God's Child

God said:

It is possible to say that your consciousness can be equated with what you are thinking about. If your consciousness, your personal consciousness, is a vibration, then you vibrate according to your thoughts.

The Direction of Your Thoughts

God said:

In order for you to think differently, you have to think differently. Change your thinking and see what else changes. Changing your thinking means to look at what occurs in life in another way from what you have been accustomed to. In other words, let go, release, upend a view of life that you have held dear. Sometimes, only sometimes, the more you protest, the more that arises for you to protest. It is as if you have called its name, and it comes over to you. Your resolve not to have something you do not want is so strong that you call it to you, and it answers.

You Are Sending a Message

God said:

You encircle the world. You are not this little dot you seem to think you are. You hold the world in your hand — or, rather, in your thoughts. The world is in thrall to you. It is an extension of your thought. The world plays out the timbre of your thoughts. The world is a mime that mimics you.

When you complain about the world and anyone or any condition in it, you are complaining about yourself. You may say that those in power have not done enough or did the wrong things or did nothing at all. Yet you have power. You have the power of your thoughts.

What Is on Your Mind Today?

God said:

What is on your mind today? Unless the thought is giving you great happiness, get it off your mind. When a mosquito lands on you, you swat it. You don't even give it a thought. You simply don't want biting mosquitoes on your arm.

When it's a thought that doesn't belong in your mind, when it's a nagging thought, or a biting one, summarily give it a swat and find better thoughts.

Be the Greatness That You Are

God said:

God is true to you. It is nothing for God to be true to you, for there is nothing that He can be false with.

And, if you were false with nothing, you would be simply and clearly true to God, for God and Truth are the same.

You have many concerns, and they are all illusion.

All you have is Me.


Anything else is an idle fluctuation on the course of Our love.

The other day I suggested that, as an experiment, you reverse your thinking to see what you come up with. What you have discovered is that nothing is as you thought.

Stars and Flower Seeds

God said:

Herald the dawning of you, for light has dawned on you. Or, We can say that you have dawned light.

When you bless it, you dawn it.

What do you bless?

Whatever you bless will dawn.

Blessing is like putting a crown on a boy and making him a prince, or putting a crown on a prince, and making him king, or putting a crown on a beggar and making him a man or a king.

How many times a day does your heart extend to another with blessings?

How many times a day does your heart extend to your meager self with a blessing?

Bless yourself, and you will not be meager.

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