving God for all eternity

Comment on "In total agreement"

Sweet Michelle you warm my heart! Thanks

George living as a reflected light from the LIGHT

You have a wonderful way of

You have a wonderful way of expressing truth George Montana and I just love it :o)

The intention behind words is the true quality of the energy of those words. Therefore Honesty, as the Intention when speaking - projects Reality. There is nothing as Bright and Light as the Honesty of True Intention. There is nothing more powerful than Reality when all illusions are removed and voila - Revelation. Project a beam of Light and it is immediately reflected and returned - the language of Love unmistakably Real. Reality - true Creation...

Love you too smiling

Good Day :) Mirror mirror on

Good Day :)

Mirror mirror on the wall - Me-ness is new-ness when the steam settles its covering up. I am tired. I think I will just wipe it clear once and for all smiling...

Our path is made of gold. Our Light makes our path golden. We are walking the High Road. The low road is an illusion anyway.

The ground under me is comforting, but The Heaven above me is My Foundation. I am putting more attention on The Heaven above and my fears will have nowhere to go, but away.

Thanking you all for helping me out smiling...We are all one...

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said as you speak
So many beautiful sounds
I love to hear them

God said let your words
Be the words of My angels
Be Beloveds BE

Love, Light and Aloha!