The Direction of Your Thoughts

God said:

In order for you to think differently, you have to think differently. Change your thinking and see what else changes. Changing your thinking means to look at what occurs in life in another way from what you have been accustomed to. In other words, let go, release, upend a view of life that you have held dear. Sometimes, only sometimes, the more you protest, the more that arises for you to protest. It is as if you have called its name, and it comes over to you. Your resolve not to have something you do not want is so strong that you call it to you, and it answers.

I am not saying you are cause. I am saying that whatever befalls, no matter how innocent you are, it is your responsibility now. Consider viewing thoughts about unlikable situations as travelers in a storm. Take them in for a while, and then bid them goodbye. Don't keep them around. They are not to live with you forever. Nor must your thoughts about them continue.

When a rattling window in a storm bothers you, you simply get up and ease the window. There was a storm, but you did not talk up a storm about it, for then you would have relived and supported the rattling of the window. All of the errors and anxiety you hold to you are rattling windows.

Take steps in life towards what you desire. Leave the undesired behind. It is already behind you. Don't bring it forward. It is not beneficial to stew in it. Bemoaning is stewing. Acknowledge and then move on. This includes moods, those wavering things that seem to overtake you. Now, you overtake them. You are not meant to bob up and down in life according to your moods.

Consider moods strangers who visit you. They are only visitors. You need not live your life according to them. Keep your eye on what you desire, and moods will fall by the wayside. Moods too come because of how you have been thinking.

It may seem to you that moods descend upon you, perhaps like vultures, but moods are nothing at all but moods. And moods are passing things. Let them pass. You can, despite what you think, choose your mood. You do, in fact, choose your mood. Your accumulated thinking made a choice for you. Do you doubt what I say?

You think a dark mood changes because good news arrives. You think a happy mood changes because dark news arrives. One day spotty news will not be the helm that steers your life. You will stay on course regardless of the passing news. You will be moodless. You will be even. You will be Oneness, in joy or in sorrow.

When a mood of less than happiness seems to overtake you, then find something to be happy about. Strike the right chord. Play a higher note. If you are in the doldrums, get out of them. Truly, your thoughts put you there. Your thoughts kept you there. And now your thoughts will release you just as well.

If you are going to think thoughts, choose which ones to think. Think of what you are thinking.

Thoughts are only thoughts. You can have thoughts like biting gnats, and you can have thoughts like butterfly wings. The thought process is the same. But gnats are annoying and pull you down. Butterflies are pleasing and lift you up. Engage your thoughts in what you would like to be engaged in. How simple!

Your thoughts are like your nose. Your nose faces the world. Your nose goes first, and you follow in the direction of your nose. You can point your nose in another direction. The same way, you can alter your thoughts.

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Direction of Thoughts

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