You Are Ready Now

God said:

You fear that by knowing the depth and extent of My love for you, you will evaporate. You fear that knowing all My love for you will make you disappear. From your point of view, you are on to something. You wonder how you can possibly absorb all the love I have for you and not be knocked over and simply disintegrate.

But here's the story, beloveds. You will integrate, for it is a given that you already contain all this love that is Mine to give, and that is a goodly amount of love, yet all My love even multiplied will not blow you to smithereens. It will change the whole configuration of your perception. It's true, you will never be the same.

You will be so buoyant it will be as if you fly as instantly and as effortlessly as you now lift your eyes Heavenward.

You will laugh and laugh your heart out. You will be turned inside out and back again. It's true. When you realize the extent of the love I have poured upon you, you will not be the same. How could you be? Nonsense will vanish. Suffering will vanish. The past will vanish. Truth will be your byword, and standing in the Truth of My love, you will stand tall. You will be a different person because you will knowingly stand in the bright light of My love shining fulsomely on you, which is the same as to say, beloveds, you will stand in the Truth of your very own Being, and you will know your radiance, My radiance shining brightly in you and shining out into the ether, meeting and matching all the love that is. In this way, you will be entering another Universe although it is really another dimension of yourself that you enter.

In this state of knowingness, of consciousness, you will recognize and accept all the light and love that you already are. You will more than know your capability. You will realize it. You will simply never be without this dazzling awareness of the Truth of you and the Truth of Me, in this spectacular Oneness that We ever were, although there will not be a were, only an are. When I say I AM, you will instantly know all that I AM includes. You will know what you encompass.

Look, you will be without doubt. Welcome the day! You will be without fear. You will no longer fear Me, beloveds. You will be without trepidation. You will not even still be in awe. Once you have accepted What you are now in awe of, you will no longer be in awe. When there is no separation, there will be nothing to be in awe of. In Our Oneness, you will no longer have amazement. You will be swimming in the light of Our love, and you will simply be delighted but not in awe. You and I will be on an equal footing. It will be wonderful, but no longer a wonder. Ah, but right now, you are not sure that you want to be on an equal footing with Me, for Whom would you pray to then?

Never mind, your heart will dance all over the Universe. All hearts will dance as One. And what a One Heart that will be! Oh, My, at this point, awe, if it were still conceivable, would seem like a too small thing. If you ever did come to think of awe, awe would be like an affectionate child that you would pat on the head. No matter how awesome Our Love is and always has been, you will not be able to step down to awe. When you are the Sun, beloveds, you cannot look at the Sun as once you did. You would still know the Sun to be great, and yet you would know the familiarity of the Sun and know you in all your ignorance were the Blazing Sun all along. Welcome the day, beloveds. It is soon to be upon you.

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Never mind

When you are the Sun, beloveds, you cannot look at the Sun as once you did.

I am still awed by the experience of Heavenletters going on and on confirming the deepest, almost unknown and certainly ungraspable, intuitions of this mysterious life. Well, when you are the sun, looking at the sun as something out there has to feel odd, hasn't it. What a relief to finally hear it spoken that God doesn't need or want anything from us - no obedience, no prayer, no particular conduct or form of address, although all of that is appropriate depending on how far I still am from the realization of Our Oneness. And you, dear friends? How will I look "at" you when it finally dawns on me, and not just as a concept or beautiful metaphor, that I am you? I don't know and I don't need to know. It will be enough when we "laugh and laugh our hearts out".

On equal footing! Dear God, it's unimaginable except for a split-second every once in ... oh, ten years?

Who wrote the above, I

Who wrote the above, I wonder.

Dearest Jochen, I love your

Dearest Jochen,

I love your heart and the love you are and I am not able to find other words to add to what you expressed here.

much love and thanks to you dear

another day alive

im tring so hard' it's my un belief that makes me stumble' i pray for the willingness to be more willing' im so grateful God led me to this site. blessings of love to all this day

Dearest stmicheal, love and

Dearest stmicheal,

love and blessings to you dear. God finds the perfect way to give us His message of love over and over and over and over again, maybe that's why you found Heavenletters or Heavenletters found you.

much much love !

You will find, dear

You will find, dear stmichael, that Heavenletters allow you to try a little less hard every day. I have been trying very hard my whole life - all to no avail except for steadily mounting despair. After just a few months of Heavenletters, quite much of that trying so hard has left me and is replaced by more and more calm confidence, even spells of inexplicable joyful anticipation. Willingness will come, and what you call unbelief will go - or not matter any more. Just read as relaxedly as you can, dear one. Heavenletters are not texts. I sometimes have the sense that God is really speaking to me while I read. And whenever I use the Cosmic Heavenletter Generator (which "randomly" chooses a Heavenletter for you), I get a Letter that speaks directly and precisely to the inner and outer situation I am in at the moment. If you feel like it, you can even ask God a personal question through Gloria. Do you see "Ask God" on the right margin? I have done it twice and the responses I got were much more than I could have anticipated in my wildest dreams.

Hi Gloria and posters out

Hi Gloria and posters out there. As Gloria knows, I've posted on her blog, but not directly on one of the Heavenletters.

I appreciate what the others are writing here, like Jochen (who seems to be a frequent contributor), as well as others. I'm just beginning to slowly navigate this site, etc. Bless you all!

My current reading of the Heaven letters is, that it flows from a filter (Gloria's) and Glorious is more than just a play on her name here either. When we think about evolving, notice that evolve has the word love in it spelled backwards!

So here again we are having Cosmic hints that are not obvious, until they are. We are evolving toward even more love and it should be, can be and is a loving thing to evolve more & see our awareness and experience grow, expand and enlarge. Heavenletters is part of this uPward, loving evolvement.

So the light the flows through Gloria's filter is very much in tune with other metaphysical writings which also have many crossover concepts that go beyond the limits of our culture's largely (but not exclusively) dominant Christian cultural influence.

We are seeing a growing number of people claiming they talk to God and becoming extremely successful doing so. Neale Donald Walsch, and Esther Hicks with the Abraham material, which spawned the "Law of Attraction" video that was & is wildly popular, are the ones I'm most familiar with. Now we have Gloria with Heavenletters.

I notice, (at least so far, being newer to the material), a distinct lack of the concept of creating our own reality, both individual and collective. I believe that the concept of creating our own reality is the 2nd discovery of fire, and will unite and create peace & oneness on our planet.

Not everyone is ready to take this leap. It requires too much individual responsibility. I do believe it is the "secret" to life, or at least one of the main or biggy secrets to life. I believe, for the moment, it is true for the entire Universe and perhaps other dimensions as well. But that is just a guess.

Any way, as far Heavenletters goes, I tend to get a "feeling" of warmth and a gentle nudging of expansiveness, trust and growth from Heavenletters. Always with a smile :-)

Feelings are a somewhat newer addition to the visualization-creation process and metaphysical spirituality.

From my vantage point it's a key ingredient to creating.

The feeling behind the intent, is the most powerful creation element. So while I've yet to see the "we create our reality" concept in the current Heavenletters, which surprises me, they do contain the key element of "good feeling" that is the more important creation element. Interesting, huh? And, it could be that past letters had more of the creation element in them and I missed them.

So as far as I can see, Heavenletters creates a spiritually uPlifting feeling that helps move people into a better feeling space, both in a mundane day-to-day way, and more Cosmicaly as well. So it's kind of a double blessing. Because it's 7 days a week, it also helps in nurturing & sustaining the energy, which allows it to grow and become more solidified.

So that's my current take, my dear Gloria. How did I do? (laugh) I also tend to wonder about more practical, functional applications of Heavenletters concepts, that we can use as tools to transition to our next higher Imaginings.

For instance, I practice being a Master Appreciator and Master Blesser as practical, functional, grounded tools to help create and feel good, to feel peace, to create and sustain the prosperity of "BEingness" that allows more of God's (I often prefer Life instead of God) grace to shine in and through me, nurture me and radiate and waterfall outward to Appreciation and Blessing of others as well.

Oh, beloved Marko, wow, you

Oh, beloved Marko, wow, you wrote a great post, lots for us to sink our teeth into, but I'm going to leave it to others to respond to you first. I won't forget to come back.

I couldn't wait any longer!

Beloved Marko, thank you thank you for such a well-thought-out and expressed message. What you wrote is so stimulating that one could write a whole book in response to you!

What I will focus on, however, is about practices that God in Heavenletters gives.

As you have already seen, Heavenletters are not about telling us what to do. It is not a course of study. God in Heavenletters is too subtle for that. He wants us to read without a special purpose in mind. His purpose may be for us to simply imbibe His love.

We could say that reading a Heavenletter a day itself is a technique. To me, each Heavenletter is like God's thumb pressed on my forehead. It may be imperceptible at first, but each day a little more imprint is left.

Techniques abound everywhere!

God, at the end of His introduction to Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, He says:

"Let Me tug at your heart. Let Me weave whatever I weave. Let Me pat your brow. Let Me pull worry lines away. Let Me enjoy these few moments with you. What are you in a rush to learn? What must you complete so soon? Just abide with Me.

"Give Me your heart, not your mind. There is enough mind in the world and perhaps not enough heart. In any case, I ask for your heart. I wish to entwine it with Mine. Let Our hearts rub elbows. Sit down with Me a while."

Once in a while, God sprinkles in something that could be called a practice.

In the Godwriting blog you may have already read a recent entry called God's Words. That entry came from personal Godwriting. I am not really a disciplined person, but I do what God suggests just about every morning.

I couldn't wait any longer!

Dear Glorious Gloria, what a Grandtastic answer.

You went to the heart of the subject. It confirms to me what I wrote that Heavenletters is about a nudging feeling. At least one important or major aspect of it.

Thanks too for replying Gloria, as I'm not sure others would have.

It seems if you are blogging almost every day and the Heavenletters and more, things move forward quickly and blog responses get lost in the forward movement. People may not look back as a result.

I did not read "God's Words" but did so after reading your reply. So thank you for that!

I enjoy the idea of not pursuing the tools and techniques part of the God/Life equation.

It's another avenue that will pull in a certain crowd of individuals where that sort of thing is not as prevalent.

It all reflects the Infinite Mirrored Ball in a different way and shows a different point of focus. One (at least for now and perhaps indefinitely) that is not reliant on techniques but the larger development and expansion of ones feeling of closeness to God/Life.

That feeling BEing a very important useful beneficial part of the creation we are seeking to experience. Blessings and Appreciation.

Others will respond, blessed

Others will respond, blessed Marko. Sometimes it takes a little while.

You mention an Infinite Mirrored Ball here. Interestingly, the Heavenletter I just proofed and which will come out in a week or so, is called The Hall of Mirrors. Hmm. .

Did you go the blog this morning? Is it okay with you what I did?

Others will respond, blessed

Gloria, you said "Did you go the blog this morning? Is it okay with you what I did?" Are you referring to "Love of Color" blog? I didn't see any changes made or reply from you. So am I missing something? Is there a new blog I'm not finding?

Gloria, I'm a really hard guy to offend. I may ask questions for clarification but offended? I doubt it very very much. I doubt with your sweet disposition that you'd could ever offend me, let alone others. But now I'm curious what did you write that you want to check with me about? :-)

My email is blesstheworld [at] sbcglobal [dot] net (though I guess you have access to that) if you need to reach me that way, but yes, post here and I'll check later. With Appreciation and Blessings.............

The new blog entry this

The new blog entry this morning called Breaking Rules!

If you don't see it, dear one, press F5, and you will!

Tools and practices

This is a very personal response from someone who practiced himself out of his mind and into chronic depression over some forty years. As a response, I have become allergic to practices, techniques and tools. I can get quite passionate about this but will remain very calm here because I'm deeply in love with the incredible, unprecedented message of Heavenletters.

How I love Your unpracticeability, dear God!

There is quite a lot in Heavenletters about creating our own reality but I never thought of those statements as tools. And why should I?

It is not that you want one thing at a time. You want everything all at once, for you know that eternity and universality exist, and that they are yours. Deep down, you know that you are the whole. You know you are not a shard of life but the entire wholeness of it. It is not that a portion of the universe is yours. It is all yours. You are not sectioned off. There are no reserved seats. It is all for you. All of My creation is for you. Think of that. All that was created before you was created for you. But there was no before you. You created the created with Me. You were present at its inception. You are its inception.

Having said this, let me tell you about the tool or technique I gleaned from Heavenletters. I call it "leaning" and it goes like this:

You jump into My thoughts the same way as when you were a child playing jump-rope on the sidewalk with a group of friends. Two friends twirl the rope. When it is your turn, you kind of lean in. Then, it is as if you hear, “Now, now jump in,.” No one specifically says, “Jump in.” You sense the message. You feel when to jump in. And then you jump in.
You lean in to My thoughts, and you catch my thoughts when they are ready to come off the assembly line, as it were.

Or like this:
All is in stillness. Nothing is stirring, not even a mouse. There is stillness within stillness. And even when a leaf dances, it dances in stillness. Even in movement, the leaf is still. And you who watch the leaf, even if you are jumping up and down, you are also stillness. You are Being, and Being by its every nature is still. Even within a hurricane, there is stillness. Of course, within you, stillness reigns supreme.
I am your Stillness, beloveds. You never see Me running around. In perfect stillness, I perform all activity. Rather, I do not perform. I call all activity to Me. I say its name, and it is done. In stillness, everything is easy. By its very nature, stillness is effortless. Everything travels to you when you are perfectly still. You do not have to go to it.
Even when you run around, you are stillness. Even when you are angry and your blood pressure goes up, even so, you are still. Even when you run a race, you are still. Your mind and body can rush around, yet the core of you is stillness.
Lean into that stillness, beloved, and you will accomplish more. The easier you are, the more easily everything in the Universe falls in your lap.
If you dig a ditch, you are digging it. You work hard. And yet you are doing nothing. Your body gets its exercise. A hole is dug. All the while, you are doing nothing at all. Have you experienced what I mean? Who or what is doing the doing? Your body, your mind. But you are stillness.

Please note that by no means do I want to imply that this is the only or best perspective. That's why I called this a very personal response. I love the diversity of people and perspectives, and I absolutely adore the words Mary Ellen ("Angelscribe") wrote in a reader comment:

"EVERYTHING EVERYONE writes about Heaven Letters is true."

Tools and practices

Jochen, while not mentioning me by name I see this post is directed at me as well as perhaps a wider audience that may read and ponder this meaningful dialog?

In any case, thank you for responding, even more so by doing so in a personal way. Appreciation and blessings to you.

I came uP with a word for rigid spiritual people. I refer to them as metaphysical fundamentalists.

That is, for all their knowledge and wisdom they have unseen stubborn rigidity and don't see it. It shows uP in many ways.

I sense that perhaps you got too much of the technique and tools to the point that you have a charge on this subject.

Perhaps your charge is a result from stubborn metaphysical fundamentalists types that may have forced ( or tried or insisted ) their concepts unto you, rather than as suggestions, considerations and shared insights? Or perhaps not.

Yet regardless, I like what you said and shared with the writings of past Heavenletters and the time you took to do so.

I can see your point of perhaps where having the tools and the techniques were getting in the way of the Light and Love you desired to experience.

So I get that.

I feel that for me personally, that I'm moving toward the blendedness and splendedness of bridging and merging both tools and techniques with the concepts of non tools and non techniques.

There is room for both. To use either or neither depending on circumstance and present awareness.

This bridging and blendedness may be my approaching energy unto this site at this time. I'm not entirely sure, but if feels that way at this moment.

Thanks for sharing and caring with Appreciation's and Blessings to you and all.

There is room for both

Marko, dear friend, yes, I agree, there is room. I would even say that both are indispensable.

And you are right, I clicked "reply" at the bottom of your post to write mine but did not address you directly because my words are not meant to challenge your position. Thinking about it now, I believe you just provided an opportunity for me to say something that was on my mind and heart anyway. Are you all right with that?

Thank God, I never had dealings with fundamentalists of any kind. Looking back, my "handicap" was that I wanted Oneness so so badly and talked myself into believing that something needed to be done to become worthy of it. Immediacy was what I have always longed for more than anything in the world, and when you want something very badly, it can take some time until it dawns on you that immediacy and means of any kind don't go together well. For me, the end of this was when I heard someone say, "How are you going to creep up on what you are?" As I see it now, this paved the way for me to find Heavenletters and the end of all means and measures.

Much love
(Munich, Germany)

Dearest Marko, Jochen and

Dearest Marko, Jochen and Gloria,

what amazing wonderful postings and topics !! I have really enjoyed reading everything you shared.

I am familiar with Neale Donald Walsch and Abraham's material and other and what most resonates within me is this here what you dear Marko wrote:

Any way, as far Heavenletters goes, I tend to get a "feeling" of warmth and a gentle nudging of expansiveness, trust and growth from Heavenletters.

That's how I would say I "recognized" Heavenletters, the feeling they gave me, I felt that Love to be HOME.

God//Life/Universe is simply LOVE to me. It is the LOVE lived each moment. I am a simple person and I do not feel good with special techniques.

To me, reading Heavenlettes means being right in God's loving arms, being in the Heaven withing, just BEING. I feel this the to be the "create your own reality" element, I mean just BEING love and of course sharing it with all of God's creation.

I have enjoyed very much all you have written dear Marko and hope to read more of your postings.

Much love and joy to you and to all Heavenangels
Milan - Italy

Dearest Marko, Jochen, and

Thanks Berit for your very kind remarks.

We all have much to look forward to here as we continue to express our higher Imaginings.

Appreciations and Blessing to you.

4 Heavenletter Haikus for

4 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Ah Wonder
To lift your eyes Heavenward
As if you fly now

God said in Oneness
The Truth of you and of Me
That We ever were

God said in Our love
You will laugh inside and out
How awesome is love

God said know the Truth
Know that I AM includes You
Know You only Are

Love, Light and Aloha!