The Power of God within You

God said:

You have grown up with the idea that you are in need of repair, and so you look for something to fix you. You look for something outside you to fix you or to affix to you in the hopes that it will make you better in this way or that. You look for a remedy in a medicine cabinet or from a person who has a title of one kind or another, and so you bow to the world outside you. You look to the world for healing, and you renege on your own power, which is the power of God within you. You give yourself over to someone more confident in himself than you are in yourself.

Christ Let His Light Shine

God said:

Everything goes in its own way and in its right time. You have wondered how it is that I can say all is well, even when, in your eyes, all is not well. All is well with you, beloveds, even when you are in the midst of that which you do not favor. Let it be. It is like this:

You are a swimming fish. There may be algae floating and other fish swimming in the same pond, some toward you, some in your way, and fish that you are, you do not mind. You just keep swimming. If there is an octopus, you still keep swimming. Nothing is in the way unless you say so.

Whatever the Tides Bring In

God said:

Birds sing each day. Trees grow to the sun. Breezes blow. Neither birds nor trees nor breezes let that which comes and goes change their course. Rain or shine, birds sing. Trees grow. The winds of change blow, and breezes do what they are best at regardless of who or what is in their path. Birds and trees and breezes do not get distracted like you do. They are more sure of themselves. They know who they are and what they are to do.

You Are Invited to a Banquet

God said:

Today is a new life before you. What can it be but that? This day in timeless time has never been written on before.

Today is on the menu. What do you choose for this day? There are a multitude of choices. Today consciously choose. Set the course of your day by choosing. Do not leave it up in the air.

What occurs, you may not have the say of. What you wish to incur, you have all the say in the world. Whatever it is that you are seeking in life, seek for it today. Be on the watch for it. Set the table for it.

The Star of Your Movie

God said:

Life is what you call it. Your words determine your life. Call it heads, and it is heads. Call it tails, and it is tails. Life is something you stir, put the cover on, serve to yourself and others. The soup of life may seem to come to you ready-made, but, even then, you are the purchaser of it. At least, you are the packager. At least, you carry it with you.

What Determines Your Life?

God said:

A heart that flows is a heart in place. A flowing heart glides over obstacles as if they were bridges. Of course, obstacles are bridges that lead from one place to another. Obstacles do not have to obstruct. They do not have to get out of the way either. You do not have to meet them head-on. You may, of course, or you can go around them, or you can laugh at them, and there are other choices in between. The thing is, there are many ways to step over or go around an obstacle.

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