So Happy You Would Be

God said:

I extol effortlessness. Let everything you do be effortless. Let loving everything you do and everyone you meet be effortless. Who says it can't?

Who says life has to be toil and trouble? Who says that life must be effort?

Behold Peace

God said:

It can be said that nature is the healer. It is indeed natural to heal. It is indeed natural to have no need to heal. We can say that you have a self-cleaning physiology. As you live and move in the world, nature does not have to allow occlusions to the smooth flow of health.

One way to look at it is that happiness is health. It is not an absolute that health is a by-product of happiness, yet it is a good way to look at it, for it makes your securing happiness incumbent upon you.

The Whole Dynamics

God said:

To work is a good thing. To be occupied is better than to not be occupied. Yet sometimes My children have work that they don't like and that doesn't make them happy. I would like to say that even with work you don't like, you can be less unhappy.

When you focus on what you don't like, it makes you unhappy.

Speak a New Language

God said:

There are many excuses in the world for not being happy, and yet the alternative exists for you to be happy. If you are not feeling happy or content or useful or whatever you want to call the essence of feeling okay and good with life, you have chosen what you are feeling.

The Blessings of the Universe

God said:

It is not exactly your duty to be happy, because happiness does not come on demand. Nor is happiness exactly your purpose because happiness rather tags along. What you can do right now in this moment is to recognize that happiness is your birthright. Simple happiness, beloveds, belongs to you. Call it what you will, it is yours, and you are meant to have it. Have the idea, beloveds, that you are on vacation in life. Perhaps you have been feeling that you are on sufferance, and so you have been trudging along the streets of life when you can just as well skip and dance.

Planet Earth Is like a Playground

God said:

Life is lived in raindrops. So many fall at once. Where do raindrops come from and where do they go? Rain may be unforeseen, and then suddenly rain is here. And then just as suddenly, the rain is gone and not even a wet spot left.

Inner Life

God said:

Happiness in the relative world is only relative. Happiness in the world goes up and down like a boat in the ocean or a toy boat in the bathtub, dependent upon the waves. The happiness that goes beyond worldly events exists in one note alone. It sits very still, and yet it vibrates at a fast pace, too fast for the eye to see. The happiness that is within is quiet, doesn't move, and yet it breaks all boundaries. There is no place for the happiness within to move to. It knows it is surrounded on all sides. It meets happiness on all sides. So it neither stays still nor does it move.

Paradise Is Not Hidden

God said:

Beloveds, why are you surprised when wonderful things happen? Are you perhaps conditioned to expect the negative and to be dazzled by the good, which, after all, is only being returned to you? Surprise has the connotation of delightful, so be delighted when all the love in the universe that is already yours appears before you. There is blessing in knowing what belongs to you. All good belongs to you. My blessings belong to you. It is not owed you. It has already been given.

When to Be Happy

God said:

By now you know that you do not wait for happiness. If your happiness is not dependent upon what happens, then why prolong the arrival of your happiness and say it needs certain conditions before it can be yours? No longer put off happiness.

You do not need all your dreams fulfilled in order to be happy today. It makes no difference. You really think it does. At the same time, you know better.

The Direction of Your Thoughts

God said:

In order for you to think differently, you have to think differently. Change your thinking and see what else changes. Changing your thinking means to look at what occurs in life in another way from what you have been accustomed to. In other words, let go, release, upend a view of life that you have held dear. Sometimes, only sometimes, the more you protest, the more that arises for you to protest. It is as if you have called its name, and it comes over to you. Your resolve not to have something you do not want is so strong that you call it to you, and it answers.

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