Behold Peace

God said:

It can be said that nature is the healer. It is indeed natural to heal. It is indeed natural to have no need to heal. We can say that you have a self-cleaning physiology. As you live and move in the world, nature does not have to allow occlusions to the smooth flow of health.

One way to look at it is that happiness is health. It is not an absolute that health is a by-product of happiness, yet it is a good way to look at it, for it makes your securing happiness incumbent upon you.

Happiness is an interesting word. It would imply hap or happenstance or luck, yet happiness is not a roll of the dice, beloveds. It is how you meet life. It is your thoughts. It is incumbent upon you to recognize your own happiness which lies within you. Certainly, the relative world gives you a boost now and then, here and there, and yet your true state is happiness or joy or equanimity or whatever you want to call it. It is absence of qualm. It is a way of greeting life however it shows up.

Happiness is not denial, beloveds. Anything less than happiness is denial. It is the denial of happiness and your natural state of existence.

If happiness seems like too strong a word to go along with daily life, then substitute the word peace. Peace is the pathway to health. Peace has a special subtle meaning. It is quieter than happiness. Yet peace is a huge reverberation. It is the still waters. It is awareness of what is in every cell of your body. Let your cells have peace.

Disturbance is perhaps the opposite of peace. Certainly war is opposed to peace. When individuals live in peace within themselves, what eruption of war in the world can possibly occur?

Do not think that war belongs only to the combatant countries and the people there. Compare the Earth to a human body. If a pimple arises on the chin, you do not blame the chin. You do not blame the chin nor the skin. The pimple is a result of the whole organism. It is the same with war.

When there is battle anywhere, look to yourself, beloveds.

You can be the harbinger of war, and you can be the preventer and alleviator of war. Make peace with yourself, beloveds. Live in peace. So long as there is war anywhere in the world, you are not above it.

War is a symptom, and symptoms signal that attention is needed. Attend to all hearts, and there will be no war.

Enough people in peace even 5,000 miles away from the front lines, and the war will be over. From miles away, the condition of war will be healed. Enough individuals in peace, and no one will want war. Someone must want war in order to have it.

Let Us say that another word for peace could be egolessness. When there is peace, ego doesn't reign. When there is friction, ego reigns. Without ego, war is unwarranted, and peace is beheld.

Look to your own home, beloveds. Be the love that heals all wounds. Be the peace you seek. Be the love you are.

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One Big Happy Singularity

God is nothing if not a mystery. If it can be said that there is something I firmly believe in it is the great mystery of existence itself. Always now, this present moment, in its paradoxical one-ness and many-ness, its self-ness and other-ness, its perfection and imperfection, its utter incomprehensibility by mechanism of thought alone.

The description must remain amorphous because none could ever hope to suffice.

I can only point in its general direction, sketch its approximate outline, and hint at those constructs which have been built by society to obstruct your view of it.

It is something which finds you only when you begin to observe yourself and the world without hesitation, fear, or judgment, without investing in a selfish outcome, and without begrudging the heart, energy, and attention you give to it.

To look or not is a matter of choice, but you live your truth regardless.

And while truth is a pathless land, your sense of self is always the compass by which you navigate the voyage. That compass might seemingly point north most days, but in a highly charged environment, it will shift and change direction. Without knowing your inner light and without regard for the stars from whence it comes, you'll never discover if it is your compass that has broken or your surroundings that have reversed polarity.

You'll be unsure of what way points true north, and you might even begin to think that there is no appreciable difference between the two poles at all, since they always seem to move relative to your own position.

So you give up heading in any direction; you set sail this way or that because the winds are favorable or the currents do not oppose. But you are unsure of your orientation, and what's worse, your inability to chart a proper course weakens the resolve of other confused navigators with whom you share the seas, and so you drift together and apart, aimlessly in the fog.

This is how it is when your sense of self is fastened to your ego, an image you have created of yourself in symbiosis with society to sail smoothly along its tumultuous currents.

But that smooth sailing has absolutely nothing to do with knowing which way the wind is blowing.

Stripped down to its bare essence, being human is about learning the relationships between causes and effects, choices and consequences, and then understanding how to use those relationships either for the benefit of the self or the benefit of others.

Spirituality is a process of recognizing the inseparability of the self from the other in the unity of that total movement which is all existence and life, steadily unfolding and evolving before your inalienable awareness.

You realize that to benefit others is to benefit yourself, and that for us as individuals to preoccupy ourselves with those causes and effects which serve only the ego is a kind of mass hysteria, for neither the ego nor such a cause exists except in our primitive, deluded minds.

We will always be causally challenged by our biological brains which simply cannot grasp the cascading spirals of complexity which proceed from even the [simplest of circumstances]( This is not to say that we must abandon logic, reason, and science; only that we must be ever-mindful of the purposes to which we devote those energies.

The universe is infinitely wiser than we are, and has seen fit to create for us a beautiful home. All we need do to steer our vessels true and find ourselves feeling at home within it is begin seeing ourselves everywhere we look.

Because we were all one big happy singularity in that moment just before the big bang, and even though our minds may like to play divide and conquer, reality knows better.

Comment on "One Big Happy Singularity"

I hope every-one reads these deep, thoughtful words. I like the way Karmadillo stresses CHOICE and point to our inner compass along with the other deep, provocative stuff. Thanks friend.

George watching the needle of his compass more carefully

Till we will arrive to

Till we will arrive to perceive Love, to BE LOVE, I think our idea of God will change way to way.
In HeavenLetters God says wonderfull words; everyone pick up one's own meaning.
But always, always, He says: do that, don't think this, look for the deepest of your heart, behold so far, look there, eccetera.
His words are magnificent but there are also any indications, lights by way, to get to awareness.
Ops, sorry, I wouldn't teach, it is only my thought.

Love you all

Your thoughts are beautiful,

Your thoughts are beautiful, beloved Pitta.

(Pst, Gloria, my name is

(Pst, Gloria, my name is really Pitta. The original name is Patrizia but nobody call me so, for the true there are a lot of persons who don't know my real name. You can call me what you want. Love love)

Hello Everyone ¤ Healing by

Hello Everyone ¤

Healing by first Intention. Honourable Intentions Honour Being Connected, Being Love, Being Real. The intention by who WE ARE - is Reality Creating Peace within and Peace Around Us.

Peace truly starts from within, then it meets the World and the World meets Peace. Peace interacts between Us. It sort of bounces from individual to individual to the collective consciousness and then back again. We are all interacting in the Peace Process. We are mirroring each others peacefulness within and project it into the World of Ours.

Nature is a Great Healer. Being connected is Being Natural and True to the Wisdom within the Source. All very Healthy indeed and such a Happy Experience too. You might call it Revelation - Liberation of True Being.

Love and True Hope Hege :)

So true Hege

Sweet One, you help us all BE who we are in the divine Mind. Thanks

George rubbing his eyes as he wakes up

Friends. Be cheerful. Keep

Friends. Be cheerful. Keep things in good repair. Keep your spirits up. Think in harmony. Be agreeable. Do all that, and the God of love and peace will be with you for sure. Greet one another with a holy embrace.
Instruct and direct one another using good common sense. And sing, sing your hearts out to God! Let every detail in your lives—words, actions, whatever—be done in the name of the God, thanking God the Father every step of the way.

Living in Him and He in me
loving God for all eternity

Michell helps us keep our spirits up.

Honey, you add so much each day to these good Letters!

George even happier tthan before

Behold Peace by holding BEING

Perhaps peace and happiness are not as strong as peace and joy. Joy is more internal and usually is more unplanned than happiness. This is a Letter of instruction to not only be careful of what you think, but also taking charge of your emotions.

If your emotions govern you, then you are letting them be a controling factor in your life. If you control and choose your emotions as well as your thoughts, then you discover how much control you have over your life.

Know who you are and what you have always been, but didn't know it. Awake sweet ones. Let Heaven Letters guide you into you very own place.

George resting in unspeakable joy

The Joy of the Lord

George this is a great the way you put this.peace and happiness are not as strong as peace and joy. Joy is more internal and usually is more unplanned than happiness.

I used to always wonder about this joy we are supposed to always have, I found out that its not about feeling, and it is about knowing. If we know peace and we know joy, it's easy to say the Joy of the Lord is my strength.With knowing this we are able to let the peace and joy within us come to surface and become our emotions. I say to you sweet George Shlom.... Let the peace of God reign in every heart.
Living in Him and He in me
loving God for all eternity

Comment on: The Joy of the Lord

Michelle honey, laughing or crying, living or dyeing are all the same to those of us who know the ONE who is driving the divine bus. He not only knows the way, He is the way. What a life we are given! It is so good to have the JOY of the Lord as I held my darling wife as she closed her eyes in eternal rest. It's so good that i know the REST of the story for me. I love you

Halleluiah praise the

Halleluiah praise the Lord.\0/\0/\0/
George . I didn't know the Lord when I lost my grandaughter nine years ago. And I just wanted to die. I blamed myself for her death because I should have been a better mother .I Praise Him so much now and have found the peace and joy that I have never known. I have a heart to help others who don't know God , to know Him. And that only comes from God Himself. I had to surrender my life to God in order to be where I am now. In Him.

Living in Him and He in me
loving God for all eternity


This HL felt personally sent to me today and brought great peace with it for me
Love Nancy

Nancy i have a word for you

Sweet One, every HL is just for you, that's the way God is.

George loving you

loving you

loving you straight back as always Dear George and everybody

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
Your true state is happiness
Peace is the pathway

God said behold peace
As a way of greeting life
Be the peace you seek

Love, Light and Aloha!