oneness with God

Buddha Sat under a Banyan Tree

What miracle would you want today? Would you want the sun to shine, winds to blow, fresh air to breathe, mountains and oceans to see? Would you like the blue sky by day and the dark blue star-filled sky by night? Would you like water to drink and water to wash your hands with? Would you like faces to light up when they see you? Would you like smiles to come out like stars when you appear?

Would you like love and love alone to stay in your heart? Would you be happy to see anguish and all its brothers and sisters flee from your heart and from the face of the world?

The God Stream

I am in your DNA, and you are in Mine. That must be so, because We are indelibly One. We share a common DNA. Passed through generations, your DNA and Mine match. Of course, your DNA is identified in the world, and Mine is not. If I leave fingerprints, it is you who leaves them for Me. If I leave footprints, it is you who leaves My footprints. You who are My messengers, you do everything for Me. Thank you.

The Most Beautiful Wholeness You Can Imagine

I am your good right arm. I am your Assistant. I assist you. You assist Me. We reciprocate right and left. We are so One that it is hard to know where you begin and I leave off.

Of course, I never leave off. I AM always. And here's the wonderful thing: You are too.

The Knower within You

Remember often what you are here on Earth for. You must know by now that you are not here for your body. You are not here for possessions. You are not here for wrangling. You are not here to compete. You are not here to win arguments. You are not here to get A's in tests any more than you are here to flunk tests. You are not here to be on best behavior or worst behavior.

You are simply here for your joy and for the joy of others, which is another way of saying that you are here for Me. I am at the top of your list. In fact, there is no list. I am the Whole Story.

You Will See

There is no black and white. Nothing in the world is as it seems. Shadows are cast, but all is light.

You run everywhere, yet you are in place. You cannot go off the path. You think some paths don't go anywhere, but all paths lead to you, yourself, beloveds, and all paths lead to Me, Myself, the One and the Same.

In This Moment

In this moment of Everythingness, Our hearts swim together. We are one big Ocean, and Our hearts swim in the Ocean of Ourselves, or, rather, Self. We swim in the same water, and We come out. There is Oneness but no singleness. No one is ever alone.

The Hall of Mirrors

You have had dreams in sleep where you enter a mansion, and each room you step into thrills your heart. In this dream, you come to think that you have seen the last room of all and all the beauty that this mansion can possibly hold. Then there is a great opening to another room, and the bird of your heart flutters more because you find another room, and another room, another and another. Perhaps only after the dream do you realize that there is always another room and another, and each room is more beautiful than the one before, and you reach every one, or they reach you. It's hard to say.

When Love Bobbed to the Surface of the Ocean

Let Me just enfold you in My arms. Stay with Me today. Take ten steps with Me today, and then you will take more and more. Keep Me with you today. Think of how happy you make Me. Think of how loved you are, and what you mean to Me. You are an expression of Myself. I am enchanted by you. Think of Me.

I do keep My eye on you, and you are My delight. You always make Me smile. I am either responding to your smile, or I am smiling affectionately at your foolishness. In any case, I exult in you, My happiness.

Love, Free Will, and Oneness

Gloria to God:

Dear God, Julie sent a beautiful e-mail in which she praised Your words in HEAVEN. She said they were like "a cool drink for a thirsty girl". She emphasized how HEAVEN reminds her that she cannot fix others, that only You can. I certainly need to be reminded of that. I know that what I worry about is in Your hands. At the same time, I'm not sure that I'm supposed to sit here doing nothing.


Oneness and Words

Gloria to God:

Dear God, My Friend, Giver of Kindness, Sweetness, Wisdom, Light and Life, this is one of those occasions when I think You are writing my question, not I.


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