The Earth Is Your Garden

God said:

The Earth is your garden. I look to you to take care of it. Take care of it well.

Just as with people, you do not use them without also giving to them, the Earth is not to be taken for granted. True, you tread on the Earth every day, and the Earth doesn't complain.

By the same token, you read about the world, and you think about it, and experience it and observe it, and often you grumble about it, yet the world is your garden. Sometimes it is overgrown and filled with brambles, and yet it is your world. It is the house you live in. It is My garden.

How would you feel if all your resources were used without a thank you, without a backward glance? The world does not grumble, and yet with acknowledgment from you, it would flourish. It would swell in your recognition of it, and so is it with the people who inhabit the world. Give a nod of recognition and appreciation.

What blade of grass is there that should not be thanked? What tit-willow or oriole should not be blessed? What is there about the Earth that should not be appreciated, and what is there in the world that would not blossom with kind regard from you? What country right now needs a little appreciation from you? Surely you can find that which to appreciate. You can appreciate a country's zeal. There is something you can honestly appreciate. You don't always have to protest.

What part of the world would not blush with joy at a kind thought of yours?

The snows of Alaska do not have to please you to a T nor do desert lands, yet there is nothing, beloveds, that you cannot find in your heart to appreciate.

The same goes for people, and the same goes for you. The more down-in-the-mouth you are, the more you will benefit from uplifting words from yourself. Give yourself some sweet talk. You will feel better. You can say an uplifting word to others, and you and they will feel better. What better way for you to uplift yourself than to uplift another?

Even when you do not feel like smiling, you can smile. Even when you do not feel like anything, you can also rise to the occasion. Beloveds, rise to the occasion of the world. Rise to the occasion of yourself. You and the world are My blessings to all, and so you bless. Bless with your countenance, and bless with your words. Bless with your heart, that sturdy plum of God's love that resides in your chest. Fill your heart with what you would like it to carry. Fill the world with your expressions of what you would like the world to be.

The world is innocent, beloveds. Don't knock it. Don't kick it. The less attractive you find the world, the more it is incumbent upon you to uplift it. No more complaining, beloveds.

If complaints were clay, and appreciation were clay, which clay would you choose to shape the world with? Choose now.

No one needs to point out the errors of the world any more than your errors or anyone else's need pointing out. If errors are so obvious as they seem to be to you, what need is there for you to underline them? Take out their goodness which may need to be highlighted. Highlight your appreciation. Speak up for what you like. Enough dalliance with what you don't like.

I am giving you a great formula for success. Will you kindly heed My suggestion? Will you?

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Seeing the beauty

Yes, yet another beautiful letter.

God says: "The snows of Alaska do not have to fit you to a T nor do the desert lands...." I feel like proclaiming: "But they DO suit me to a T!" I have never seen a landscape or any natural setting that I didn't adore. I feel God's essence emanating from every grain of sand and every blade of grass. This part is easy for me.

But seeing that beauty in every human face has been a challenge. In another Heavenletter, somewhere, God points out that the beauty of my fellow humans is even more exquisite than that of nature. Why is it that I can so readily see and feel the beauty of the earth yet I have to work at seeing the beauty of certain other people? Is it a learned thing? Am I being like one of Pavlov's dogs and reacting out of conditioning or habit? I seem to be making progress, but a gulf still exists.

A lovely, lovely letter. Yes, the suggestions are clear: "highlight your appreciation. Speak up for what you like." Father, I am trying........Chuck

Yes, a learned thing.

Yes, a learned thing. Pavlov's dog, yes. Plus fear, chronic anger, depression ... for everyone a very personal mixture of some of those things that work to suppress love. They will go, Chuck. Give yourself a year or two with Heavenletters. In moments of frustration, when I see how far I still feel from loving certain people and certain traits in people, I sometimes think I'm not making progress at all. But that's not true and really unfair. Nature. Isn't it wonderful to have areas in our life where love flows freely so we can always know what it is we want more of?

good and bad

I love dead leaves, I love the thorns of the rose, I love chilly days. I love all of nature, but not all of humans. But can we separate the good from the bad? Yesterday Pitta, commenting the heavenletter, told us about Caravaggio and his most beautiful painting "Narciso". He was a great artist and he surely was a channel for the spirit, he knew something by intuition and he tried to comunicate it through his art. But he was also a murderer who ended his days killed on a beach. We thank God for having given us Caravaggio.

Love mother nature

I am a horticulturist in life and work in fruit tree, vegetable, rose and ornamental plants. I know how much this soil is important ; my neighbor gardener tells me that when I touch the garden soil it turns into green gold.Our ecological professor told us that the Lebanese landscape must be all under one natural ecological reserved area because of its beautiful crude nature. The Lebanese cedar(cedrus libani) grows only here. You heard over the past few years how many disastrous fires have eaten up millions of nature borne trees(oaks, pines, cedars, fruit orchards). I wish I had grown a few thousand trees every year to help regrow this missing element to enrich our lovely nature. In my small garden I grew around 100 baby fruit trees and tens of roses and ornamental plants ; I have place to grow only 10 trees out of the nursery I'm dealing with. We'll hopefully find a piece of land to change its crude soil into a large nursery and grow these tens of trees. I have a few baby cedar trees ; I'll plant one in my uncle's orchard and give the second tree as a gift for a friend. I hope that the people stop bird hunting as you know their important role to decrease insects and other problems on garden products. Turn your gardens into pure organic gardening to know nature's ways to grow crops.

Beloved Elias, welcome! You

Beloved Elias, welcome!

You live in Lebanon! How beautiful.

100 baby fruit trees sounds like a big garden!

What you are doing is so appreciated.

And thank you for posting. Looking forward to more.

With love and blessings,


Mother Earth is My Wondrous Garden

Wondrous God, I love your great formula for success and I shall heed your suggestions with great thanks! I do want my heart to appreciate all the wonders Mother Earth offers. I love to look out each morning at the grass growing outside my door. I sprinkled the seed and off it took! I love the frisky squirrels that scamper around and the birds that taste some of the seeds- I bless, too! They are beautiful and full of your magical energy. And I thank you for them and I love them.

Mother Earth is a magically beautiful garden. I think of the wonder of waterfalls. And the great desert of Sonora in Arizona is like nothing else! I loved living there particularly! There were delightful cardinals that came to perch on my garden wall, they always make me smile. The mountains are inspiring to watch the way your Light shines on them and shadows fall on them
at the end of the day.They are inspirational! Camelback mountain in Arizona is stunning! All mountains are!

And the people who walk on Mother Earth, they are all your "children of Light" because Your Thought System is Light. Children of the Sun. Sons and daughters of the Sun. We find find more and more to admire and delight in Her.


This daughter of light shines so bright

Sweet Mary moon (not verified) please know that your words are verified by my consciousness. All I got to say is WOW!

George with grass stains on his trousers

Life really is wonderful. Thank you FATHER

How simple and beautiful these words urging our thanksgiving.

George loves to blow dried dandelions

Gloria, how perfectly

Gloria, how perfectly today's message fit in with my life today. At the gym I got an eyeful of bad news on CNN. "The Earth Is Your Garden" was just what I needed to see.

I don’t watch the news at home. And at the gym this morning, it’s my own fault that I chose a cardio machine smack-dab in front of CNN. There’s something compelling about TV: I look at it whether I want to or not. The sound was off, and I managed to stop reading the subtitles after seeing murder and weather mayhem.

The news can be a good source of conversation topics, but physically and emotionally, we’d be better off focusing on uplifting messages.

Tracey E. Bennett

Laughing :o) Make people put

Laughing :o)

Make people put aside what they do not need anymore, like toys that are out on date. Make them see what is important smiling.

Love you

My dearest friends, may I

My dearest friends,

may I tell you what is my experiment?
I also had some difficult to accept some humankind. Since I begun to read Heavenletters I do it in this way. When I am in front any person I look in his/her eyes, looking for myself. I think I want find me in the other eyes, and it works! I begin to recognize the same thing in everyone.
And I say to myself if I see the same thing, what I see must be God! For the now I only say that with my brain: I hope very soon with my heart.

RIvers of blessings to all

pitta, sweetheart

Rivers of blessings to you, too, pitta. What a beautiful suggestion you give us! We can add it on to the other suggestions given at the end of this letter. One could even turn your experiment into a spiritual practice by itself, a way to move more quickly along our chosen path. I am sure I can speak for others in saying your comments warm our hearts.......Chuck

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said bless your heart
And rise to the occasion
Uplift another

Love, Light and Aloha!