Watch Love Grow

God said:

When you feel love for another, you are feeling good about yourself.

Everyone knows that feeling love for another is not a deliberate act. Certainly, love in your heart for another can grow. Love does grow, love can grow even from where love was not, yet love cannot be assigned. Love takes root in your heart of its own accord. Love cannot be made to happen. Love in your heart is a beautiful sprout that grows in this direction or that as it wills.

It is the same with your love for Me. You can be told to love God with all your heart, yet the designation does not make your awareness of your love grow. You could, perhaps, do everything you know to spur your love on, and yet, try as you will, you cannot make that love reveal itself to you. Trying doesn't do it. You would love to feel the love, yet your heart won't speak it. It is as if your heart is numbed to the Reality of Our Love that already exists.

You cannot love by design, yet to love is a natural thing, and for love to grow and nourish itself is a natural thing. Take a mother and father's love for their baby, for instance. When the baby is born, they love the baby right off, and yet their love for the baby grows. Their love grows by service to the baby. Love grows through service.

Loving by itself is not enough. Love in a vacuum of itself is not enough. You give care to that which you love. As you take care of the object of your love, the love in your heart grows. You are not consciously thinking, for instance: "I will serve this baby. I will do everything for the baby so it will be happy and grow, and by my service to this baby, the love in my heart will grow."

The love will certainly grow of itself.

When you are the mother or father of a new baby, your role is clear. It is clear what the baby needs to be happy and to grow, and you fill the baby's needs. To serve the baby's needs enriches your own heart. By your familiar acts, you come to know the baby and what it likes, and so your love grows.

Love is not an obligation, you understand, yet even from obligation, love can grow. Love serves much higher than obligation. Love rouses itself even under unexpected circumstances and freely gives and freely grows. Your mind is not the decider of love, yet, of course, your mind can have the intention. More practical than the intention to love is the intention to serve.

As you serve Me, your love for Me grows. If it is your desire to love Me and yet your heart feels vacant, then serve Me and see what happens to the love in your heart. Watch your love grow. Your service waters the tree of love in your heart.

And how does your love for Me grow? It grows by your giving to Me. It is that simple. Your gift of service to Me boosts your heart. Your gift of service no matter to whom you give it activates the love in your heart. Your heart becomes awash with love.

It is not sacrifice that I speak of, you understand. In service to Me, you do not give up anything. If you feel you are giving up something, do not do it. You are not a martyr to love. Serve with love in your heart, and you will find you are doing what you want to do.

When you serve your baby, you are serving Me. When you serve your neighbor, you are serving Me. If you do not know how to serve Me, know that by sweeping your floor, you are serving Me. By feeding the birds, you are serving Me. By loving anyone, you are serving Me. By serving, you serve Me, and you serve yourself a healthy stack of love. The lover loves. The lover loves himself. Loving himself, he loves all.

If you didn't know where to begin, now you do. In service.

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A personal stumbling block to love's growth

This letter seems to address a stumbling block I come across often as I read Heavenletters. I feel that I am being instructed by God to love others, love nature, love Him, love the new day as it dawns……..But as this letter points out: “Love cannot be made to happen.” and “Trying doesn’t do it.”

At least one answer, from this letter, is service. This is easy to relate to. Many of my most rewarding memories, times that I felt most loving and loved, have come from service in one way or another. But it is clear that I have, on occasion, made service into its own stumbling block when I make it into a job or an effort, turning into a means to an end of feeling worthwhile. As pointed out in this letter: “It is not sacrifice I speak of, you understand. In service to Me you do not give up anything. If you feel you are giving up anything, do not do it.” Clearly, making service into a means to the end of experiencing love is not genuine and seems at least somewhat contrived. It seems it is a matter of attitude and intent, but where do I find the genuine attitude during the times that it just isn’t there?

I suspected the answer for me had something to do with spontaneity and impulses so I searched the HL archives under “impulses.” I found HL #2240 (Your Heart Is Devoted) which seemed to provide a nice resolution to all this for me. God said: “You are filled with impulses from Me. Through your impulses, I am urging you on.” and “Do not think at all. Just get up and do the kindness you have been chosen to do.” And “Impulses are always little. They are easy to follow.”

This beautifully answers my concerns. We are being flooded with impulses all the time. When I reflect on this, I know it is true, I just never thought about it in this way and never connected these things before. This is so satisfying and freeing. All I have to do is pay closer attention to this wealth of loving impulses, ignore the objections of my logical mind and act on them more often.

It is nice to see stumbling blocks rolled out of the way….I thank God for these letters…..Chuck

With a smile, let me add: It

With a smile, let me add: It seems to be quite a challenge for us to adjust to a spiritual communication, a revelation, that has no or else! It's almost too free, saying, You don't have to be able to do anything. If you are, fine. If you aren't, fine. If you want to, fine. If you don't want to, fine. I simply make suggestions (ever heard of a God who makes polite suggestions and really leaves it to you what you will do with them?), adding the suggestion to try it out, to tend there, to lean there in order to find out what feels better. A little curiosity (and some patience) is all we need, really.

How different is that from all that has been drummed into us.

My two friends who wrote

My two friends who wrote here with wisdom,
please hear me. My heart don't feel love by now. I think so for I am sadness. My dearest friend had betray me, only now I understand using me for her ends, wanted egemony on me and thinking and saying wrong things about me. Yesterday evening I saw a wolf disguised of lamb. I know you can undestrand me because these matters are a part of our life.
I don't feel fear, ony a great, sweet sadness. I try to see what happened with love, but I'm not so able to do it. A rill of love get out but not how I would. I left anything in God's hand and I'm sure He conducts me.
I feel empy inside of me, I wait the love of Love fills again.
Thank you so much for any indication your wisdom want to suggest me.

Pitta, love, there isn't

Pitta, love, there isn't much I can say except Thank you. These are times where, when love seems out of reach, the biggest gift we can give to the world and each other and ourseves, the true gift of love, is honesty. Since you give it, there is love in you. The longing for love can only come from love itself. Yes, leave it to God. He is you anyway, you are Him anyway. Be sad. Don't try to be what you think you are not. In times when love for someone (or even anyone) seems impossible, there can still be love. It is not difficult to find. In disappointment and sadness there is a totally obvious element of love, but it can be love that doesn't know what it loves. That's all right. In fact, I think it is very important to find the love that has no object and no reason. It's a love that loves to fall everywhere, even where I, as a person, would refuse to love.

My dear, I always remember

My dear,
I always remember words of Mother Teresa: "They hurt you? It doesn't matter! Do it!"
Long time ago my life would be destroied, not now because my faith is like a stone and because I read every day God's words and this is fantastic. But I don't yet have learn to love without expectations, obviously. I love all the people and I think they too, because it is impossible to me think others have something else in their brain.
I have to learn to be cautious, but it is not so easy for me.
If someone says words, why I don't have to belive? There isn't in my heart.
I love your aid and love to you

Pitta, interesting that you

Pitta, interesting that you mention Mother Teresa because I thought of her while reading your first response. She is reported to have done much of her work with a heart that felt empty and abandoned by God. There is a book of letters from her speaking of this. It is on my list of books to read.

What I remember in today's message from God is that I am doing His work when I am feeding the birds. Birds are not likely to hurt you, and if they did it would probably be because they were protecting their nest. Perhaps in some way your friend was protecting her nest with little eggs of ego. People seem to be more complex than birds.

Charles you bundle love with intellegence

Your comment to Pitta embodies the very essence of what we have come to call love.

George thinks Charles knows the essence

Jochen says it the way it sould be said to Pitta

Jochen's word is like a giant bill board pointing the way to truth!

George would like to say it that way

Dear Pitta I understand how

Dear Pitta

I understand how you are feeling. I have been there. The truth is we have no control over love. We cannot control love, and I really don`t think that it would have been love if we could. Love is meant to flow freely. Love goes a bit up and down, but is still love. Your love and light is truly being you. Even if you are not feeling love today, you are love today, and you might feel a stronger sensation of love tomorrow. Nobody is unreplaceable, even though the feeling might hurt. Your true being is unreplaceable to you. Your true being is you, and you are loving enough. Take care and God Bless. I am loving you just the way you are.

Wishing you a light day just the way you are feeling today

Best wishes Hege :)

Chuck knows where to look

A stumbling block to learning error is somehow the way life sometimes works. You make it so clear.

George helping a couple prepare wedding oaths. Whew!

We serve by being on Earth

If we are Your eyes and Your hands here on Earth, then it must be that all our life is in service to You. As we get up in the morning untill we go to bed in the evening, every act is an act of service. You ask just to be aware of what already is.

Swee Emilia some time we miss God's "Amen"

Can you hear me whisper "ditto!"

George in constant amazement


A beautiful letter of Love that corresponds naturally to my Heart`s Freedom in Being. Love is no step by step action, but a natural flow of Energy. When I give - I give and when I have given - I HAVE GIVEN.

When something is natural, yes it is very spontaneous and impulsive, and above all it IS beyond thinking...

Love and Light

Hege :)

Hege you help me feel

Our instrument of the perception of love is deep. You help us know that "feeling" is somewhere in our insides looking around for God's love.

George blessed by you

The Purpose of Unity =

The Purpose of Unity = Reality
One World - One People - We are our very own Truth

Consciousness - Light - Love = Being Connected - Cause
Dignity - Equality - Freedom - Peace = Being Connected - Effect

Cause and Effect = Truce

Internationality - Consciousness - Togetherness

Interactions of Love expands consciousness of Love. The Truth of Being Human Being is interacting in Love - IS Being Reality...
We are using our will all the time choosing what ever we are and do. Choosing Love IS...


Comment on The Purpose of Unity =

Not verified is verified by these profound words! Wow!

George deeply impressed

The Lover Loves is a profound truth

Sweet writer this lesson on love is profound, beautiful and unattainable.

Love is just beyond our reach when we live in EGO. We think that we long for love when the Truth tells us we are made out of love. Our very being is love. The divine vibration of our Heavenly Father is LOVE making our heart beat, making our lungs expand and contract.

This darling writer tells us not to try to love. It just can't be done. We can desire and call that love. We can play and call that love. Real LOVE is the scintillating, vibration of the breath of Heaven giving us it's LIFE. We give our life the same way, by giving ourselves to others. HOW?

HEAVEN knows!

George losing his breath over these words

This morning I would like

This morning I would like talk with sombody that understand me without judge. And I know you all don't judge. But now I find some more. You all are the beauty of this site, you all are the deep breeze of God's breathing.
Only for that my little wound has its sense, fantastic people.
What God says in the Letter of today is here, under the eyes of everyone.

Blessing to you all with this comment

Learning to love God is a

Learning to love God is a lifetime process that starts with an acknowledgment of his love for us and grows as we learn to serve and love our neighbor.
We were created to love God. Part of the dissatisfaction we feel about life will remain constant as long as we are in rebellion against God. But as we practice the wonderful variety of ways we can express love for God, we experience a sense of completeness and harmony with God’s purposes.
What does it mean to love God? Part of the answer involves our realization that God loves us, and knowing the deep satisfaction that truth brings. The answer becomes clearer as we experience a growing desire to spend time with God, responding to his love with worship and praise. We can do this alone, but find that joining others in worship and praise to God can have a powerful effect on our awareness of his presence and love.
Another part of the answer comes when we realize that though we can’t see or touch God, we can see and touch and serve other people. We love God back by loving others he loves,
Then the King will say to those on his right, 'Enter, you who are blessed by my Father! Take what's coming to you in this kingdom. It's been ready for you since the world's foundation. And here's why: I was hungry and you fed me, I was thirsty and you gave me a drink, I was homeless and you gave me a room, I was shivering and you gave me clothes, I was sick and you stopped to visit, I was in prison and you came to me.
Since we are God's love we are also His hands and feet.
There was a time I didn't think God was good. And most of that was because there were people who were'nt good to me or they showed no love . I knew pain and selfishness. I protected my self by not allowing anyone to hurt me.I was so afraid to love because It allowed me to be hurt. There are many people in the world who don't know love or God because they were never introduced to the Love of God.
When I was showed love I was changed. When you serve God by loving the unloveable then Love will not fail.
Living in Him and He in me
loving God for all eternity

Comment on: Learning to love God is a

Michelle you have a way of making it so very real! Thanks

George blinking in wonder

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said serve with love
And by loving anyone
You are serving Me

Love, Light and Aloha!