spiritual vision

Sitting with God

God said:

Sit with Me now, and tell Me what's going on. You are My child, and I will listen. Or We can look at the blues of the sky and the background the sky provides for the clouds. How comfortable they are with each other! Neither the sky nor the clouds feel crowded by the other. How comfortable they are side by side, or the clouds on top of the sky, or, seen from another angle, the sky on top of the clouds. You look upward to see the sky and clouds. If you could look from above, you would see the sky on top of the clouds. They are close, companionable, and compatible.

A Vision More like God's

God said:

If you would believe in your own goodness and beauty, you would be so relieved. A great weight would be taken off you, do you agree? Yet you have held on to the idea ever since you remember that you are not quite worthy. You may see yourself as a sluggard or one who is almost invariably mistaken. I wonder what is the comfort in thinking less of yourself than I do. Even now when I tell you what a beautiful creation of Mine you are, you have an inner protest, as if I don't really know you, as if I have been duped. Beloveds, I do know you. You are the one who is duped.

Radiating Energy like the Sun

God said:

I would like to talk about the world as an apple in My hand, a most beautiful rosy red apple, radiating energy like the sun, radiating My energy like the sun. I hold this apple, and I adore it. I set it in motion to twirl, and so it expanded itself, and now the round apple of the world holds you. I hold all in My hands. I hold with love. Not one speck of life on the world is without My love. The world is an apple of My love. The world is the orchard I have planted. I gaze adoringly on My orchard. I am well-pleased.

You Will See

God said:

There is no black and white. Nothing in the world is as it seems. Shadows are cast, but all is light.

You run everywhere, yet you are in place. You cannot go off the path. You think some paths don't go anywhere, but all paths lead to you, yourself, beloveds, and all paths lead to Me, Myself, the One and the Same.

The Great Ones Still Live

God said:

The seasons are as you think them. In one hemisphere, it is spring. In another, it is fall. You roll with the seasons, and you roll with the Universe.

Before you know it, Christmas will be here. It will appear in a white wonderland, and it will appear in a tropical land. It matters not to Christmas or any holiday what the weather will be. Holidays come along just the same. Holidays don't care how they are wrapped or not wrapped. What does a day need to be a holiday?

The Gates Are Open

God said:

Everything is in motion. The gates are open. There is a flow to life. There is a flow to you and a flow to all of life. You do go down a stream of life. You might as well go merrily, merrily. And, yes, life on Earth is but a dream. It is one moment of a dream that continues. It seems to go on and on, your dream of the life you lead on the dimension called Earth.

The Splendor

God said:

Believe it or not, We, you and I, are as close as peas in a pod. We are nestled so close in this pod of the Universe that you may not have seen Me or felt My Presence. You, even though you may be nearsighted, simply may not see that which is right in front of you. I think you get blindsided. You get distracted. Your attention pulls away from Me to something else. But even that is all right, you understand.

Behold the Garden

God said:

See as I see. Speak as I speak. You are in training for this. As you meander through the halls of life, consider how I would look at this, and how I would look at that. Consider what I would say at this juncture and that. You are seeing for Me. You are speaking for Me. You are breathing for Me. You are alive for Me. You are the journeyer I have sent out to send Me postcards. You tell Me the truth of your perception, yet the truth of your perception is often amiss. Often you have written: "Wish You were here," when I am inevitably by your side. Know with Whom you are walking.

All the Riches of the Kingdom

God said:

If I saw as you do see, I would have given up a long time ago! Have not you perhaps given up a long time ago? Have you not sometimes said, "To heck with life! I'm tired of it. I have had enough. I don't like the world the way it is. I am tired of my mere survival. I want to exceed survival. I want to enjoy life."

Freedom of Heart

God said:

The mind that thinks so much doesn't think at all. It doesn't think: "To what avail is all the cogitating I do?" The mind keeps on the same without regard to what is going on around it. It takes note, but keeps bulldozing through regardless of the situation. Thus, you have mindset. Your mind got programmed, and it is hard for it to stop.

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