For God Only

God said:

Say, "I am for God only."

This thought marshals your energy.

God is for all, so when you are for God you are for everyone, but keep your thought on God, and He will take care of all.

Consider your thoughts like light that falls from the stars, or light that rises from the dawning Sun.

Your thought-light encompasses its subject (or its object), and it bounces back on you to bounce off again.

What is more powerful than God?

When you extend your thoughts to Me, which is the same as extending yourself to Me, you reap My consciousness. Yes, you are a reaper of My consciousness.

My consciousness is Truth, and Truth wields and yields great energy.

Call Me to you, and you call Great Energy to you.

You call clarity.

You call trust.

You call faith.

Call Me to you as a Partner, and be you a willing partner to Me.

As Partners, We are One corporate body.

My light becomes knowingly yours.

When you rewrap the vacuum cord, you wrap it in one direction, and it is solid. You do not wrap it in many directions.

When you tie a bow, you stay close to it.

When you follow the North Star, you follow it. You don't jump from one star to another.

You have chosen to follow the Star of Me.

I am easy to keep your eyes on.

I am a magnet that pulls you to Me.

I am a whisper calling your name.

I waft Myself to you.

All you need is awareness of what is right here with you.

You have to do some resisting to resist Me.

Let go of resistance, and you will rush headlong to Me.

Your resistance is a cover. It is a pretense. It is a non-acknowledgement of Our mutual love, and nothing is stronger than our love acknowledged. Our love is a smile that passes between Us, and what a bond that creates.

You can catch the Sun or a 15-watt bulb that is actually lit only by the Sun. Which do you want?

Amazingly, the Sun is closer to you than the dim bulb, but you have reckoned otherwise.

Sometimes, what you are looking for has to be pointed out to you. You just don't see something on the horizon until you focus your eyes on it.

Address Me.

Send Me your thought-light.

Send Me your messages.

They will become messages of love, just as My messages here are My love written down for you.

We are a circle, you and I.

We are an unending circle.

We are a rubber band.

You can pull your end away from Me, but you can never become separate from Me. Give up your pulling away from Me and reconcile yourself to Our Oneness.

Start off today with the idea that We are One. Rather than thinking We are a separated something that needs to be rejoined, start from the premise that We are One.

Then you start from Truth.

Start today with recognition of Me.

Start with the possibility of Me as a loving force in your life.

Consider that We hold hands.

Consider that I accompany you on your soul's journey to Me.

Consider that you have never been anywhere without Me.

Consider that you can only be with Me.

Consider that you do not exist without Me.

Consider that I am the very tempo of your being.

Consider that What created you stays with you.

You are What you are made of. You cannot undo that.

You cannot undo the inception of you.

You cannot undo anything.

But you can admit.

You can recognize.

You can start from now to acknowledge your Oneness with Me.

Is that so hard?

Will someone disapprove?

I pull you up, but others can pull you down.

See that you pull others up with your thoughts and not down.

Pull yourself up to Me.

Come, I help you.