The Knower within You

God said:

Remember often what you are here on Earth for. You must know by now that you are not here for your body. You are not here for possessions. You are not here for wrangling. You are not here to compete. You are not here to win arguments. You are not here to get A's in tests any more than you are here to flunk tests. You are not here to be on best behavior or worst behavior.

You are simply here for your joy and for the joy of others, which is another way of saying that you are here for Me. I am at the top of your list. In fact, there is no list. I am the Whole Story.

Joy is paramount, yet it is not a pursuit. It is a result, beloveds. You are here for Me. You are here on Earth on My behalf. This means that you are here to learn to accept the love that emanates from Me and to learn how to give it all over the place. Pure and simple.

You may have sometimes thought that you are here to protect yourself and to avoid conflagrations. To avoid anything is not the same as creating harmony. You want true harmony, not only an appearance. Whatever obstructions may exist in your heart, they have to go. Love is not happy just to float on the surface. Love wants to fill your heart all the way. Love wants to blaze a trail of you across the Universe.

Sometimes you feel you have arrived, and then, alas, sometimes you feel far from love, and yet I am so bold as to tell you right to your face that you possess all the love that I do. Because My love stationed within you may not be available at a given moment does not mean that you don't have it.

The thing in life that makes it hard for you is that the ground rules seem to keep changing. True harmony seems to exist one moment, and then the next it's gone, and you don't know how or where. In terms of the relative world, you live on slippery ground. Your house is jerry-built.

And yet, underneath it all, is a magnificent beautiful foundation. This foundation is never shaken. It remains true. And it remains true within you. Even in the middle of an earthquake, your foundation cannot be shaken. That which is called God is your foundation, and I have been planted within you. I am within you. You are the carrier of Heaven and all that Heaven entails.

Your body can quiver, yet the God in you is unshakeable. Whatever you may feel, nothing can shake the Truth of you. Nothing can wound it. Nothing can exile it. No matter what you — the you you imagine you are — may go through, the God in you is impervious to it. Therefore, you are impervious. Nothing in the extant world can make a dent in you. Your body can be hurt, your feelings can be hurt, you can experience loss, and your body can die, yet you are never ever vanquished. You are eternal. You are not here and gone tomorrow. Body, yes. You, no.

You are never ever without Me. You are never ever away from Me even for a moment. What you may think and what Reality is may be two different things, for your thoughts are fickle, and Reality is staunch. Beloveds, you are Myself on Earth. You are Me and nothing but Me. You are, of course, a marvel at disguise. You fool everyone. You fool yourself. And yet there is the Knower within you Who is never fooled.

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The Knower Within You

That we are, by the Grace of God, A MARVEL IN DISGUISE.... that's the lesson
that I choose to know today, this moment. I am the Grace and Wonder of God
while I'm here on Earth. And I FOOL EVERYONE, EVEN MYSELF. Yet
as GOD says so extraordinarily knowingly I AM THE KNOWER WITHIN YOU WHO


"The Knower Within You"

In so few words you show us WHAT is, and WHO is. Your words stir my heart. You are a marvel!

George stirred deeply

"You are, of course, a marvel at disguise."

Sweet writer of this divine dialogue can you tell us why we come to believe our own disguises?
Why is it so hard to grasp this wisdom with the place we stand with ourselves emotionally, and seem to always feel what life feels like to this person we look at in the mirror every morning in this uncertain now?
This morning during breakfast a music group sang "We Are Standing On Holy Ground." I shuffled my feet but didn't feel with my emotions that I was standing on anything other than my sweet little home.
This is where the "voice" comes in and reminds me again that "what you feel isn't real".
We are invited into a special place of knowing that begins with the building blocks of concepts that we come to believe. There are some THINGS we just have to believe until the KNOWING takes place in our consciousness. How does this come? The ancient Greeks had a word for this process. "Lego" which means the building blocks of concepts. The translation to English is WORD.
Read Heaven Letters every day. Think about them deeply until they play God's divine trick of knowing by showing you who you were from always. This is what darling Gloria tries to tell us in these deep beautiful discussions. We come to these Heaven Letters not for Gloria, but for WORD.

George playing with concept again

The Knower Within

It IS the Knower within that constantly and quietly guides the expansion of our conscious awareness of It and Ourselves.

In the Loving Light of the One Heart,
Toni Elizabeth Sar'h

Toni Elizabeth....You swing real good!

You just blew my conscious awareness into unconscious spaciousness. What light you shed!

George needs dark glasses, this is so bright!

I think I will make a

I think I will make a t-shirt and also a wall mount...maybe even a baseball cap with a sign hanging from the visor. The sign will read, "I am the Knower". How fun and intensely satisfying is life when that is remembered!

I am the Knower makes a beautiful theme and title for a quote book :)

This will put t-shirts and

This will put t-shirts and baseball caps in a new league! I might tremble to wear such a t-shirt! I don't know,I might have to wear a t-shirt that says "I Know Nuttin!" And, yes, a beautiful theme and title for a quote book. You sure take us out of the box, Senor.

T shirt stuff

Sweet Gloria humbly Let me lovingly remind my dear teacher that you have the anointing by which you know all thing. You're a vessel that never ends. I love it, and you.

George hanging his head

T shirt stuff

I just love being on the same page as you and darling Gloria.

I suppose it's out of the question for Heaven Letters to offer T shirts.

It gives life, so T shirts isn't too far away.

You Heaven Admin are wonderful!

George adjusting his glasses

I so needed to hear this.

I so needed to hear this. So much going on. So much shakey ground. Your messages are my anchor. Thank you Gloria, Thank you God!

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said you are Me
I tell you right to your face
Experience Me

God said remember
That you are Myself on Earth
In Reality

Love, Light and Aloha!

Experience Me

To experience God is everything, isn't it Honey?

George shaking his head up and down