Stars and Flower Seeds

God said:

Herald the dawning of you, for light has dawned on you. Or, We can say that you have dawned light.

When you bless it, you dawn it.

What do you bless?

Whatever you bless will dawn.

Blessing is like putting a crown on a boy and making him a prince, or putting a crown on a prince, and making him king, or putting a crown on a beggar and making him a man or a king.

How many times a day does your heart extend to another with blessings?

How many times a day does your heart extend to your meager self with a blessing?

Bless yourself, and you will not be meager.

Blessing attracts blessing.

A blessing is a gift that comes back to you. It reaches the one you send it to, and its counterpart is returned to you in a blaze of glory.

You feel self-conscious to bless another, but blessings from the heart are not self-conscious.

Blessings aren't originated in words.

They are originated in awareness.

So let your awareness be a blessing.

Your thoughts, like magic wands, touch all they see. Your thoughts also touch all you don't see.

You have a magic wand. Your magic wand makes bubbles of light that burst forth like stars in the sky.

A moving wand of My light put the stars in the sky.

And your magic wand puts stars on earth.

Your magic wand effervesces stars on all it touches, and it touches all.

You are a star-maker.

You have moved up from star-gazer.

But star-maker and star-gazer are the same.

Look to the stars in Heaven, and you will make stars on earth.

Consider your thoughts as stars as they exit your mind and enter the universe.

There is no thought you can keep to yourself.

No matter how tiny a thought, it flies out and lands somewhere.

Or, if you like, consider your thoughts flower-seeds. Your energy of thought disperses them, and they land. They germinate in the earth. From the seed of your thought, a flower blooms or a cactus. Be a flowered thinker. Be a many-flowered thinker.

You have My earth to tend. Yes, earth is Mine. And so it is yours. I gave it to you to keep for Me. Keep it well. Nourish it with the food of your thoughts and nourish My child who walks on the earth with stars of your thoughts.

Let your thoughts be Mine.

All My thoughts are blessings.

Nothing inconveniences Me.

Why does something inconvenience you?

Isn't all of created life a wonder?

You can sleep, and you can arise. You can close your eyes, and you can open them. You can walk and you can sit still. You can sit still and walk the whole planet. You can heap and reap rewards. And yet you let yourself be inconvenienced with annoyance.

Your life is a playing with Me. Life is the game. And all are winners.

Consider your life an Easter-egg hunt, and everywhere you put your hand, it finds a beautiful egg. There are only beautiful eggs. There are no traps in this game of life. I have hidden Easter eggs for you, some very hidden, and I have put some in the open, and sometimes you don't see what is right out in front of you and for you. You imagine traps. But life on earth is not a trap. It is a blessing I gave you. Know Easter eggs when you see them.

Sometimes there is a delay. Sometimes you have to walk a little further to find a divinely decorated Easter egg.

And sometimes, you have so many Easter eggs that you give them to others out of a blessing from your heart. When you do this, are you helping others or are they helping you? When your hands are full, someone helps you carry their contents. When your heart is full, someone helps you carry its love, for love is the content of your heart.

Let others help you carry the content of your heart.

Consider yourself a bride with a long sequined train, and others will help you carry the sparkling satin.

You do have a bridal train behind you. You do leave a trail. You do leave footsteps. Let your footsteps be like stars that light the way to Heaven.

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