The Pace You Set

God said:

You look for completion. You like to finish with things. You like to be done. You think you would like to have nothing to do, but, of course, you always find more, and you wouldn't like it at all if you had nothing to do.

Much of your activity is like skirmishes, making a circle with a cloth as you wash a window or going from room to room, circling each room, trying to find something. Whatever you are doing is a little thing that carries great importance to you at the time. Everything you do is in little pieces, and yet you make them big.

A circle is already complete. Circles can't really wander. In terms of the world, you can never make yourself complete. In terms of eternity, you cannot make complete what already is.

You're not quite sure what it would mean to have completion. Running past the finish line, totally cleaning your house, getting filing done. But there is another race tomorrow, and more dust collects, and more files wait to be filed. You give yourself an impossible task to have everything perfectly done on time or ahead of time. There will be an imperfection that remains somewhere. There will be something yet to do.

You rake the leaves, and then there are more. You shovel the snow, and then there is ice. You fill up the tank in your car, and then you use it.

You sit down, and then you get up.

You think you cannot really rest until everything is done. And so you do not really rest. A corner of your mind is already setting you up to have more to do before you can rest, really rest. By rest, I do not mean the concept of stopping work.

I mean for you to find a way to rest your mind and heart while you are in activity. It is essential to do this. If you are rushing, if you have to catch the light before it turns red, you are missing something. If you panic at deadlines, you have set yourself up. The point is not really what you get done or what it is you have to do. The point is that you allow your full being to accompany you as you do your errands in life. Wait for yourself.

There is not virtue in being late, yet the clock is not your ultimate king. You have set an inner timer within yourself that says, "Get things done. Hurry now! Get things done!" You have a metronome within you. You set it fast. You set it, so now it's you who can reset it.

What if I were to say to you that you can get more done in ease than you can in tension, that you will work faster when you slow down, that it is honorable and necessary for you to slow down?

When you rush to the airport, you think that getting there on time is your motivation. But you have set yourself up to rush. Somehow you are in a hurry because you are in a hurry. It is your modus operandi.

From now on, enjoy your ride to the airport.

Enjoy whatever it is that you are doing. The point is to enjoy the life you circle in. I say you can. I say you do not have to get frantic and tense in order to accomplish. I say to be at ease.

It is not necessary to carry everything in your mind. You not only carry your own personal endeavors but you carry the world's.

It is not an outcome that you are here for. Your life is not a race against time. You are here for the pleasure of My company. You are here to fulfill My will. You are here for much more than getting things done. Your purpose is far beyond your activities. Your purpose is the same as Mine.