The Blessings of the Universe

God said:

It is not exactly your duty to be happy, because happiness does not come on demand. Nor is happiness exactly your purpose because happiness rather tags along. What you can do right now in this moment is to recognize that happiness is your birthright. Simple happiness, beloveds, belongs to you. Call it what you will, it is yours, and you are meant to have it. Have the idea, beloveds, that you are on vacation in life. Perhaps you have been feeling that you are on sufferance, and so you have been trudging along the streets of life when you can just as well skip and dance.

Give yourself as an offering to the Universe, and decide that you have set a course for peace and joy. Have the idea that you have set a course for the fulfillment of your desires and Mine. Have the idea that you are steering your life in a direction that blesses you and blesses the world. Have this idea in the back of your mind.

It is possible that My children have had the idea that sufferance is the lay of the land. Have a different idea. Have the idea that life is not to be put up with, but to uplift. Uplift the world, and you will be uplifted. Nourish the world, and you will be nourished. And as always, beloveds, no calculations. No counting. No adding up scores. Simple freeness of giving and accepting. Be on the lookout for the world you desire. Easily be on the lookout.

You already know what the feeling called happiness is. You have more than an inkling. And now you can have even more of a taste of this seemingly illusive happiness.

Once you have tasted licorice, and you love the taste, opportunity for more licorice will present itself. Is that not so? You will be more attuned to licorice. You will be more on the lookout for it, not as a have-to but as a light awareness of licorice as you like it. You will sense that licorice is on its way to you. Without thinking about it, you will be on the lookout for it.

This is not a venture you have to succeed in. Happiness does not require effort. You do not have to achieve it. In fact, happiness is not something that can be achieved. It can only be welcomed. Have a simple acknowledgement of your appointment with happiness and the fulfillment of all desires. You are not certain when and where you will meet, yet you are certain you will meet.

Perhaps instead of the word happiness, we can say the word freedom. Oh, to be free! Whatever the world may do, whatever confinements it may think of, you can free yourself from thoughts that bind you. You can be free to anticipate rather than turn away from. You can be free to anticipate rather than fear. You can be free to be free and to have more than what you may consider your share of happiness. Allot yourself more. Allot yourself more and more often and deeper and longer lasting. Allot yourself an allegiance to your own well-being. Represent yourself well.

When you set a course, you are halfway there. When you have set a steady course for happiness, certainly you stop at ports to pick up others. Maybe you are the boat whose course is set, and you sail along, happy to serve, happy to furrow through the waves, a happy boat picking up passengers and sailing the bounding main. You are on your way. What is there to think about? Your course has been set, and now you are all set to receive the blessings of the Universe.

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Love you!

Love you!

Love you

See; this is the real answer. So beautiful

George feeling love

The Blessings of the Universe

Dear God, Darling Gloria, Dr. Bernie Siegal, Oh, my, the great words that stand out in
this delicious message are : "allot yourself an allegiance to your own well being".
I will be my own advocate , in other words, I'm chosing to represent myself well.

Sublime counsel! maryann

Subline counsel maryann

"allot yourself an allegiance to your own well being". You caught on right away Honey and share with us your love. Thanks honey

George pledging allegiance to me

The happiness myth!

Sweet reader do not read this one time. This has to be read at least two or three times for the lesson to sink in.

You can't aim your intention at happiness and get it. Happiness is the return on something you do for others. You cannot get real happiness by serving yourself good food or good drinks, or whatever. Nothing you take to make you happy will do that thing.

"Don't look here, don't look there; the Kingdom of God is within,"says the Bible. We can add: "Don't look here or there for happiness; it's inside and must be brought to visibility by your ability to give of yourself to other when you want nothing in return.

Everything you do makes you old/older. You are born to die, it's in the puzzle for all who visit this earth. No exceptions. We come here to enjoy JOY but that's an inner essence that hides real well until you give of yourself in some special way.

Joy is not free. Joy costs you everything. We watch a Tiger Woods hit the perfect shot, express the great joy of being so good and then watch him go to the practice field after winning the game so he can practice more and more.

A kin of mine who is seven foot for inches tall set the blocking record for his college. Yes he was joyful but his knees weren't. Now he hobbles where ever he goes. That's the price of his joy. Only "ONE can say JOY to the World" He gives to all freely but requires that those who ask for His Joy, ask for it from absolute freedom.

Many Heaven Letters tell you how to find the joy of freedom. Look them up. Gloria has a way of leading us to the One who knows.

George with Joy to spare

*** “Miracles happen

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“Miracles happen everyday, change your perception of what a miracle is and you'll see them all around you.”

blessings to all

Miracles happen

Darling M.

You proved your point eloquently!

George Wowed by such beauty

A Small Editorial Correction

From a professional editor (me!):

I think, in today's beautiful message, "sailing the bounty main" should have been "sailing the bounding main."

With my thanks and love,


Beloved Sonia

I think you are quite right. My mistake.

Thank you for catching this. Please know how grateful we are. Please let us know whenever you notice something.

God bless you.


Sonia's blessing

Sweet Gloria: Is it ok for Sonia to bless me too?

George looking for a stroke or two

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said what will you
When you can just skip and dance
Feeling happiness

God said on your way
Set a course for peace and joy
And be uplifted

God said Beloveds
Happiness Is your birthright
You are meant for it

Love, Light and Aloha!