The Hall of Mirrors

God said:

You have had dreams in sleep where you enter a mansion, and each room you step into thrills your heart. In this dream, you come to think that you have seen the last room of all and all the beauty that this mansion can possibly hold. Then there is a great opening to another room, and the bird of your heart flutters more because you find another room, and another room, another and another. Perhaps only after the dream do you realize that there is always another room and another, and each room is more beautiful than the one before, and you reach every one, or they reach you. It's hard to say.

Beloveds, your Father's Mansion is even far more beautiful than the mansion in your dream. The true mansion's beauty, its power, its spaciousness almost ring too loudly for your ears. As My Mansion reveals itself to you more and more, the volume goes up. It is almost like you have to brace yourself, for the unending beauty of each room seems more than you can possibly bear. You fear you cannot withstand it. You fear you will disappear. You are disappearing now.

In this Magnificence, you have to drop off all costumes — they are too heavy. You have to take off your shoes and leave them. All pretense drops away. You are really inside this mansion, and, wow, think of it, you are the heir to it!

You begin to sense that this mansion is so vast that you can never leave. As you come across relics from your life, what you thought was your life, you realize that you have always lived here! This was always your Home, only you had seen it differently. You now recognize, not only that this is your Home, but that it is Home. It is where everyone has lived! Everyone you knew, thought you knew, also lived here. You may have constantly bumped into everybody in doorways or hallways, or perhaps you smoothly glided by each other with a nod, or perhaps without a nod at all. You may even have had a simple silent understanding that you were passing by yourself, somehow going along with the idea that it was someone else you saw. It's clear now. You had, in all seriousness, nodded or not nodded to yourself.

Previously you had thought you were in a maze. You were so tremblingly uncertain. And now you see that a nebulous curtain rises, and you behold that everything that ever existed behind the filaments of this curtain is you. You finally come smack face to face with yourself. Hi, there.

All this time you had thought you were in a maze, and now you see you are in a shining Hall of Mirrors. All the sights you saw were yourself. From a cast of millions, now you see you were the only one here! This is not a disappointing realization, you understand. It is wonderful, and it becomes more wonderful as you come to see yourself, recognize yourself, discover yourself, this Self you had previously spent eons hiding from yourself.

"Hello, Everyone," you say as Truth begins to dawn on you. "Hello, Everyone, you can come out of hiding now. I mean, Hello, Myself. See Me now in all of God's glory. I was always endowed with God's glory and yet kept it secret from myself and all the other people I had made up. I was the last to know, and yet that means I was the first to know, for there was no one else to know. There was not even this wobbly figure I imagined and whom I find myself talking to now. I am more than that.

"As it happens, I was always talking to myself. Oh, I did not always like my answers. Nevertheless, the one bellowing the questions was the same as the one answering loudly or softly. This is so clear to me now, how could I have missed it?

"I am in a beautiful house with many rooms. I may have thought I was somewhere else, but here I always was. I thought there were unruly crowds here, and it was only me all the time! Rather, I should say, it was the Great Me running around madly to play all the parts I thought had to be played.

"Funny, now that I am the Only One, I no longer feel lonely. I am good enough for Me."

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This letter is totally

This letter is totally awesome, magnificent...
Yes, I too have had the dream....many times,
my mom and I have discussed it over the last 30 years,
The door opens, the home looks small from
the outside...and I keep finding room after room, after room...each one more amazing,
each one more spacious, happy sun filled rooms, bright white, glowing warm. I am enthralled, jumping up and down with laughter. This dream usually would occur after some big "fiasco" in my "play" life, never truly understood the full potential of
this dream....I knew there was a deeper meaning, other that the fact I never wanted to wake up and I would be bouncing all day from the joy. I have a big smile now just remembering, and wanting the memory to be my only reality, and it will.
Love to all,

Rhonda's comments

Sweet Rhonda:

Yes, yes, yes, this letter is totally awesome, magnificent and manages to pont out who we are and must see it for ourselves.
You point out the deeper meaning as we learn how to enter our castle, or manslion.
I commend your every word. Thanks

George, free at last

lonely universe

"Funny, now that I am the Only One, I no longer feel lonely. I am good enough for Me."

I find this statement very interesting and paradoxical. When one thinks about why there is a created world of diversity at all, why Supreme Intelligence would create endless diversity, one comes back to three ideas. One is divine boredom. It must be rather boring to be the Unchanging transcendent intelligence, complete and sufficient. The solution to that may be creating infinite fields of divine play of which the human/earth plane of existence and consciousness is only one. Infinite diversity to entertain Supreme Intelligence.

The second idea is loneliness. Divine loneliness in the unmanifest Oneness of eternity. Duality is such an ingenious plan to dissipate this loneliness-as long as the belief in duality holds.

The third idea is Divine Intelligence wondering about who S/He is and exploring all possible aspects of divine imagination. After all, it was Socrates, created by Gd, who taught us that ''the unexplored life is not worth living''. Wouldn't that hold true for Gd as well? (Wasn't that was a Star Trek theme back in the 70's...? All credit to the Star Trek screen writers for putting that thought in my head! or was it Gd's thought??).

So the Universe is really a Super Walmart-- Infinite diversity and Infinite duality coming to know the Self in the field of all possibilities --(...knower, known and process of knowing...?)

"Funny, now that I am the Only One, I no longer feel lonely. I am good enough for Me."

Did Supreme Intelligence really need to create duality, diversity and infinite becoming to realize this? If so, there was something lacking, there was a need, and that means that Gd is not omniscient.... Comments?

While running on the beach

While running on the beach today I was wondering about the concepts of "anything being possible" and "if anything is possible, so too is impossibility". Two opposite concepts that merge like the yin and the yang to form the Tao.

Nirvana is in the centre of created duality. Awareness of the centre comes in the silence of thoughtlessness. Thought, contemplation and sincere discussion are stepping stones to that silent state.

Why 3 ideas? How about a gazillion? How can we even fathom the nature of God when we have not yet made friends with silence. I love Star Trek and maybe even some of Socrate's ponderings, but I consider all of these things dead weight and a hindrance when I am diving in God's ocean of love. I want to go as deep as I can go, and then deeper.

Beloved Judy, you sure make

Beloved Judy, you sure make us think! But that's just the thing -- thinking, no matter how brilliant, is linear and doesn't seem to get us anywhere! Logic deals with the known, and we are nearing the territory of the Unknown -- the consciously Unknown.

Heavenletters are more on the level of resonating. It's like God's paradoxical words strike a chord within us. It's not like I comprehend better. For me, it's like the Heavenletter jiggles something in me, and something is opened. Of course, I'm trying to use words to express the Inexpressible.

Tomorrow, 9-8-08, we learn that God wants to emphasize the importance of this Heavenletter.

I thank you and Rhonda for bringing our attention to this Heavenletter -- I meant to type from two angles, but look at what I did actually type -- from two angels!!!

With blessings and love,


I would have said 3 angels,

I would have said 3 angels, but Wunluv's comment must have gone up at the same time as mine did. If I had seen his, I probably would have sighed deeply and not have had anything to say.

What's her name's comments

Sweeter than ever:

You put my thoughts into words much better than I can. Thanks, unmentinalble.

For some reason I have to log in to comment now, so I will.

Thinking sounds good, and some thinking probably is good enough to substitue for knowing but I know of a Man Who said: "Take no thought, or take no anxious thought about tomorrow and probably a lot of other things we mistake for our mansion.
Another said: "Be still and KNOW that I AM God."

When something this deep comes along, I like to swim, or float or bask in the SON.

Just some thoughts

George, Son-tanned


IN LUV N GRATITUDE , magnificence of thses messages affirm n validate the TRUTH OF OUR BEING !!!!!! I am SO GRATEFUL for these Encouraging Heaven Letters ' support in the Process of our BEING !!!!

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said all and all
As you come to see yourself
Say "Hi, Everyone."

God said see Me now
A shining cast of millions
Face to face in you

God said Beloveds
You are inside My Mansion
You are heir to it

Love, Light and Aloha!

Comment on Alohalight's Haikus

When you write : "As you come to see yourself" you express Eternities Heart taking ours in its gentle hands to tell us of the undieing love IT is expressing to us.
Then you add: "You are inside My Mansion. and you help us know more about where we live and who our Divine House Keeper really is. I love what you express to us today!

George exploring his mansion

dearest George, your

dearest George,

your postings are one divine blessing after another, making my heart jump with jo and love and oh, words could never express this overwhelming feeling. thanks for flocking on Heavenletters dear !

Much love and a big hug


This letter really touched me. It caused me to reflect on the process that my life has gone through while growing closer to God. Every time I have experienced a miracle in my life it is like its a brand new happening, as if I had never experienced a miracle before. That sort of parallels with the mansion going from room to room to room and being delighted with each room. There have been many bumps along my way, but each miracle has healed the past as I have moved along. I am in the process of coming out of hiding and seeing myself more clearly and being totally satisfied with what I see. The process has taken a long time in my estimation, but it now feels like I have been here forever.
Thank you once again for offering this service.

Namaste says it all

Dearest Bety Ann Brown:

Thanks for your dear words. Especially Namaste. Love

George, cane and all