emotional tension

The Whole Dynamics

God said:

To work is a good thing. To be occupied is better than to not be occupied. Yet sometimes My children have work that they don't like and that doesn't make them happy. I would like to say that even with work you don't like, you can be less unhappy.

When you focus on what you don't like, it makes you unhappy.

In the Vastness

God said:

Let Us take a breath today and not ponder anything. Let's just stroll through a park or a fairy garden or lie in a field or on a raft on a lake and look up at the sky. Let Us truly be at ease like on a lazy summer day, and not think and wonder at all. Let's just look up at the sky and feel its beauty and move into its Vastness and allow Ourselves to stay there. Let Us not wander further than Vastness. Let Us just enjoy Vastness and take it for Our own. Let Us do nothing today but loll about in love, loving where We are and Who We are and Everything.

The Pace You Set

God said:

You look for completion. You like to finish with things. You like to be done. You think you would like to have nothing to do, but, of course, you always find more, and you wouldn't like it at all if you had nothing to do.

Much of your activity is like skirmishes, making a circle with a cloth as you wash a window or going from room to room, circling each room, trying to find something. Whatever you are doing is a little thing that carries great importance to you at the time. Everything you do is in little pieces, and yet you make them big.

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