spiritual awakening

Dreams within Dreams

God said:

You were reclining in Heaven, and you fell into a kind of reverie. You had a sort of dream that you were not where you were. You had a sort of dream that you had wandered off somewhere, and your reverie went on and on. Every now and then, you would turn over and open your eyes for just a moment, and then you would fully immerse yourself again in the dream. You were so deep into the dream, that you thought the dream was true, and you thought your vague recollection of reclining in Heaven was your imagination, or a myth you had once heard about.

An Ocean of Love Deep in the Heart of God

God said:

Can it be? Can it really be true that you and I are One? How can it be, you wonder. While you may be immersed in problems, you are well aware that I am free from the concept of problem. In the arena I am in, there is no such thing as problem. There is joy, and there is peace, and there is love. Where can problem exist in the midst of such wonderfulness?

How can you bridge this distance you feel between Us? How can We bridge the gap, beloveds, between the ideas in your head and the Reality That Is? How do We get you to come over to My side of the river?

The Next Crescendo You Hear

God said:

When you are sleeping in bed at night, you are really awake. You are as awake as ever, for even when you are wide awake, there is a part of you that is still asleep. Part of you wants to keep sleeping and not wake up. You may desire the wakefulness of pure enlightenment, yet you continue to snooze a little longer, and then you get up and take care of what has to be taken care of, and yet you move as a sleepwalker. You go from one bedroom of sleep to another.

Who Is the Healer?

God said:

When all the answers to all the questions in the Universe are within you, how necessary is it to seek knowledge from outside you? When you have more than enough money in your pocket, you don't run out to the bank to get change. When you have plenty of butter in your refrigerator, you don't run out to the store to buy more. You don't go out to find that with which you are already fully stocked.

In terms of knowledge, your mind does not remember what I bequeathed to you. Your body has not forgotten. Your body and heart know more than your mind can contemplate let alone fathom.

Wake Up, Sleepyhead

God said:

Already you have experienced that what once seemed of the utmost importance to you turns out not to be important at all. Once perhaps your life depended upon the love of a certain other for you, and now the importance of love from that person has faded. Now you may even wonder what made you feel the way you did. You shrug your shoulders. The importance you attributed was dependent upon one illusion or another, the main illusion, perhaps, that you were in need. You were not in need. It certainly seemed so, yet it came down to your need of illusion.

How to Know God Better

God said:

You are just a hop, skip, and jump away from Me. You are not really even that far. You are close. You are closer than close. You are My very Being. Somehow you slipped through your very own fingers, as it were. Your eyes don't see that which is right in front of you. Perhaps you are not looking in the right place.

The Garden of Eden Regained

God said:

Imagine that you carry the globe of the world. Your arms encircle it. You carry the world in your arms.

You Will See

God said:

There is no black and white. Nothing in the world is as it seems. Shadows are cast, but all is light.

You run everywhere, yet you are in place. You cannot go off the path. You think some paths don't go anywhere, but all paths lead to you, yourself, beloveds, and all paths lead to Me, Myself, the One and the Same.

You Walk across the Red Sea

God said:

Now you do have a clue as to Who you are. You have a hint, yet you have not taken the hint. You just can't quite believe that you are the gold I say you are. But I do not give up. The day will come, and it is not far away, when you will clap your hand to your forehead, and say: "Now I get it. Now I get what God is saying. Now I get it!"

A light bulb will go on in your head, and you will see. For the first time, you will see. You will see the world in a new light. You will see the world with a glow around it, and you will be the glow.

The Gates Are Open

God said:

Everything is in motion. The gates are open. There is a flow to life. There is a flow to you and a flow to all of life. You do go down a stream of life. You might as well go merrily, merrily. And, yes, life on Earth is but a dream. It is one moment of a dream that continues. It seems to go on and on, your dream of the life you lead on the dimension called Earth.

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