Read This Heavenletter Again

God said:

Beloved Heavenreaders,

Today I am going to repeat the Heavenletter from yesterday. I am giving it a different title so I can lure you into reading it again. I would lure you but not trick you, so I tell you right away what I am doing. I say it in the title.

And now I would like to ask you if you will kindly say why you think I ask you to read this Heavenletter again? I will delight in your responses and ask you to share your heart with all.

I give you My love and My blessings,
Your beloved God

You have had dreams in sleep where you enter a mansion, and each room you step into thrills your heart. In this dream, you come to think that you have seen the last room of all and all the beauty that this mansion can possibly hold. Then there is a great opening to another room, and the bird of your heart flutters more because you find another room, and another room, another and another. Perhaps only after the dream do you realize that there is always another room and another, and each room is more beautiful than the one before, and you reach every one, or they reach you. It's hard to say.

Beloveds, your Father's Mansion is even far more beautiful than the mansion in your dream. The true mansion's beauty, its power, its spaciousness almost ring too loudly for your ears. As My Mansion reveals itself to you more and more, the volume goes up. It is almost like you have to brace yourself, for the unending beauty of each room seems more than you can possibly bear. You fear you cannot withstand it. You fear you will disappear. You are disappearing now.

In this Magnificence, you have to drop off all costumes — they are too heavy. You have to take off your shoes and leave them. All pretense drops away. You are really inside this mansion, and, wow, think of it, you are the heir to it!

You begin to sense that this mansion is so vast that you can never leave. As you come across relics from your life, what you thought was your life, you realize that you have always lived here! This was always your Home, only you had seen it differently. You now recognize, not only that this is your Home, but that it is Home. It is where everyone has lived! Everyone you knew, thought you knew, also lived here. You may have constantly bumped into everybody in doorways or hallways, or perhaps you smoothly glided by each other with a nod, or perhaps without a nod at all. You may even have had a simple silent understanding that you were passing by yourself, somehow going along with the idea that it was someone else you saw. It's clear now. You had, in all seriousness, nodded or not nodded to yourself.

Previously you had thought you were in a maze. You were so tremblingly uncertain. And now you see that a nebulous curtain rises, and you behold that everything that ever existed behind the filaments of this curtain is you. You finally come smack face to face with yourself. Hi, there.

All this time you had thought you were in a maze, and now you see you are in a shining Hall of Mirrors. All the sights you saw were yourself. From a cast of millions, now you see you were the only one here! This is not a disappointing realization, you understand. It is wonderful, and it becomes more wonderful as you come to see yourself, recognize yourself, discover yourself, this Self you had previously spent eons hiding from yourself.

"Hello, Everyone," you say as Truth begins to dawn on you. "Hello, Everyone, you can come out of hiding now. I mean, Hello, Myself. See Me now in all of God's glory. I was always endowed with God's glory and yet kept it secret from myself and all the other people I had made up. I was the last to know, and yet that means I was the first to know, for there was no one else to know. There was not even this wobbly figure I imagined and whom I find myself talking to now. I am more than that.

"As it happens, I was always talking to myself. Oh, I did not always like my answers. Nevertheless, the one bellowing the questions was the same as the one answering loudly or softly. This is so clear to me now, how could I have missed it?

"I am in a beautiful house with many rooms. I may have thought I was somewhere else, but here I always was. I thought there were unruly crowds here, and it was only me all the time! Rather, I should say, it was the Great Me running around madly to play all the parts I thought had to be played.

"Funny, now that I am the Only One, I no longer feel lonely. I am good enough for Me."

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Dear God, I think you asked

Dear God,
I think you asked us to read this Heavenletter again, because it is the plain Truth. You want us to absorb its vibration and message, because it stirs the memory of Home within. I know this is the Truth, because I've seen it. And I also see my resistance to this Truth, and it is the sense of unworthiness. Can't wait to live the moment when I'll be 'good enough for Me'.

With gratitude,

HeavenLetter # 2845

I am Grateful!!

In Tomorrows God book by N.D.W. there is a FOUR WORD observation which is worth to memorise. It is " WE ARE ALL ONE "

In love,

Dearest Menon, I love

Dearest Menon,

I love Tomorrows God !!!!! I have the audiobook and I really love it !

Much love

re-reading this letter about

re-reading this letter about the Father's House (Mansion) is like pushing the "re-play" function on the music CD player . . . to hear again a song one really enjoyed listening to . .. and not wanting it to end . . . so: "re-play"!

in the Gospels, Jesis says: "In My Father's house there are many mansions" . . . i often wondered what He meant by saying that "in My Father's HOUSE are many MANSIONS" - why would there be mansions inside a house? . . . but now i see a bit more clearly the meaning . . . The Father's House is immense . . . but even more than having to do with "size", it is "all inclusive" . . . it excludes no one . . . and each one person is him/herself a many roomed mansion . . . and endless roomed mansion . . and there are many yet there is but "one" . . . we are each and all within that "One" house . . .family of the one houshold . . . children of One Father . . . and each one of us is the dwelling place of God Himself . . .

Dear God, I think You know

Dear God,
I think You know how difficult it is for a Human Being to accept this truth. The mind cannot comprehend and the heart is a little scared at the idea of this Supreme Oneness You picture. But Your words are like a music, a sweet scent, a glitter of Home that will help us to recall. No need to understand, just to know that we cannot rely on what we think we know.
Your eager Child

The Halls Of Mirrors

I believe GOD had the Heaven Letter printed twice because it is time "FOR THE GAMES TO BEGIN"...

Blessings and Love,



With Total n Complete Faith n Conviction , We affirm n validate I AM ,WE ARE !!!!!!!!

Thank you God for your most loving n beautiful reminders . We Luv You!

In Gratitude , joy n luv Always n All ways !

Reply to Heaven letter no.2845

Dear God I am 72 years old and this is the first time I take a chance to open up like this.
You ask why you want me to read this letter again, I don't know why! but I'll tell you what I felt while I was reading it.
It made me feel the same way I felt most of my life i.e. like a stranger.
I mean that all those long years,I took hundreds courses of all kind on spirituality hoping to find peace and happiness. I read thousands of books, a few years ago I had a few thousand books on the subject, I gave them away so much I was disapointed not having results. I expected or like others.
what happenned? I met people who were or seemed to be happy, they seemed to feel deeply what we were learning, they had this kind of glow around them and when I asked them what they felt, they said that they felt love and happiness and so on! Why is it that I never felt those feelings?
I always felt that I was the stranger whitenessing what others felt but it was'nt available for me, I heard peoples talked about dreams like that but I felt I was in the basement and I was'nt permited to come upstairs because I was'nt whorth it.
I can't meditate anymore, and I gave up reading or taking courses for a few years, now I read your letters for a couple of years hoping to find answers and comfort before my days in this purgatory are over. But what's next? sometimes I have doubts about a life after life.
All this to say that this letter revived a lot of souvenirs and feelings.
I don't know if you'l read my answer or what you will do with it, but who knows? May be you'l feel sorry for me and help me to find peace of mind and some happiness.
Hoping Gerard

For Gerard

Gerard, don't so much look for the answers, be the answer/s, as best you can, and don't fear the consequence.

I'd recommend something very simple for you to consider. Practice being a Master Appreciator and Blesser.

Start with easy baby steps. Appreciate the most simple, easy, small things that bring any enjoyment to you. A kind word, a smile, a simple enjoyable meal, a flower, the sunshine or rain a pet. Visit a green house etc.

As you practice Appreciating the small things in life you open yourself to allowing larger things to come in to Appreciate.

Bless the things you Appreciate as well.

More so, Bless the things you don't like as well.

Thus, that which you interpret and judge that you don't like still gets reflected from you the wonderful onderful energy of your Blessing and that is going to affect that which you don't like on some level large or small, in an opti-mystically positive way.

Blessings and Appreciation's to you.

Dear Father/Mother, Are you

Dear Father/Mother,

Are you calling us all back home so soon?
I am still trying to master manifestation from an individual stance.

Marko dear, you are such a

Marko dear,

you are such a blessing and I love all you have written SOOOOOO MUCH !

Much much Love

Berit how honey sweet of you

Berit how honey sweet of you to say
so...... :-) ....

Beloved Gerard, I wish I

Beloved Gerard,

I wish I could respond to every comment. They all merit a response. Of course, it's not possible. Your comment, however, compels me to say something!

You and I are not so different! I too am disillusioned with all the courses I have taken! Each one was going to be THE answer, THE solution to everything. I took courses in how to be a millionaire as well as spiritual courses. I followed health regimes, one after the other, and, at the time, each course or program I took was IT and was going to revolutionize me. Now I am jaded.

Now I would not run to one thing after another again as once did. I no longer have the eagerness I once did. I was, however, happy while II was in that place of taking in everything I could. I mean I had a REALLY good time at the time, and then the glow didn't last long or long enough, and it seems I was left with myself again still groping.

Sometimes I have to wonder that maybe I gained more from these courses than I think I have. Maybe all the courses did take me somewhere, no matter how subtly. Certainly, I am glad to be where I am now.

Godwriting and Heavenletters obviously mean everything to me. I have had unquestionable growth from them. After more than ten years, I am not the person I used to be at all. I do see life and my place in it differently. I do not take things so personally as I used to, and when I do feel hurt, I recover so much more quickly.

Please don't think I'm saying I have "arrived" yet or that I don't have my days of temper, discouragement, tears etc. (See the Godwriting blog and you will see how far I still have to go.) I haven't reached the ENLIGHTENMENT that I thought I was going to get from courses thirty years ago.

I am happy to sponsor Heavenletters. I am happy that they are free for anyone who wants them. I am happy that no one has to read them and that I don't have to "sell" them. I like that we aren't told to study them. They are offered to all, and that's how God wants it. I also like that we are all equal. If there is a teacher, it is God Who teaches and God who loves us as we are.

I believe that God says time and time again that "no one knows more than you do."

God tells us that we don't NEED anything from the outside. He tells us that we do not want to think of ourselves as in need. He says again and again that we ARE.

So I also want to point out, Gerard, that you and God in Heavenletters are not so different either.

I am grateful that you continue to read Heavenletters. There must be a reason. I am grateful that you opened up your heart here and hope you will continue. I would love to see you maybe pick out a few lines from the day's Heavenletter that do speak to your beautiful heart.

With love and blessings,


Gloria's Stuff

Even Sweeter than before:

You said it like the Master expressed it when HE said: "Don't look here, or don't look there, the Kingdom of God is within you."
You said it like only you can say it. so beautiful!

George wondering how the shadows got so bringht all of a sudden

Dear Gerard, Your letter

Dear Gerard,
Your letter really touched me. I hear your truth when you say you have felt like a stranger witnessing what others felt, witnessing love and happiness which wasn't available to you. That you have sought peace and happiness all your life in a thousand different ways. Others seemed to find it on the courses you did. And you wonder why not you? You feel like you're in the basement, not allowed to come upstairs because you're not worth it.
Reading that makes me wonder what your childhood was like. I wonder if you can ever remember feeling love and happiness, or whether this feeling of being a stranger, an outsider is there throughout your life. I wonder how your parents were with you. I wonder how it feels to be like in your body. I wonder how your breath is, whether it is able to go down into your belly, and give you the contact, safety and love you crave.
I feel truly sad and moved as I write this. The main thing I want to communicate is that right now my heart is full of love for you. Your suffering is the suffering of humanity. The pain that lies below the surface of everyday people is beyond belief, once you start enquiring.
I am touched that you are one of the ones who has dedicated their lives to healing that pain.
Keep believing.
With love,

An Angel in a human disguize

Sweet Sarita:

I commend you for your love touch on Gerard. You're wonderful!

Hugs, Kisses, and stars to

Hugs, Kisses, and stars to wish on!
gerard god bless you. i am 22 and i have so many of the same feelings you do and i have years to go. Just always remember god loves you nomatter what the mind tells you the heart knows you are a wonderful butiful child of go. your answers wuill come when you least expect them but never fret over them live each day like it is your last and love with all your heart.
your loving friend around the world.

not permitted to come upstairs

Gerard, dear friend, this is from someone who is only 62 but knows quite well what this not being permittet upstairs feels like. We are told it's an illusion and it certainly is. We also know that illusions can hurt darn badly. Books gone, practices gone, workshops gone, hopes gone. But something keeps calling, calling, doesn't it. So what is there to do but to listen, listen, and gradually fade into it until I don't even remember whether I'm a stranger or not?

With all my sympathy,

It's All Us

Well I'm guessing that the mansion/s are the Universe both which exist within us and without us, i.e. outside of us.

That which is out pictured appears outside of us, but is really and merely a reflection back of what's inside of us. Instant feed back.

As we change and grow in awareness so does the inner and outer picture. Life or God, Us, the Universe is a hall of mirrors everything is a reflection back that is us in totality some way or another.

The Universe is a hall of mirrors and in a way an enormous art gallery too. The question now is, what reflection/s will we pay attention too? The 2nd question is how are we going to pay attention to it? The 3rd for how long?

The point I would guess for a double entry of this HL is to further remind us that the starting point of all this is Us. All that we see is our self and ourselves replicated in infinite multifarious forms. Thus, if we desire to change our focus, we may consider that "how" we focus our attention is important too.

When we see that we are all one, we will take care of our World as if it's ours and not something outside or away from us as it sometimes seems to be. For now we learn this: we take care of our individual selves first, in order to better take care of the Larger self seen as the World and Universe.

At least until a more useful better beneficial way to look at it comes along into our awareness.

The universe and mansions are us


You have a wonderful way of unfolding the mystery of LIFE. Thanks

George, mystified and happy

read it again

I read it yesterday and I read it today. I believe that God wanted us to know that "we are all that we see and feel and are." God supplied us with the mansion,( our body is our mansion here on earth) and no matter what happens we have that spark of the divine and God is on our side, no matter what. Also that we are who we meet, who we talk to and who we love. All aspects of each of us is represented by another room. There is always more rooms to explore.


God said He/She would delight in our responses, so here goes.
I currently am writing a book titled, Why Love Heals.
The major premise of the book is that when we are experiencing our oneness with everything, health is a natural byproduct. I refer to my own research and others, along with the research in quantum physics demonstrating the connectedness of everything (zero point field).
I enjoy reading the Heavenletters, and their daily inspiration.
I am very pleased to be in a position to add to the understanding of our oneness through my
writing and presentations. Thank you, God, for the opportunity to do this.
Gratefully, Dean Shrock, Ph.D.

This is a good reminder to

This is a good reminder to me to not get caught up in the dramas being played out, but to see Oneness: There is only ONE, there is only LOVE.

In my Father's House are many Mansions

Sweet Writer:
This beautiful Heavenletter takes us to a place of deep understanding.
It shows us the Father bumping into HIS glorious self and noticing that it is us.
He speaks to us and discovers that HE is talking to HIMSELF.
The wonder of this glorious concept is simply that it is so hard to keep its shimmering sparkles in our mind and in our heart.
These precious words come quickly to our ego sense and slip unnoticed from our inner Spirit man.
How nice to learn to rest in these words of LIFE and LOVE.
They reach higher than I can reach, so I let HIM do the Inner reaching.
He does the Inner Teaching too as I stagger from room to room in HIS HOME.
A sweet old ancient teacher cried out: "What! Know ye not that you are the Temple of God!"
As HIS residence we are constantly faced with learning who we are as HIM and why our consciousness takes this silly earthly form as we struggle to get out of bed and wake from this confusing sleepy world we have made up during our wondering through the halls of this mansion.

George, blinking his eyes in a stupor.

Consciousness awakening

I hear a high, beautiful, eternal consciousness crying out: "I go to prepare a place for you, and if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again to be with you so that where I AM, there you will be also." How sweet to find a Heavenletter reminding me the the divine Self-consciousness coming into my consciousness through these words to remind me that, if you can see me, you have seen my Source, my Father. This stuff opens lots of doors for what i am becoming through these glorious letters.

George with the bedroom slippers

HEAVEN #2845 Read This Heavenletter Again, September 8, 2008

It seems like you are luring me into a grand place that
I am reluctant to believe exists that I can hardly even
imagine...a large and beautiful place of abundance with
countless amazing revelations to my limited perspective
...and it seems you are putting it before me again to consider
unhurriedly in order to allow it to sink into the hard ground
of my "conditioned" thinking which is a small and narrow
place and which serves as a fort against new insight.
And, I am hungry for the light and for the expansion of
my vision and understanding. I am eager to explore the
many mansions I am heir to with all my father's family.

"I am in a beautiful house with many rooms. I may have thought I was somewhere else, but here I always was. I thought there were unruly crowds here, and it was only me all the time! Rather, I should say, it was the Great Me running around madly to play all the parts I thought had to be played."

Thank you for all your letters. I love them so much.

Paula Clayton

Paula's song of her house

Darling Paula:

You precious words " I am eager to explore the
many mansions I am heir to with all my father's family."

Honey, you are not heir to this place of great beauty. You own it NOW.
You live in it now, not in some light filled future. This is how and why you are taking such big steps.
This is why you grow huge and sparkly as you grow quiet and contemplative. You are beginning to discern where you are
and who you are in this great moment of realization in the NOW. You are beautiful

George, dazzled by your light

Subject: Re: HEAVEN #2845 Read This Heavenletter Again, Septembe

You requested that we read this HeavenLetter again because
it is a profound realization that we are always
experiencing ourselves, everything is a projection of our
consciousness. It just appears, to us, that we are
separate from our experience. Toni Wilder

read this heavenletter again

well i cant say i fully understand why Father God asked us to reread
-except maybe i picked up on 1 or 2 things i read wrongly the first time
-except that when Someone repeats someting its for emphasis and is important
-that God wants us to remember what we read

...and no it was hard for me except what He automatically rang true to me
I whole heartedly embrace the message fact im lookin for a better Mansion myself
im living in an efficency right now.... did clarify for me that God is the Mansion...and of course there are literal mansions for us
....and that there are always bigger, better, greater, and more to come...

...and that every face i see is a God face...


soo much thankz for the message Father God i appreciate it

maybe God wants us to share this message or just walk around with the knowing of it
so we treat the people we meet differently and better and in love and with respect...

Why I re-read #2844, "The Hall of Mirrors"

Dear God-in-everyOne,
In answer to Your question, why I feel You asked us to read this Heavenletter again: For me, it's because this particular Heavenletter so powerfully represents the central theme of Heavenletters — awakening to the realization of our oneness with God and each other (Self Realization) — and because (through the use of beautiful imagery and biblical themes) it very effectively stirs the memory of this oneness in my heart. Whether or not the intellect understands, my heart is moved with each re-reading and gradually my mind releases more of its illusions.
I love the flow of this Heavenletter, how the beautiful metaphors launch my mind in search of itself, sweep it inward along the seas of self-exploration from the grosser levels of perception to the finer levels of awareness, transcending each level as it moves toward the Source, the Heaven within, the recognition of one's Self, God, as the basis of everything.
This Heavenletter is Self Realization in a nutshell. It's a wake-up call, but it's a lot more than that.
I love the metaphor of a shining hall of mirrors and the implications of light, reflection, consciousness, and seeing oneself (One Self) that the word "mirror" evokes. Every seeming other mirrors my Self, God.
Also, the metaphor from "in my Father's house are many mansions": the dreamlike imagery of moving through one amazing room after another — a metaphor for the process of Self-awakening (awakening to One Self), where life spontaneously reveals more and more of my Self to myself.
This topic is something I have wondered about since I was a tiny girl. I recall that even before the age of three, I was having difficulty comprehending how I could possibly exist in a body that appeared to be separate from everyone else. It didn't make sense to me. Maybe it was mostly because I was so "fresh from Heaven", where oneness is not disguised. Perhaps all children experience this. We are told that babies experience oneness with their environment, then a "process of separation" gradually develops. They learn to distinguish between themselves and mother, themselves and toys, and so.
This Heavenletter has the effect of bringing all this sense of separateness back together again into one unified wholeness. The separateness was just in perception. We were oneness all along. What a relief!
When I read this Heavenletter, my heart is stirred and I want to cry. It's like coming home.

I've been sent to the Big House

Beautiful Annette:

Those beautiful wiggly lines of force and power rise off the page as I read your thoughtful, expanding words. You speak openly of beautiful metaphors that launch our minds into deep and revealing places. You speak of awakening to 'One Self' consciousness that moves all of us in that direction. For all your delicious words, I thank you!

George, full and running over

Thank you, George

Dear George, full and running over,
Thank you for your beautiful remarks and equally delicious words. Oneness inspiring Oneness.
I feel like a little child again.
Love and blessings,

So beautiful, Annette.

So beautiful, Annette.

WOW! What a gift! Thank

WOW! What a gift! Thank you and I Love You Too!

Hugs, Kisses, and stars to

Hugs, Kisses, and stars to wish on!
This letter sorta baffles me. when i read it yesturday i really didnt let it sink in but reading it a second time my brain absorbed it more. I think this letter oneness and that we are all one and the same. It kinda scares me and i real;ly dont know how to explain why. It just sorta makes me feel like the me i know and love is nothing just a big pary of a bag of rice that can blend together when bleded to turn into a mashed up oneness. I dont know whether its bad to have these feelings but i guess im so used to being me a individual its way to hard to imagine what god is telling me. good night world out there. sweet dreams, many blessing, and love.


This one left me feeling sad and I know that wasn't the intention. I'm obviously missing something. I felt like it made ME GOD and that as God I am still alone in the Universe after all these eons because everything was just a game and made up. Can someone redirect my thoughts on this please?

Crystal and Kate, I'll leave

Crystal and Kate, I'll leave it to others who understand more than I do to answer you -- and they will--but I've just got to say that it's okay to feel sad. And God doesn't say that it's bad or wrong to feel as we feel. I commend you both for your simple honesty.

Feeling much like you do,

Feeling much like you do, Kate, I am hardly qualified to "redirect your thoughts". But I suspect that love, or "the joy of Oneness" (see below), is the One answer to everything. Once I love, will aloneness matter?

Let me quote something for you that redirects my thoughts again and again:

What a Diversion the World Is
Heavenletter # 1687 Published on: July 3, 2005

God said:
How beautiful is the world I made for you. The world was made for you. I prepared it for you. I contemplated the moon and the sun and the stars and made them elegant. I made the sun yellow to reflect My light. I made the sky blue and the seas blue for serenity. I made grass green and soft to lie on. You came to Me in a dream. Being One, We dreamed each other. We dreamed of Truth and, therefore, it was no dream, for Truth was and is Our essence, and love Our reality.

We look into each other’s eyes which is to say we look into a mirror. We reflect off each other even though there is no other. Eyes see inward and outward even though in and out are illusions. There is no near and no far. There is nothing between Us unless you call love between Us. But love is Our Oneness so there is no in between.

I love Myself which is to say I love the illusion of you.

Time and space do not exist so how can separation?

If I am One, how can you be apart from Oneness? There is nothing for you to be but Oneness. One is as far as I can count.

There was nothing to create but in imagination. So I imagined you, or you imagined yourself. I made up players to keep Me company. In other words, I had a thought, and My thoughts materialized in a haze. I had a thought of you. I thought of you. I think of you still.

You discover that you are Myself thinking of you (Myself). You do not exist separate from Me, which is to say, you do not exist. The train of thought you have gone off on seems like existence but you are an embodiment of that which is eternal love and cannot be embodied. You represent Me in this circular motion. You are My representative on Earth, even though there is no Earth. It certainly seems that there is Earth, for We walk on it, but We walk off into the Sunset or the Sunrise of which there is no difference, for We are beyond, and the sun neither sets nor rises except in this illusion We have temporarily agreed upon. We think it is Our playing field but it is merely a rumble of thought, a heartbeat of Oneness playing at something else.

There is nothing to talk about. It is all thought. It is an electrical current. Light dashes around and calls itself something else. We imagine particles. We study them with our eye to a microscope or a telescope. We study sections of Oneness to find Oneness sectionless.

What a diversion the world is. Oneness composes itself. One thought becomes many. Thought appears on a screen, and it goes off the screen. The screen is imaginary too so what was there for thought to go off of? Thought went on a tear. It went on tangents of itself, and yet there is only One Thought. So I thought of Myself in many ways in order to come back to Oneness from which I never departed, from which We can’t. I say We out of courtesy to you. I pretend for a moment, just like you, that We are each other when only Oneness exists.

I am not yours, and you are not Mine. I am Myself. And you are Myself. You who are on a stroll plague yourself with thoughts of an existence that is not but yet believed in with great might. Return to the joy of Oneness from which you have never left except in a flight of fancy from which you can only return, particularly since you never left.

Comment on Oneness playing at something else.

Yes, yes to Berit's comment that this should be read daily. We should go to sleep repeating Kate's loaded words: "Return to the joy of Oneness from which you have never left except in a flight of fancy from which you can only return, particularly since you never left."
We know so well what we don't, in fact, know at all.
We smile in the mirror never dreaming that we smile into the face of eternity's trick or slight of HAND. It's HIS hand, HIS image, HIS thought. To shave HIS face never occurs to our limited field of thought, but his melody of LOVE place on with never missing a beat.
We should fall asleep or awake depending on how you, as a seeming individual sees what seems to be our earthly life which is really the shimmering, glowing mirage of things HE thought should seem to be.
HE laughs at blueness in the same way HE laughs at what we think is serenity. All the while catching our tears in the Bottle of HIS love with which HE waters his human plantings. HE chose the very smallest sun for us to tan our imagined package with. The angels howl with joy at this love thing HE has done.
These daring, darling words make my 84 year old heart turn over in its grave of what's supposed to be and in the supposition gives us such imagined JOY. I just plan to suffer this unspeakable joy for a few more years in this delirious mystery and misery. Then what ever I AM will melt into the Oneness that we dream to be so fair. No doubt it is.

George in tears and laughter, not knowing which is which

I would just add that this

I would just add that this most wonderful Heavenletter should be read daily, before and after meals and in between .....

we can just open our eyes and hearts and choose this exact moment for our awakening, can we ? can you feel it in you and around you and everywhere, something has changed for good, WE ARE!

much love to all Heavenangels and thanks for the incredibly beautiful postings !!

How do you do it?

Dearest Berit:

How do you manage to say exactly the right words that are rolling around the nation's consciousness?
So beautiful, brief, and illuminating! Just right!

George, mystified

Read This Heavenletter Again

What is the fate of the innocent ?
What is the destiny of the emty vessel lot ?
World forgiven by the world forgot
Ethenal sunshine of the spotless mind ...
Each prayer heard
Each wish unfold

Heavenletters carried me through the tight places when I could not carry myself

God expressed through

God expressed through Heavenletters, beloved Seraph.

I often wonder who carries whom? I feel carried by the beautiful consciousness of Heavenreaders.

Carring and careing ...

God carry each of us throught each of us when en where any of as need it ...

Heavenletters carried me through the tight places when I could not carry myself

PS - With thanks for the poem to sir Alexander Pope

Why Again?

The whitish, paperlike background keeps dropping out of the screen while I read, leaving the blue words hovering over a dizzying (and thankfully framed) vastness. This may be one of the reasons.

Obviously, this Heavenletter inspires more of us to comment. This could be another.

Beyond the intellectual understanding, beyond even the feeling that, yes, it makes sense and something inside totally agrees - beyond that I have to ask myself how much of that simple silent understanding I have. It doesn't look like much. I still feel that old otherness most of the time. But who knows.        Father's House.        Really, what about it?
I'm sure that's another reason.

Gloria ...

How the Heaven you expect me to respond to this ?

I AM speechless ...

Heavenletters carried me through the tight places when I could not carry myself

that simple silent understanding


You didn't whitewash my old walls, you simply tore them down and left me free to run, jump and think. Thanks!

George running jumping (with a cane of course!) and thinking

How I envy your multitasking

How I envy your multitasking skills, George. I'll never learn it. Sort of singing while taking a shower or scratching my head while trying to think, that's the extent of it for me. And as for thinking - I feel I will soon need a cane for it. Hopefully, I will have osmotically gained some of your spirit by then.


before Abraham was, I am

Love this!

Hi Gloria,

I have always loved the metaphor of the mansion and this heaven letters says it all so clearly! Here have aways been...

Expansion, expansion,

Expansion, expansion, expansion!!

Can I have a nap here in Your Mansion?

Jochen, Thank you. I love this Heavenletter. This will the next Heavenletter I'll translate into Farsi.

I'll re-read it later.. I'm napping. *smile*

My Mansion, Your Manison,

My Mansion, Your Manison, Our Manison, The Mansion...

As My Mansion reveals itself

As My Mansion reveals itself to you more and more, the volume goes up. It is almost like you have to brace yourself, for the unending beauty of each room seems more than you can possibly bear. You fear you cannot withstand it. You fear you will disappear. You are disappearing now.

you have lead me to that Mansion,
look forward to learn or hear more about it, hi

Living next door is fun!

You can't imagine all the people on our street, whew!
They are all invisible but beautiful because from them LIFE flows.
He does have the volume up quite high, but that's ok.


yes the volume goes up quite

yes the volume goes up quite high, specially when the bells are ringing. This are the imprints of an age old bell in the 15th century: 1. Deum Verum Cando 2. Clerum Congresso 3. Plebum Voco 4. Defunctus Deploro 5. Festas Decoro 6. Tempestates Fugo 7. Vox Mea Cunctorum Terror Sed Daemonio Rum

I have only the German translation but it is perhaps better than no translation. It is all from the point of view of the bell when it is time to ring on a big cathedral. Anno MDLXXXV

1. der wahre Gott lobe ich
2. die Geistlichkeit und die Obrigkeit versammle ich
3. das Volk rufe ich
4. die Verstorbenen beweine ich
5. die Feste ziere ich
6. die Unwetter verjage ich
7. allen bösen Geister aber ist meine Stimme ein Schreck

the title of this is: die sieben Glockentugenden.