A Vision More like God's

God said:

If you would believe in your own goodness and beauty, you would be so relieved. A great weight would be taken off you, do you agree? Yet you have held on to the idea ever since you remember that you are not quite worthy. You may see yourself as a sluggard or one who is almost invariably mistaken. I wonder what is the comfort in thinking less of yourself than I do. Even now when I tell you what a beautiful creation of Mine you are, you have an inner protest, as if I don't really know you, as if I have been duped. Beloveds, I do know you. You are the one who is duped. You don't begin to know who you are and what you are capable of and what vision of Mine that you have already served. You may agree that your intentions are good, yet you may cling to the idea that you have fallen short. I wonder if you feel there is something you know that I don't. Will you perhaps concede a little bit and come to terms with My approval of you? What more do you want than to know that you are so loved by the One Who created you from His very breath? What more do you lack than to know you as I do know you?

You may say you hold Me in great esteem, and yet you may think that your judgment is more accurate than My perception. How I long for you to see you as I do see you! When you hold yourself in some kind of dark basement of thought, you also do not uphold Me. You make a certain subcategory for yourself, and it must be that you plunge Me there too.

You may say that you hold Me high. You may mean it with all your heart, and yet when you see yourself as a cast-off, how much do you value Me Who made you? Feeling subservient to Me is not honoring Me, beloveds. Can you not be learning and growing in life and yet give homage to yourself?

I would absolutely love to have you love yourself. I do care that you love Me, yet if you had to choose, beloveds, and of course, you don't have to choose, but if you did, I would ask you to choose yourself to love. I treasure your love for Me, yet I treasure your love for yourself more. And I come back again to the thought that what is your love for Me worth when you do not love yourself whom I created in My image.

And if you cannot love yourself as much as you love Me, why, then, give your love for Me to your brothers and sisters who are My creation as well.

I Who AM Love Itself can only create magnificence. I know you find that hard to believe. That's just the point, beloveds. You don't believe Me.

Do you really think I base My love for you on conditions about how you look or how you act? I see the shining Truth of you. I see all your light. Why would I look at anything less? Forget whatever defects you have been preoccupied with. You are perfect in My eyes. Truly, what eyes have earned the right to take precedence over My eyes? My eyes are clear. My thoughts are clear. Regardless of what you see and focus on, I see you, and I am pleased. Nay, I am overjoyed when I see My artistic creation. I created everyone alike, and you perceive differences, and you perceive fault.

Don't you know that I urge you to let go of the past and begin to see with a new vision much more like Mine?

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Thank you!

Today I got my heaven newsletter without words so I emailed.

Hi, good day :),

I received the heaven news letters today without text.
I can make a heavenly conversation myself only I so love yours.
Can you please send it again?

Wishing you beautiful celebration days ,

ps, thank you for everything!

Some minutes later I received back.

Beloved Anita, this is so delightful! It makes me even glad that today's Heavenletter didn't go out right for the joy of receiving your note!

I wouldn't mind knowing your Heavenly conversation as well!

Angel, you can find today's Heavenletter here:


Is it possible for you to post your adorable email on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum? It could go under the Heavenletter itself, angel.

With love and blessings,


(I use a email program (Incredimail which is also for free) were I can use beautiful backgrounds and such lovely animations which makes makes them a celebration to write and read.)

So, :)) I did.

I am glad I 'forgot' that I can read the heavenletters on the site so that this warm loving contact could be!
The love and appreciation I feel in the response on my email made the love of god more real. I don't know how else to say it :)
My email came from a loving place, with joy. I received appreciation, love and joy. I didn't expect that. I didn't expect so much love just for a simple email. It was more a notification. Gloria doesn't 'know' me. Just like that I receive love. Just like that I give love. And god knows me. And I know myself. I know I am a loving being. I love me, everybody and everything! It is so true that I can beat myself up for 'mistakes'. Well, that was a mis-take so, we go on to take 2 or 3 or 100 :).
This take 2 was great! The mistaken take 1 without text was great too lol.
There are no mistakes just moments to love.
Thank you Gloria and thank you me, Anita. Thank you Everybody and thank you God! :))

I am speechless at the

I am speechless at the BEAUTY of the expression of God's LOVE through you Gloria.
This remark Truly, what eyes have earned the right to take precedence over My eyes? cleary demonstrates a SOVEREIGN FATHER at the helm of our lives!!

Don't you know that I urge you to let go of the past and begin to see with a new vision much more like Mine?

THIS IS my prayer Father. Hasten my awakening, come quickly so the world can be BLESSED with Your Gifts of LOVE.!

Love and Light,
Johanne xx

This Letter remember me two

This Letter remember me two situations in my life: first the question I did once in a sacred place "Who I am?" and all the people who go around in my life at that time taked me as a joke. But it was the correct question. The second are words of the Master Yogananda "God, you have put me here, You have create me like I am, so I don't matter how I am. The problem isn't mine"
Aren't fantastic his words?
I have to agree with God: perhaps I don't belive so much in myself, it's a hard work for me belive certanly that I am a divine being; I am so sorry that it means don't belive deeply in You. With Your help I can arrange it.


Today's message is especially poignent because it comes at a time of year when we reflect more than usual about "who we are" and "why we are here." Often self-doubt creeps in along with the not-good-enoughs.

How refreshing to be swept along on a spring breeze of love and understanding laced with humor, gently chiding us to STOP judging and start loving ourselves, fully and unconditionally.

Thank you, HeavenLetters.

With love and gratitude,

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
You are perfect in My eyes
I see all your light

Love, Light and Aloha!

"If you would believe...."

"If you would believe in your own goodness and beauty, you would be so relieved. A great weight would be taken off you, do you agree?...."

wow....so profound.....