The Gates Are Open

God said:

Everything is in motion. The gates are open. There is a flow to life. There is a flow to you and a flow to all of life. You do go down a stream of life. You might as well go merrily, merrily. And, yes, life on Earth is but a dream. It is one moment of a dream that continues. It seems to go on and on, your dream of the life you lead on the dimension called Earth.

You have had amnesia, beloveds, and you have been unaware of what you have forgotten or even that you have forgotten. You have thought that your present birth was the beginning of your life. Your life is a continuum, beloveds. It is not exactly that you pick up where you left off, because there is no stop and therefore no stopping-place to pick up your life from. You are infinite and eternal. You are the unending stream of life that flows.

For all practical purposes, there was no beginning to your life either. Beginning and end are benchmarks of time. Time does not exist, and yet there never was a time when you were not. You and I have existed since before the beginning of time. We are never-ending. The book of life does not have a last page, beloveds, nor, really, a first. It is just a manner of speaking.

All streams meet in the Ocean of My Love. All streams meet here right now. We circulate and eddy together. All the ripples sing of Me. There simply isn't anything else to sing. There are no words for Me, and We, you and I, nevertheless speak. We have a need for sounds to be uttered from Our throats. It is a need to announce Our love and to let it ring forevermore. How blessed Our Oneness is! How blessed We are to be in this condition of Oneness and never ever away from it.

We are conjoined in the most beautiful configuration you could ever imagine. We live and breathe in light so bright that you, a significant beam of Myself, are unaware of Whose light you beam. You think you are a little half-working lightbulb, or a flickering street light, or a night light, when you are the Sun itself. You are so advanced at not seeing light. You are so practiced in it. You have become even expert at not seeing.

Well, at this very moment, We are increasing your eyesight. Very soon you will pass the eye test. You will see all that is on the card I hold up for you to see. You come to clearly see the bright light of Our love, and you will go a step further, for it is not really so much a question of seeing as knowing. You will not think about it. You will simply be engaged in the light. You will not conceive of the thought that you could be separate from the light.

So you will reverse your amnesia. As you live and breathe, you will know the light in which you stand, and know it is you. You will know it is I. You will know there is nothing betwixt you and Me. You will know Oneness. You will not even conceive of a you or of a Me. Your heart will swim in Oneness, and you will be happy, so happy. Oneness and joy are the same. You can't have one without the other, but you will not think of joy any more than you will think of Oneness, for you will BE more and think less. You won't think about swimming or Being. You will just swim and be, swim and be, just as I AM.

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.... you will BE more

.... you will BE more and think less. You won't think about swimming or Being. You will just swim and be, swim and be, just as I AM.

I cannot conceive of a more magnificent, inspiring and exciting promise. Is there anything more desirable? Not for me. Can't wait to "get" there. Being able to think is wonderful. Compulsive thinking isn't. You feel hijacked. It's as if ego and its co-dictator and fearmonger, mind, have cleverly used your inner turmoil for a coup that turned you into their little banana republic. No, dear ego and mind, I don't hate you for that. It's okay. It was our run-up.

LIGHT our awareness

You will simply be engaged in the light. You will not conceive of the thought that you could be separate from the light.

For me this is the key; bringing LIGHT that dissolves all darkness. I have been BLIND for a long long time. Why did I have to go to sleep so deeply and wander off in foolish pursuits of my own! I am tired of the "human" part of life. LIGHT my awareness of what my function is to be here. Without this knowledge I have no joy in wandering through the world in human form. You and I have a blessed Heart and I want to learn how to use it effectively in service to You.

MUCH LOVE to all,

When the GATE seems to close

Sweet writer:
How well you express the inexpressable, the mystery hidden so well in everything we see.
As I held my darling's dying wife''s body in my arms of love it seemed to me the Gate was closing;
As my tired grief gave way to light's immortal glory I could see through tears that the GATE
was of my own making and for her, though gone from my beholding, found herself HELD in
HIS own arms. Real life is like that.
I put my consciousness in "REVERSE" and flowed genty down the stream of HIS loving
CONSCIOUSNESS. This is the life that this Letter talks about. This is abut swimming in Oneness!
This dear writer owns my heart.
George swimming in the glory of knowing

swimming in the glory of knowing

George I just had to share this poem/ psalm with you. you bring inspiration into my spirit I' know God has connected us. By the way my earthly dad's name was George. He's now in heaven.

Oh my Lord, my God how I long to see Your face
To gaze into your eyes is where I want to be
I know as I enter into You , into Our secret place
You my Father will hold me tight , never to let me go
Into your river is where I will stay, I will swim all my days
I will forever be with you in Your river as it flows
You have captured my heart and I am forever changed
Thank You Jesus for all You have done,
From Your precious birth, to Your death on the cross
You did this all for me. Now You have ascended in the Heavens
You My Friend will always be the best thing that has ever happened to me.
Oh Lord I love You so, in Your river I want to go
You are my hearts desire, I will remember to always call on You
I will forever flow where ever Your river goes. I will go I will go
Now that You have been resurrected, You have sent me Your Holy Spirit
You will always teach me , guide me and be my counselor
You placed in my life, Pastors and leaders and spiritual friends
Now we can continually share Your love and sing together songs and hymns
This my Lord my awesome God is a very special gift of Your love.

(A poem by Michelle(*:*)
inspired by the Holy Spirit

swimming in the glory of knowing

Isn't it fun swimming in the self same RIVER?
Isn't it wonderful to behold the face of light and know that it knows and blows.
The sounds of life with it's marks of pain give that light
the sound of RAIN.
You blessed me sweetest one

George don't use flippers in this River

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said you lead on
Go merrily merrily
On your dream of life

God said of Myself
You are the unending stream
A continuum

God said be happy
Oneness and joy are the same
As We circulate

Love, Light and Aloha!

You are the unending stream


Again you touched the "C" cord of middle of the Middle.

You are so very loved