The God Stream

God said:

I am in your DNA, and you are in Mine. That must be so, because We are indelibly One. We share a common DNA. Passed through generations, your DNA and Mine match. Of course, your DNA is identified in the world, and Mine is not. If I leave fingerprints, it is you who leaves them for Me. If I leave footprints, it is you who leaves My footprints. You who are My messengers, you do everything for Me. Thank you.

You are in the arena of action, whereas I am the King of Silence. I am the King of Imperceptibility as well, meaning that you cannot see Me with your eyes nor can you identify Me in any of the world's ways. In your heart, of course, is where I am known and you know Me, and it is in your heart where I like to be known.

Although everything in your heart is truly known, yet what is known cannot be pinpointed. What is known cannot be delineated. What is known can only be known but not objectified on a screen like an x-ray, nor can the Known be seen in a slide under a microscope.

If science knew how to identify My DNA, it could be taken from your blood. But no one knows how. No one knows where to even begin, yet there is a stream that runs through your blood that We can call the God Stream. I know it is there. You can know it is there, yet the world has no physical way to identify it. I am known yet no one can describe Me. No one can find that illusory proof. No one knows how to. And what would be the point? What is it you would exactly have then? Only similarities would be found, and yet the extant world is interested in finding dissimilarities. It would seem that the world is more keen on finding differences than finding what is true for all. Soon enough, the world will gain interest in the Oneness and perceived evidence of it. Love rules. Love will not be downplayed for long. Love is just about ready to be blasted all over the world. There would be no attempts at measuring love. Everyone in the world would simply radiate the indefinable love.

If somehow the world did deign to have physical proof of Me, there is no gain. If you found proof, where would you go with it? There would be nowhere to go, because, simply, the imperceivable is stronger than the perceivable. The subtle is always more powerful than the physical. The Infinite is always more powerful than the finite. The seed of the physical is more powerful than the outer physical itself. The outer physical, though important and meaningful, is nothing next to inner awareness. Proof is nothing. Proof gets you to a dead-end. The imperceptible Reality has no bounds, no limits, no ending. Ah, but the world does indeed like to focus on bounds, limits, and endings, even when it comes to life and love and Me, and yet the world is getting tired of boundaries. The world is beginning to discern that it too wants more than the limitations it has set upon itself.

Why, beloveds, there is not even any beginning to Me, for I was always. I AM always. There was never a time before. There is no afterwards either. There is only the love I fashioned you with. All there is, is the love I made you of and that you are. You are a flag that flies high, yet you are unaware. You think you are always close to the ground, but the Truth is that you are still in the unbordered Vastness of Heaven and never wandered anywhere else except in sleep.

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Truth is Universal. One can

Truth is Universal. One can take an interpretation of The Truth from one source and hold it alongside a truth from another source and there will be a perfect relationship. No conflict whatsoever.

Heavenletters have maintained a constant harmonious relationship with every interpretation of Truth that I come across.

"The subtle is always more powerful than the physical."


Admin, you're right. I think

you're right. I think God (or how the Love is named) is Universal. I don't belive in a GOD like the term means. Really I don't be able to say what is God. But I know This exists, without doubt.
But today' Letter, well, I have to read it once more, and more, before comment. It is like a thunder in my soul.

And so, we haven't moved an

And so, we haven't moved an inch, only our momentary perception is different. Where our attention is makes the difference, if it is with what we call "our body" (physical world) or with the vasteness of our heart.
The shift from considering ourselves as one who searches for God to one who has found God is a simple choice. Our heart knows God and the infinite vasteness of God's creation, our heart hops up and down in joy because it knows perfectly well that WE ARE THAT.

I was watching an airplane yesterday, which was really high in the sky, a tiny tiny airplane and I thought about how tiny the people in that plane were. each person being the center of his or her life, each one considering his or her personal life as supremely important. It was so evident watching that tiny airplane, that our bodies are just shells, momentarily used to house a part of that infinite LOVE that we are and that this life is really a playground for extending infinite love to all.

You think you are always close to the ground, but the Truth is that you are still in the unbordered Vastness of Heaven and never wandered anywhere else except in sleep.

Loving you all !

I begin to understand what

I begin to understand what once somebody told me: "When you will reach the illumination, then how can you live with your family in the world?"
It is not so wrong like I belived.
I am the mother of three, 8, 18, 21 years old and I am the only support of them, I'm completly alone. I am their stone.
But inside of me I begin to feel something new. The desire to be what I am, and I know I AM. I feel the light get out of me, overbeiring, and in front of the world I AM. There are so many stupid things during the days of life, many decisions to keep for my sons, many educational words to say, and so on.
But the first thing I feel is TO BE, nothing else. Manifest what AM I. And I am different, the world look at me with costernation. That doesn't stop me, my sons they are accustom to their mother and the strange words she say, but always they repeat to me "Mom, keep it slowly, out there is not like you".
I would sproud all my hapiness, I would sproud all my joy and live only with armony, and live like I AM. I feel I am complete, I feel there is nothing else I need.
But the world think I am not so fair, and I have three sons.
So I get the two like two different persons. But I begin to get out the person who lives in front of the world and I don't know if it is correct. Also the second lives in the world but in a new way.
But also I think that someone had to begin. Why not me?


DEAREST MAESTRO, Truly your words come across like a song of joy today!!!
But I'm coming now to the awareness that ONLY TODAY IS.

Today you reveal to us in joy that there is a stream, Thine own God Stream
flowing in our, - humanity's blood stream!!!! I can only stop now and QUIETLY


I am in total awe of all

I am in total awe of all your comments, your awareness, your spectacular ability to express. What you write is so rich and inspiring.

unbordered Vastness


What we truly are is Oneness. We are “the unbordered Vastness of Heaven.” We are complete and unlimited Awareness. We are timeless and limitless.


We use the word creation all the time, yet what do we mean? If we are, in truth, complete and unlimited Knowledge and unbordered Vastness, to create the experience of individual consciousness is to create blocks, to separate, to cause us to be unable to experience part of our selves and to put limits on us.


To know is to remember, it is to reverse the creation process. It is to overcome the self-imposed limits. It is to break the hypnotic trance we voluntarily acquiesced to. Here is a miracle: In the remembering and the un-creating, we create anew. The loving act of un-creating through remembering creates that which was never known previously and destroys nothing that was previously created. The previous Truth remains inviolate yet has been transcended and permanently expanded.

These are some of the messages I was given when I asked God for further insights into this letter.

I am in awe of this letter, and of Heaven Admin, Berit, pitta, mary moon and Gloria…….Chuck

Dear Chuck, what you wrote

Dear Chuck,

what you wrote is the Truth. But I need your opinion, and the opinion of anyone else, abouy what I feel inside me during the last days.
In the profound, more down that I can explain and more up that it seems, it's like I am not I, but something else (wow, what a hard work to say in English!) more complete, like I was not only I. Really there isn't I.
But in that distant place it seems to me to understand that all the world, all the creation was begin and already ended. All is already done also if we are here with the sensation of the time and space, but all is already done. Can you understand me?
Now, I always search the truth and the most important thing to me is not go out with my fantasy, I wouldn't this never!
But what I feel is strong and irrefutable and I need a little help, please.
Thank you to all of you.


Beloved Pitta, I think a lot

Beloved Pitta, I think a lot of us are going through what you really describe very well.

I remember hearing that we have to be lost in order to be found.

dear Gloria, I thought I was

dear Gloria,
I thought I was a little fool. And I belive that only this forum could help me. Around me there is anybody who I can talk to like that. I'm happy to know that isn't my fantasy. So I can belive more in my sensations (I often am uncertain about what I feel). So I thank much God to give me You!

Dear pitta

Pitta, dear, when I read what you are writing, I wish I could sit down at your side and give you a hug and tell you it will all work out ok. As Gloria so lovingly says, many of us are going through our own versions of what you are experiencing.

If you have any doubts about yourself, you need to know that you are lovely, unassuming and sweet lady. If God were to chime in here I’m sure He would say: “pitta, you are my beloved daughter, with whom I am very pleased and whom I love dearly.” If there is such a thing as luck, your sons are lucky to have you as their mother.

I love your description of your reaction to the Heavenletters as: “like thunder in my soul.” As we grapple with new perspectives and try to let loose of the past that holds us down, we may be shaken like a bolt of thunder and we may be left disoriented for a time. If I understand you correctly, you describe how the rest of the world often misinterprets what you are trying to say. Right or wrong, I believe most of us have learned to be very discreet about what we say, and where we say it, concerning our newer ways of viewing the world. I find this forum marvelously freeing in that I feel I can say things I would not say many other places, knowing that my loving intent is a foregone conclusion. It sounds like this forum is this way for you, too.

You seem to be struggling with the concept that everything in creation is already complete and that it had no actual beginning. This is a tough, tough concept for me. I’m not sure about the accuracy of the ideas I’m about to share, but you asked and I will do my best. It is so hard to think of how time and space do not exist. The way I frame this concept for myself, there is just now, and the past and future are just ideas in our mind. When I consider this, though, something in my being shouts out that life isn’t static, things are constantly changing. Change must be real and the universe is constantly expanding, but apparently this is not the same thing as saying time is real. Even if time is just an illusion, the dream we are living in, while not being the Ultimate Reality, is very important and very real to us.

If I interpret your concerns right, the discomfort revolves around how we can have free will if the future does not exist. If the future is already accomplished, it would seem like whatever we are trying to do is a waste of time and is already pre-determined. I see this kind of conclusion as a mistake since change is real and the decisions we make in our lives have important consequences. To me, the best advice seems to boil down to avoiding concern about the future, concentrating on the best way to live our life in this moment while appreciating all the goodness of creation and trusting that what we envision as the future, when it becomes our now, will work out quite well.

These really are difficult questions and problems that come up for us, you are not alone in this, but things are steadily getting better and the world at large is being transformed right in front of our eyes……keep the faith, hon…..Chuck

Chuck, you are so accurate,


you are so accurate, like ever. But, for the truth, I don't mind about time. It's a few months that I live "out-side-time". I don't remember, really don't!, what happened yesterday, one week ago, one month ago, and so on. I have some friends who tell me: "I am your archives". It's a hard work to me remember to pay bills, to buy something my sons need, and so on. It's not simple live like this. The future doesn't exist to me, simply. I'm not able to look so distant, it's impossible for me. I am serene in the present, only. Often, when I have to plunge into the world for two or three days for the usual things, like buy something, risolve any problems, etc, (usual for the others, not so to me!) then I need one day to stop, to recuver myself. I find the world so intricate! I want specify I don't stop never during the day for my tasks, while I dance with the time "now". I can't live otherwise.
All I say in this forum, surrely, I don't out there. But, perhaps, it's just like I am, also with my mouth close.
So, I thought, like I had already said, why all this labour to appear someone else and the final resul isn't so fine? For the same result I will myself!
The sensation I felt about the creation already ended I can't explain it in another way. It was like "Ah!, it is so!" and there aren't much words to clarify.
Well, it doesn't matter. I will read again your comment, and again. Perhaps I will undersatnd something new.

With all my love

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Being forever and ever - LOVE...the Universal Truth ¤ PEACE within PEACE around - everyone and everywhere smiling - YES - just like that, naturally Being...

Smiling to you Hege

What's happen?

Gloria, dear,
excuse me if I use this space, but today HeavenLetter (11/4) was come to my mail empty. There are heading, "God said", and the ended forum adress, but without text!
I don't know why, but please can you send it me again?
Wow, I can't begin my day without it!
With gratefull and love

Beloved Pitta, find the

Beloved Pitta, find the invisible Heavenletter here!

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Receiving a blank has made those of us who are deeply dedicated to reading Heavenletters every day know even more how much they mean to us!

Heaven Admin will get this fixed for us.

With love and blessings,


3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said the Truth is
We are indelibly One
Through generations

God said all there is
Is indefinable love
In your heart of course

God said I know you
You who are My messengers
Thank you Beloveds

Love, Light and Aloha!