The Whole Dynamics

God said:

To work is a good thing. To be occupied is better than to not be occupied. Yet sometimes My children have work that they don't like and that doesn't make them happy. I would like to say that even with work you don't like, you can be less unhappy.

When you focus on what you don't like, it makes you unhappy.

There may be good reason not to like your present work or job. It may well not be the right place for you, not the right work and not the right environment for you. There may be unkindness and folly. I understand this. I do not say you must stay forever where you are unhappy. I do say you can feel better until you move on. While you are still in this job and before you walk off, perhaps you can not mind it so much. Perhaps you can mind it a lot less. Perhaps you can retrieve the worthiness of your work.

When you are on a job that doesn't make you happy, it will be good if you can look at what you are doing from a bigger perspective. When you are looking at the job itself and only the details of it, you sink deeper into the dreariness of it. Okay, the work you do and the company you are in are not what you dream of, and yet perhaps there is a greater purpose served. What might it be?

What does the company you work for provide for someone who wants it? Who is the end-buyer and how does the product or service serve those who wish to have it? The company you work for must contribute something. Perhaps you legitimately feel that you do not want to serve the employers you work for. Perhaps you can feel better about serving the customers. When you can get your mind off your own displeasure, your work may feel more worthwhile.

Everyone wants to feel worthwhile. You want to, and you deserve to.

If your unhappiness at work is mainly from difficult people you deal with, you do not have to maintain a sense of helplessness. It may really be that nothing you say or do will make any difference. And yet it is possible that your taking yourself out of the equation for a moment can make a difference. When your emotions are kept at bay, perhaps a change in you will open a change in those who are difficult to work with. I say perhaps.

I also say that if you can truly leave some of your charged emotion behind, if you can put your emotion aside for a while, you may well affect a change in the whole dynamics, and your reaction will change. Please know I understand how your making a change can be difficult, yet it is possible that a change in you can make a change in your situation for the benefit of all. A change in you can at the very least benefit you.

I realize that when your shoes are too tight, wearing the same shoes isn't going to make a difference. And so you can put on different shoes as you go to work, and that will make all the difference in the world. Perhaps even loosening your same shoes can make you more comfortable in your work.

Maybe you don't have to be unhappy even in an unhappy situation. Maybe you can serve Me whatever situation you happen to be in.

I bless you, and I bless your work. Keep your attention high, beloveds.

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A Prayer of Appreciation and Love.

I undestand so well working at a job the time...I felt so fearfull and frustrated with...and yet having a family and feeling that I had to just continue...and then one day learning I got a large promotion with this very job that I did not like...and then of course accepting this promotion...leading to more responsible work and then more fear and angst and despondency. Hmmm.

And yet it all serves...everybit of it.

So...I say a little prayer...for this area of life that is much neglected:

May everyone on this planet learn to appreciate themselves...and learn to love themselves so much, that every moment in their outer lives turns into a precious pearl. And that this pearl looks to either side and sees another one...and sees its image, warmily reflected in its neighbors...and in the entire strand that stretches into eternity.

May everyone be in such a state of loving grace...that whatever they are doing...becomes way secondary to this state of loving, precious grace.

This is my wish for the people of this planet...and this is my on-going prayer for you...the reader of this.

Loving you always...Jim and Jimi.

Dear Jim, as wonderful as

Dear Jim,

as wonderful as the Heavenletter so is your post. There is still work to be done in this area of my life. I started changing my view just on concentrating on the positive aspects of the people that surround me, but I do not succeed all the time.
Some are very gentle, other are really responsable, you know you can always count on them, others make you laugh, others teach you to reach out or stay close or whatever it is. It can be a most wonderful interaction.

A wonderful Heavenletter this here !!!

Much love

God, help me to keep my

God, help me to keep my attention high. Sometimes, the majority of times, I feel so heavenly, other times I am so earthly. Why these up and down? Is it a kind of inner balance? Today I can hear the sound of Your words, but I cannot dive into them, into You. Is that normal? I do not like it.

Emilia dear, I think what

Emilia dear,

I think what you share goes for many of us, at least it goes for me and so I join you.
It is our being human I think. Let's try to see our thoughts and emotions as clouds just passing by, maybe passing through us and floating away. Let's try just to observe them and wave goodby. "No big deal" and keep shining.
You are so sweet and gentle dear Emilia, I am glad you joined this divine community !!
Much love from Milan to Rome then ! ♥

Hello sweet Emilia :o) I

Hello sweet Emilia :o)

I have felt the same all my life. I think it is natural. Sometimes we are feeling more connected than other times. We get a bit lost at times - in - our being spirit - expressed in a physical body. I am finding though ,that the more I focus on my devinely connection, the more I am in touch with true reality, truly being me. It only takes practice focusing on being more of the time. That`s all smiling. Practice enables being more. You are doing wonderful. Just keep a positive focus.

Best wishes and love Hege

Dearest Heart and

Dearest Heart and Berit,
Thank you for sharing your experience with me. They are just passing clouds. I will have again my heavenly connection and I will reach higher. I do believe that we all are a marvellous creation.

Dear friends, I want tell

Dear friends,
I want tell you what's happened to me today.
Today I came in Milan and I saw the most beautiful think I ever see: the painting of Caravaggio "Narciso". I understand this painting only now. Narciso sees himself reflected in the water and he falls in love because he thinks this beautifull reflected image isn't him, it is impossible for it is marvelous. And he loves so much the "other himself" without be able to belive this image is the same thing of him.
I think the same happen to us: we see everywhere, we see God when we look eachother and we don't belive we are seeing Him, alias us. We see Us relfected everywhere, and we don't understand it.

Ah, beloved Pitta. Have you

Ah, beloved Pitta.

Have you been reading about a Godwriting workshop in Italy?

Love, Gloria

Gloria, I 'm unable to find

Gloria, I 'm unable to find news about Godwriting workshop in Italy. I searched in the blog...nothing. You know very well my disability with this...
Please, give me more informations.
Thanks so much!!
(perhaps I would meet you? It was wonderfull!)

Yes, we will meet! Is Turin

Yes, we will meet!

Is Turin near you?

For the most comments and details about this anticipated Godwriting workshop in Italy -- and in other countries as well when the demand is there -- go to this link first because it will tell how the idea of a workshop in Italy arose -- if Shahid hadn't posted what he did, if Emilia had not expressed her desire, If Berit had not, if Paula had not (and had not been translating all these years, if Paula had not contact Magda Cernelli who professionally arranges workshops in Turin, if....

Also here:

And here:

I'm so glad we will have a chance to meet!

Hello Pitta :o) Yes, God`s

Hello Pitta :o)

Yes, God`s reflection of us in every human being. The connection in me meeting the connection in you, mirroring, reflecting, recognizing and embracing all as one. True colours - you just cannot beat it. Yet it can still be overwhelming, never the less true...

I went for a walk with a friend today. We were talking about what has been, has been, and could not have been any different - because it would have been, if it could have been. Underneath all these layers of illusion is the true you very alive and very connected - very aware of who you really are...

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said change your mind
For the benefit of all
Make your work worthwhile

God said I bless you
I bless your work Beloveds
Whatever you do

Love, Light and Aloha!