Snow People

God said:

How simple is snow. It is white. It falls to the ground. It is shoveled. It melts. It turns to water. Water evaporates. The snow disappears from sight, and yet it has turned into water which will come again as rain or snow. The world at large does not cry out about the vanishing of snow. Those who shovel do not say: "Oh, dear, what a terrible thing! Snow is gone."

In a sense, all the loved ones you mourn are only snowmen, beloveds. And all those you may fear or dislike, they too are only snowmen, here today and gone tomorrow.

I ask you again, what is all this fuss on Earth about?

Take care of all the snow people you make. Give them a hat and a scarf. Enjoy them, for they appear for only a short while. Why not love them? They, as well as you, are temporary. They are neither permanent roses nor permanent thorns.

Everything on Earth is fleeting, beloveds. You cannot really get a handle on the relative world, and yet you deem to hold it in your hand as if it were stationary and permanent.

Only the love is imperishable, beloveds. This you keep. This you have always. All the rest is ever evanescent. That which is really you is not temporary. That which is really you is not the physical manifestation of you, just as love is not the Valentine card or box of candy.

Do not think that the permanent unseen is less evident because it is unseen. It is unseen, yet it is Known. It is not that it lingers. It just is that it is always. Wherever you may be, all the love in Heaven is wired within you, and all that which you have treasured on Earth disappears from view but not from consciousness. All is intact. All whom you have known, all that you have experienced, disappears, and yet it is ever stamped in what you might call the Akashic records. It is stamped in love, beloveds, and love remains unchanged. You are not your words on Earth. You are not even your deeds. You are so much more than that. You are inviolable Being.

Call Akashic records the DNA of recorded time. Time records itself. However, the only record of note is love which is ever-present and needs no taping. Incidents are incidents. The past is the past. You are now. You are beyond the past. You are far beyond the past. The past has nothing to do with you anymore. Recent past or far past, the past is a speck on the wall. The past is interesting, yet there are other things for you to delve into.

Delve into your contribution to the world right now. If you were St. Peter in another life, that's very nice, and yet now you are My child on Earth. I sent you as you, and it is you right now that you are to discover and reveal. Reveal love, beloveds. What else is there really for you to do?

As you loose your hold on the manifested physical world, more does love take its seat. Love was always here, and now it shines without distraction. Beloveds, let not the hobby of distraction keep you back from your embrace of love and your giving of it. There is nothing else to know. I harbor all the love that is all there is. There is nothing else worth counting. There is nothing else.

Enjoy the snowmen of the world. Know that they are made of love. And so now you will love and never again imagine that you can depart from love. Love renews itself again and again, and love is what it has always been, My fullness of heart.

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distractions of the world

"Everything on Earth is fleeting, beloveds...As you loose your hold on the manifested physical world, more does love take its seat". Letting go, for there is nothing we can catch, nothing solid to hold. Untill then I will not know what love is. "Beloveds, let not the hobby of distraction keep you back from your embrace of love...".


Dear God, This letter makes everyone of us smile. Snow people. They're here and
then they're not, melted into water to come another day. So now, I SHALL enjoy
the snowmen of the world, knowing - realizing they are, in Truth, made out of
And I love the idea that the past is not at all what we are! Not worthy of spending
time thinking about when the LOVE that lives today is everything I concern my Self with.

So, Dearest God, today I am wholly satisfied to realize we come to Earth as inviolable BEINGS. BEING LOVE is what we're about. We say, "I TRUST" and that makes
us happy.


Mary Moon does it again, reminding us who we are!

Sweet Mary I can't get over the power of your insight and joy of expression! Wow!

George trying not to melt

The snowman grins

Isn't it fun to have this darling writer call us snowmen? To show us love, she does this and does it so well.

When she writes about: "Call Akashic records the DNA of recorded time. Time records itself." she thoughtfully takes us into the deep end of the pool of God consciousness and we find that we are kept afloat by the LOVE encoded in the Heaven Letters.

She reminds us that past is past and we are NOW. That's all there is in which to reveal love, revel in love and let love reveal our true selves to us. This depth is staggering!

George trying not to be distracted

I've gotta thank God

The only thing I want to say right now is that I must thank You God. You created such an awesome , you know I can't even describe what you created, there is so much all around us that there really are no words to decribe all that came from You. So I just take this time to tell you I love you and I thank You for everthing above ,beneath , around , inside , outside, You My Father are so very loving. You just must be thanked. so thank You Daddy God .
Living in Him and He in me
loving God for all eternity

Michelle's song is life

Michelle you make the melody of God's love so real!

George thanking a sweet friend


Gearge, it is such a delight the way you spread your love and good cheer so freely!.......Chuck

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said I sent you
To discover and reveal
The love which is you

God said I love you
My inviolable Being
My fullness of heart

God said you are love
Love is imperishable
There is nothing else

Love, Light and Aloha!

Another deep one, from the DEEP ONE

How do you manage to keep em coming with such depth and beauty? Wow!

George flabbergasted

Comment on Snow People

I love what was written...especially the "temporary" nature of Snow people. Reading this has helped me immensely in understanding that the "real" is unseen and permanent/everlasting. While our everyday scenarios with Snow people/or unpleasant situations are temporary. Everything on this plane of existence is temporary with the exception of LOVE! This is so true! Only LOVE is everlasting! Thanks for the wonderfully uplifting and spiritual content of your Heaven Letters. Blessings from the Light my brothers and sisters.

Comment on Snow People

Sandy unverified:

Your sweet, open comment about permanence of things focusing on God is right on. love

George smiling


Dear Gloria,

The metaphors you use are really elegant.

As you may know "Love" in Persian literature has a particular place,and Iranian great poets such as Rumi, Hafez, Sadi, and the contemporary poet "Shahriar", not only have a full understanding of it, but have tasted it by their souls. Indeed, to understand love, especially what it was meant by our intellectuals,one should experience it. Unfortunately "love" is not understood well in many western cultures.

I hope dialogue between civilizations will lead to a correct understanding of love. In fact I think a group of arogant owners of weapon factories and "Palace Dwelllers" do not like this idea.

Your brother Ali

My beloved brother Ali from

My beloved brother Ali from Iran,

How happy I am that you are posting on this forum. You will find a lot of beautiful hearts on this forum. I am in awe of the love here. And a great heart like yours can only add to it.

I think all of us in the west have read Rumi and Hafiz many times and value the splendor and power of their poetry. How do they in so few words express so much. They express love and eternity so deeply and simply.

I must confess I don't know Sadi and Shahriar. I will look them up on the internet as soon as I can. As a child, I especially loved the Persian fairy tales. Baghdad was always a magic name to me, and now there has been so much hurt there.

I also know the warmth of your heart, Ali, how kind you are, and what a wonderful family you have. Over the years you have revealed your heart to me time and time again. You are one of the kindest most gentle people I know.

I will look for certain Heavenletters (and ask you to help, Jochen!) in which God speaks of peace in the world. There is a recently written Heavenletter unpublished as yet that your posting reminded me of. I will excerpt part of it here. The name of the Heavenletter is Peace Now, God says. It doesn't have a number yet. It was written March 31. Why, that's yesterday!

There is no need for war and peace. Peace will do very well. It can stand on its own. Welcome peace. Peace has no opposite, beloveds. And peace has no equal.

Peace would not be your mission except the world has wandered from peace. Peace is the natural state. War is not. Friction is not. Two sticks rubbed together can make a fire. When there is Oneness, there are not two sticks to rub. In Oneness, no fire can be made. Be in Oneness, beloveds. Be in peace. Peace be with you.

I suppose your two hands could fight with each other, and one hand would be victorious. What would be gained by such a fight? And what would be lost? Where you had two good hands, now you would have one wounded.

That is what strife is, beloveds, be it personal or worldwide. Your two hands fight each other. Brother fights brother. Country fights itself under the name of another country. Oh, the folly committed. Oh, the folly committed often in the name of peace. Can this really be? Can it really be that My children fight each other?

My children cannot be fighting for My love, for you know by now that My love is for each and every one. All are My favorites, and all are filled with My love. There can be no sibling rivalry here, and, yet, peace does not always reign.

Let Us declare peace. Let Us wave the flag of peace in Our hearts right now.

With the world at peace, everyone would be twenty years younger. There would no longer be aches and pains. There would no longer be illness or accident. There would be the equanimity of peace over hill and dale.

There would no longer be fighting. What would there be to fight about? Hearts would be free to travel as they wished, and they would travel in peace. At home or away, peace would reign. Hearts of peace would reign. How the flowers would grow and trees bear fruit. Deserts would become oases, and mountains would be easy to climb. Peace would cover the land, and there would be war no more in the heart of any man or woman. The time for this is now. Now, I say.

My beloved brother Ali, you speak of the metaphors in Heavenletters. I agree with you that they are very beautiful. I have to remind everyone that I am not the writer of Heavenletters, and the metaphors are not mine. In my poetry-writing days, I would stay up sometimes until 3 a.m. working on a poem. I would struggle to find a metaphor that was right, and sometimes never find it. God rolls out metaphors as easily as I can write: Thank you for posting, and please post more again.

With love and blessings,


Gloria;s response to Ali is forever

You live and sprout peace with your beautiful words.

George shaking his head in wonder at this beauty

Ali says it all

Ali, talk about elegant! Your words take the cake. They are beautiful, right on and so very important. It's thoughts like these that make dialogue between civilizations possible. Thanks to you sweet friend

George getting his peace shout ready