The Power of God within You

God said:

You have grown up with the idea that you are in need of repair, and so you look for something to fix you. You look for something outside you to fix you or to affix to you in the hopes that it will make you better in this way or that. You look for a remedy in a medicine cabinet or from a person who has a title of one kind or another, and so you bow to the world outside you. You look to the world for healing, and you renege on your own power, which is the power of God within you. You give yourself over to someone more confident in himself than you are in yourself. You opt for a second opinion or a third opinion or a sage article in a magazine here or there to gauge and steer your life. You give over your own self-determination. You lay yourself on the block, as it were, and say:

"Here I am! I am this helpless creature who knows nothing or, at the most, very little. I put my heart, body, and soul in the hands of those whose opinions are stronger than mine. I give myself over to schools of thought. I look to be healed of everything. I look to follow, and I have forgotten how to lead myself.

"What I give in trade is my own self-reliance. I pay dearly. I put myself on the assembly line, and I give myself away. I take away my sovereignty and turn it over to others. I become hapless. I give obeisance to other minds and temporarily and repeatedly again and again dislodge my own inner command and so pin medals on others. I explore other domains, and forget God gave me jurisdiction over myself. In honoring others, I forget to honor my own inner guidance. I forget altogether that I have any inner guidance at all.

"I have let the world convince me that to surrender myself to the currency of world thought is the right and sensible thing to do, and so I make others my idols, and give myself away for the approval of whatever may be current in the world at the time. I am down in the first round and don't make it to second.

"It is not that I am to be a fighter. I do not have to gain a title or take a title or honor and respect away from anyone else. I just have to remember that I have an allegiance to myself and my own free will. I do not have to give away my own feelings for the sake of compliance. I am not here to follow the mass consciousness of the world. I am here to lead, at the very least, myself.

"I can think for myself. I can acknowledge that God is my Tutor, and that in God I trust. I have had a tendency to put my Being in any hands that seem bigger than my own. I have paid others to fix me and do an overhaul much in the same manner that I give my car to the mechanic. It would appear that I gave myself away long ago and didn't even notice at the time.

"And now I notice, and now I recoup, and to God I now say, 'Here I am," and so I hand myself over to my Self and declare my independence."

Beloveds, the New World of Man is lifting its head up and looking around. The old rules no longer satisfy, and so the New World is girding itself for the new. The old ways of living are going by the wayside. The New World is letting go of its past, and so must you. The New World of Man is giving a clarion call to you. The clarion call is: "Wake up to yourself. Wake up now!"

And, as always, I stand beside you and declare: "Here I AM." And I ask you to stand firm in your own light. Your own brightness is My longstanding gift to you.

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heaven the power of god within you......

I geta little annoyed and frustrated at times with spiritual perspectives, which tend to maybe forget we are in a physical dimension. I was only discussing this morning with my mum, about how many people walk round with their core negative programms running in the background, its these which drive their behaviour and also keep them unconscious.. these programmes need releasing, but also need for the person to become aware of them that they can change to m move forward... of course you are in need of repair and of course you need (healing) get us all back to the divine blueprint ,that is not full of inappropriate and disempowering programmes..just believing in a higher not going to solve all our problems..but it may help us feel less isolated... I agree we all need to look inside to our own part of creation...and that ideally needs to be done daily..anyway you or I choose..its always over complicated when humans get their hands on things!!

But also out there, are some superb programmes and books to help us understand our automatic negative behaviours and help us get back on I believe a combination of regular inner reflection and outer help is the best combo...... but as I say ..spirit make it sound so easy..they (spirit) need to remember just how much we do forget when we come into the physical body.....MANKIND IN AMNESIA.

"If you had faith as much a

"If you had faith as much a grain of mustard you said to the mountain: move you! and it did"

"It will be done like your faith."

It seems simple to have faith. One says: "I belive!", but the real belive is most deeply, to the end. Where is the end, my God? Show me, my dearest.

Hello George, much days I

Hello George,

much days I did'nt read you in the comment space. How are you?
I give you all my good thoughts, dear wise friend of us.

Beloved George let me know

Beloved George let me know that he would be away for a month. He is giving a talk or series of talks somewhere. We shall have to hang on without him, dear Pitta. Won't be easy! Meanwhile, we have God. Before we know it, the month will be up, and George will be back and making us smile. God bless you, Pitta, dear.

I'm happy he is well. Thank

I'm happy he is well.
Thank you Gloria

I'm happy he is well. Thank

I'm happy he is well.
Thank you Gloria

Hear You it's like

It's like fly in the golden wind, sweet and tepid the air that brings my soul up and all over the universe and You hand in hand are smilling to everyone, and more up and more down in the heart of people and I'm sure Your smile will heal every mind and every heart. Abducted for an eternal moment.

How wonderful this post

How wonderful this post me, "god" is LOVE. The energy of love the only real energy we have as humans living here on earth lifetime after lifetime.
This post resonates so true within me and I thank you for writing and sending it on here.
It is scary to rely on yourself and yourself only. I live this reality every day and do not have the safety net of close loved ones to lean on as most of the world do (at least on paper so to speak).
I do tend to look to others or more than that, I look for hope of what I feel will make my world easier, happier.
I look into the past.......what has occurred but as written and as there is no such thing as 'time' in reality of our soul lives, the past is the present as well as the future being so.
Everything I have 'lost' is still with me now and never left me.
So, I read your post with gratitude and will practice finding the answers within me. I will release my sorrow and my fears little by little and know I am loved as we all are and know I am not alone as we all are not, and the real me, the leader of me, the knower of all that is good and pure, will reign and shine and glow for me to see.

Earlier I replied to this

Earlier I replied to this post with my name, Carol. It was me, Mirror.

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said "Here I Am"
The power of God within
And your own power

Love, Light and Aloha!