Will of God

You Can Soar

God said:

The possibilities of what you can be are endless.

You can be anything you want. You can be a simple person who goes through life adding joy to the lives around him. You can lighten the world. You can be like a smile to the world. You can be a person who sweeps the streets, and you can be magnificent. You can be a great friend. You can lay down the red carpet for everyone. You can be a hero. You can become rich and famous and still be that simple person who adds joy to the lives around him. It is your choice. You can be anything you want.

There Is Knowing

God said:

Heaven is a certain place for Being. Much is accomplished, yet there is no effort. There is not even really thinking in Heaven. There is Knowing. In Heaven, there is no action as such. There is no distance between Knowingness and its fruit. There is what We could call an impulse, and the impulse manifests. In Heaven, there is instant fulfillment of impulses of desire. In Heaven, before an impulse has finished, its result has already been created. There is no frustration in Heaven. What frustration could there be when fulfillment of desires is instant? It is not a question of believing.

Wondrous Stillness

God said:

Free will includes the discovery of what it is you will. Often you assert yourself, and you do not yet know what it is you want to assert. Will for the sake of will is not free will, beloveds. Bring your will closer to Mine, and you will begin to know what free will is really like.

Nearer to God

God said:

The comfort I give to you is not idle. I do not give placebos, nor do I give platitudes.

The closer you are to your Source, the safer you feel. That is great comfort. The safer you feel, the less ensconced in your body are you. When you think you are your body, how safe can you feel, for it is a given that your body is in jeopardy. Everyone knows bodies do not last. The only thing in question is how long or how soon? There is a solidity in coming close to Me.

Coming closer to Me is like swinging in a hammock. What cares have you when you swing with Me?

Where God's Will Lies

God said:

My beautiful children, what is there for Me to say to you today? We have spoken of your wondrousness and the wonders you are to perform. We have spoken of your past thinking and how We are upturning it. We have spoken about the past and its hold on you and your hold on it. We have spoken of love and We have exchanged love magnificent. We have counted blessings, and We have underscored the goodness of life. We have exchanged understanding.

Abundance of Light

God said:

When there is room for all, there is no collision. Remind yourself that there is room for all, and life will rise to a higher domain.

Let this be your motto: There is room for all.

Then in life you will move over in your seat a little bit to make another welcome. You will make room in your heart.

Welcome is a wonderful thing. Everyone wants to feel welcomed. There is great joy in being welcomed. Make welcoming your joy as well.

Let this be your motto: There is enough for all. Enough of everything for all.

God Tells the Story of Your Life

God said:

Your question must always be, not what someone has done and done to you, but what are you yourself thinking and what direction are you moving toward now regardless of what anyone has said or what has happened.

The Pace You Set

God said:

You look for completion. You like to finish with things. You like to be done. You think you would like to have nothing to do, but, of course, you always find more, and you wouldn't like it at all if you had nothing to do.

Much of your activity is like skirmishes, making a circle with a cloth as you wash a window or going from room to room, circling each room, trying to find something. Whatever you are doing is a little thing that carries great importance to you at the time. Everything you do is in little pieces, and yet you make them big.

The Possibility of Faith

God said:

You who are My beloveds wander away from your belief in Me. You wander away from My love, and wonder where it has gone. You have been following kites and clouds in the sky and bouncing balls and sidewalks at your feet, and you have forgotten the wholeness that is yours to follow. You may believe I exist somewhere somehow, but you no longer believe in My ability, for you look at toys and you see nothingness and woe. You certainly have been walking on a side walk when you walk without your awareness of Me.

The Threshold

God said:

My Beloveds, you stand at a gate and you hesitate to enter. What holds you back? It is old thoughts. What are fears but old thoughts coming back to roost? What you think is wisdom is often folly. Is it not folly to stand at My door and not come in? You have been invited. You have been urged. You have been sought. You have been beckoned. There is only one direction to go in, but you stand and wait before you take another step.

Fear freezes you.

Let My love unfreeze you.

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